Costco Shopping – July 28, 2009

* Today’s Costco shopping: 25th time this year, 3rd time this month 

I spent over 1 hour at Costco today.  I am an indecisive person.  When I have unexpected products in front of me, I need to spend plenty of time making decision. 

Food-wise, I bought same old stuff, except for the cheese and seasoning salt. I’ve been doing very good with money and diet.  So, I’m going to celebrate by cutting cheese.

I spent $196.48 today ($38.78 gas, $79.82 clothes, $77.88 food). 

How can I resist Costco?

5 Lounge shirts were under $5 each.  I had to fight my urge not to buy 10 of them.  I wear Kirkland’s white undershirts when I go to sleep.  I thought it was time I graduate from them.  If I like these shirts, I should buy 5 more.  These are extremely cheap. They are very light and soft.  They feel very pleasing to my skin.  A lot of time, I find my undershirts too thick and warm.  But I hate to take them off and walk around topless.  These shirts fill the gap perfectly.

Adidas’ sport shirt was $14.99.  I guess I could have spent same amount of money and bought 2 shirts of lesser quality.  But look at that shirt.  It’s adorable. I love this shirt.  I’ve been doing very good with my workout schedule.  I lost 4 pounds since I started to run 3 months ago.

A pair of vacation shorts was $19.99.  I could have saved a few bucks by buying cheaper shorts from Target.  But these are Calvin Klein with a lot better quality.  It’s definitely worth of paying a few extra bucks.

The yellow shirt goes with the vacation shorts – it’s for the vacation. 🙂

Costco has good stuff.
Without Costco, I would buy cheaper quality clothes from elsewhere.  I don’t mind buying cheaper quality clothes, but…

All in all, I spent almost same amount of money I would have spent at discount stores.  But I walked away with much better products.

This is a perfect example of "elevating my life-style with same amount of money"

I love Costco.

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Sign of Getting Old – Shoes

I guess this is a sign of being single as well.
This isn’t someting totally new to me.  Since I was a boy, when I focus on something, I tend to make this kind of mistakes.

Driving back home (Costco Pants & Costco Floor-Mat shown)

How embarrassing it was.

I drove all the way to Los Angeles County to meet my old friend (I didn’t see her for 10+ years). We had a lunch and went to a coffee shop. 

We talked about the olden days.  She was busy telling me about her husband and married life.  At least one of us is married. Hehe… 

After 4 hours, when I said "Good bye, keep in touch", that’s when I noticed that I my shoes were not matching.

I guess nobody noticed.

Maybe people thought I was setting a trend…. you know, Hollywood…

When I was young, I used to buy two pairs of boots and mix colors.  Yes, I was awesome.

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Saturday Night Grocery Shopping

I went out for a routine Saturday night grocery shopping.

I stuck to my rule.

"Know what you’re going to buy.  Buy what’s on your list."

Tonight, I went to Vons, Albertsons, and Ralphs.

I spent $9.23 total. 

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Sign of Getting Old – Tipping Fast Food Employees

Lately I find myself tipping fast food employees.

Fast food employees work harder than people working at fancy restaurants.  But the society says "No, don’t tip the fast food employees."  I am beginning to empathize for fast food employees.

Last 2 times, when I was at Carl’s Jr., I saw 2 different people cleaning tables.  So, I left my trash and a tip on the table and walked away.

Of course, some of the fast food employees are jackasses.  But I often see hard working people trying to make minimum wages.  

When I’m at fancy restaurants, I leave tips because that’s the rule.  Last time when I was at a fancy restaurant, I had a miserable time.  But I still had to give the waiter $20.00 tip.  I am still sick to my stomach about that tip.

I tip fast food employees because I feel for them.  I want them to know that there are strangers in the world wishing good luck for them.

This must be a sign of getting old.

When I was young, I used to daydream about becoming a hired killer.


Have you seen "Reservoir Dogs"? They have a nice bit about tipping.
Here’s the video clip.
WARNING: VERY strong language. VERY strong…

RIP Chris Penn

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Costco Shopping July 15, 2009

* Today’s Costco shopping: 24th time this year, 2nd time this month

I got 2 more long sleeves shirts.  They look very good.  But, after taking them home, I realized that they are see through. (You know I hate to show my nipples).  So, I’ll have to take them back.

They had 2 pack of stainless steel water bottle for $19.99.  I’ve been looking for one of these for some time. 

Plastic bottles are bad for the environment. Also, plastic bottles contain chemical named BPA.

But, personally, I bought these stainless steel bottles because they look cute.  I’ve been running twice a week for last 2 months now.  I always carry a plastic water bottle when I run.  Now I’m going to look even cooler.

a lot of apples

H20zone – Stainless Steel Water Bottle from Costco

I ordered 2 of these sport caps (below) from ebay ($11.31)
I hope they fit the bottles.

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Costco Shopping July 7, 2009

* Today’s Costco shopping: 23rd time this year, 1st time this month

Nothing special… boring.

Oh, I bought 2 long sleeves shirts.
Now I have three of these identical shirts.  I love these, so cheap ($16.95 each).  The quality on these shirts is amazing. 

Since I never wear undershirt, I always worry about my nipples showing through the shirt.  These shirts are thick enough, but I still have to be careful.  Showing nipples through shirt is a disgusting look on men.  Well, same goes with 85% of female population. Yikes… (you know, grandmothers, and ugly ladies…)

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Online Shopping

*51 & 52th packages of the year

I bought a pair of brown shoes from ($30.00).  These shoes are very comfortable.  I mean, it equals my $150.00 pair of ecco shoes.

I like – I highly recommend it.

Now I have brown belt & brown shoes for lighter pants.  I have black belt and black shoes for black pants. I’ve always wanted to wear clothes like that.

I don’t even know why I bought this (below).  I never drink.  But it looks so cool.  It was $6.00 include shipping. 

This entire year, as of July 11, I drank half a can of beer.  That’s all.  3 weeks ago my boss brought beer to work.  I pretended I was drinking… and I dumped it down the sink.