2 Radio Programs I listen To.

Do you guys listen to public radio station?

I listen to very little radio. 

Local NPR (National Public Radio) station is one of a few stations I listen to.

I listen to NPR station as I get ready for work in weekday mornings (I have a radio in the bathroom).  That’s about it.

But, during the weekend, I try to catch 2 programs.  I usually miss them, but, sometimes I catch the show.  They are pretty enjoyable with coffee or tea.

They are This American Life, and A Prairie Home Companion.

I give you a little sample.

  • This American Life – Episode 401 "Parent Trap
    • From above link, click "STREAM EPISODE"
    • A good story about "Lucy" starts at 25:00 (minutes) – you can fast forward.
  • A Prairie Home Companion – "Guy Noir" (beow)
    • Guy Noir is a recurring skit (episode) they do every week.
Meryl Streep – Guy Noir Script – Part 1 of 2
Here’s Part 2 if you are dying to find out what happens… Embarassed


I am having a rare weekend where I have absolutely nothing to do.  I am loving it. I will be super busy starting next week.

I hope you guy are having good weekend.

God bless everyone.