2 Jackets from Goodwill Store

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A week ago, I found a brand new Ralph Lauren jacket at a Goodwill store for $11. It’s a beautiful herringbone (fabric pattern) wool jacket that’s almost a perfect fit (sleeves are 1/2 inch too long). It has a few (moth) holes. I will try to fix it with Fuse It Powder.

Last night, I bought a vintage British coat in classy puppytooth pattern for $17. It was missing a liner, but it’s OK. I like this coat a lot. The sleeves are too long. I need to hem them.

The jacket I liked the most was a nice Burberrys jacket that fitted me perfectly. But it was $47. $47 is still a very good price, but… at a Goodwill store? I shall go back next week to check it out again.

Herringbone fabric pattern
Herringbone pattern. Moth holes
Puppytooth fabric pattern
Classy Puppytooth pattern