Costco Shopping – Boring Sunday

* Today’s Costco shopping: 28th time this year, 3rd time this month

I didn’t have to go to Costco today.  But I was having a long, boring day.  I wanted to drive somewhere.  So I went to Costco.

* The small, black package is a cheese.

Gibson Les Paul

This is Gibson Les Paul.  This particular model is almost $1,400.00, which is pretty cheap for a Gibson.

I have been eye-balling this guitar for… about 25 years now.

This morning, I put this guitar in the shopping cart.  I almost checked out, then I stopped.  I didn't have guts to click "Submit" button.

This was the second time I ALMOST bought Les Paul.  Now I'm older and have some cash, but it's still a lot of money.  I already have 2 professional guitars.

I guess I will buy this guitar sooner or later.  But… it's painful.
It's painful to buy it.  It's painful not to buy it.
When I think about buying this guitar, my heart beats faster and my face gets warm.  I feel like I am at the final showcase of "The Price is Right"

Grocery Shopping – Last Entry

This is my last blog post on Vegetable Shopping – I think I made my point.

I enjoy driving to supermarkets at night.  It’s very relaxing. 

Total cost on tonight’s shopping was $7.77 (Vons & Ralphs).  I saved $15.28.  But who really pays $2.50 for a pound of tomatoes.

I get onions, bananas, and potatoes from Smart & Final – their regular prices are usually better than sales prices at supermakets.

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Need Smaller Pants – Losing Weight

I’ve been doing very good with diet and exercise. 

I lost at least 5lb since April.  My weight does not fluctuate.  I am doing everything right. The progress is slow and solid.  I pig out once or twice a week and I know I am still on the right track.

I can now wear my 5 years old jeans with 30 inch waist

As a result, all of my dress pants are too big.  Even my boss pointed out that my pants started to look baggy.

I bought about 18 pairs of dress pants from Costco last year.  I spent roughly $400.00. I have a similar situation going on with my underwear.  I bought 18 pairs of size M underwear 2008 after thanksgiving. I am now back to size S.

I need to buy about 8 pairs of size 30 pants and see if I will lose more size.

29 inch would be perfect.  But 30 is good enough.  I cannot go under 29 inch, because Costco doesn’t sell pants smaller than 29. 🙂

Costco Shopping – August 20, 2009

* Today’s Costco shopping: 27th time this year, 2nd time this month

I’m still trying to figure out how these came out to be $173.57

Coupons saved me $45.49 – And I still spent $173.57 

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Online Shopping

*63rd & 64th package of the year

A cheap telephone & a glass repair tool

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Costco Shopping – August 11, 2009

* Today’s Costco shopping: 26th time this year, 1st time this month 

I bought one more of those adorable Adidas shirts.

I am trying to buy a sofa.  So, I need to make a room.  In order to do that, I need to organize everything.  The File organizer was what I needed to clean up my paper mess. 

One Costco chicken gives me 4 meals.  I usually get sick of Costco chicken after finishing it.

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Grocery Shopping This Week (Not Costco)

I went to Vons, Ralphs, & Albertsons.

I bought:
bananas, broccoli, tomatoes, peaches, plums, blueberries, & squashes

I spent total $8.25
I saved $15.11
And I made $1.00 donation at Vons for MDA research.

I did good.

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Tags, tags…

Are you serious? Are you effin’ serious?

Do they really expect me to walk around with these tags on my back?


Shirt Tags

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