Costco Shopping – #30, #31, #32

* 30th, 31st, & 32nd Costco Shopping this year, 2, 3, & 4th time this month

(Sorry, this is a late post)

This is a collection of 3 Costco shoppings

September 21st

I went to Long Beach Costco and bought a white dress shirt and a pair of Calvin Klein jeans (32 inch waist)

September 25

I went back to Long Beach Costco and bought one more dress shirt, chicken soups, & soap.  I was catching cold.  So I needed more chicken soup.

September 27

I am now back home (no longer in Long Beach area).  I am still having hard time adjusting to my changing body.  My jeans were too big, so I went to Costco (this time, in my neighborhood in Oxnard).  I returned my jeans and got a smaller pair (30 inch waist).  And I shopped some more.  It was fun.  Now I have 7 of those white dress shirts.  I hope it will get cold outside so I can start wearing them.  It’s too hot to wear long sleeves shirts now.  I only wear long sleeves shirts when I’m on date or something. (so I can show my back-side, oh boy…  embarrassing, but I know it works.Embarassed)

Anyway, these white shirts are amazing.  They can easily be $60.00 – $80.00 or more.  I am not kidding.

* Jeans are very tight.  30 inch is too tight.  32 inch is too big.  It’s either I lose weight or gain weight.  I chose to lose weight. I know I can do it.  No problem.

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They are HERE~!!! Chocolates of the World


I should buy several jugs of these to get me through next year.

Excuse my bad picture – It was a hip shot (without looking)

Chocolates of the World 2009

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King of Mongolian BBQ (stacking)

You know what Mongolian BBQ is.

You get all the ingredients you want in the bowl.  And the cook will heat it up for you.

Dinner is all-you-can-eat.  But, for lunch, you only get one trip.  So, it’s up to you to pile up the food high.  And guess what? I am the king of Mongolian BBQ.

Look at the picture below.  On the right side, my co-worker tried to put as much food as possible in his bowl.  My bowl is on left.

I would never do this if I came here on a date or something.  That would be embarrassing.  I do this because it’s very entertaining when I’m out with the guys.  Funny funny stuff.

Mongolian BBQ

Fortune Cookie
Oh yeah.  Check this out. Everything will be just fine.
The cookie told me so.

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Coffee at Work – Bunch of Yuppies

Here is a proof that we have a bunch of yuppies at work.

We have coffee from Brazil & New Orleans.  They have exotic flavors.
Then we have a steady supply of Peet’s Coffee (my boss’ supply).
I bring steady supply of Starbucks.

Out of all these, my Starbucks Coffee (from Costco) is the least popular coffee at work right now.  Starbucks is still pretty good but…  I like the other ones more also.

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Gift Package – New Orleans Coffee

Oh boy.  This is good… makes my day.

Somebody sent me a gift.  It’s a coffee gift set.  You know I like coffee.

I’m going to try it tomorrow.

Thank you, thank you.