Thanksgiving 2009

I was home alone for Thanksgiving Day.

I was not sad or felt lonely.  You see, I know the art of living alone.
I managed to entertain myself.  I was very productive.  I spent a few nights working until the Sun came up.  It was a good weekend.

I made both turkey & ham for myself.  I spent about 3 hours in the kitchen.  Turkey was very tender.  I glazed the ham.  I watched Twighlight Zone Maraton from the kitchen.

Dinner came out good.  I enjoyed it very much.

I had so much food left over that I vaccuum packed half of all my food and put them in freezer.

Thanksgiving Day – (ham is still in the oven)

Day after Thanksgiving – Leftover

Just when I thought I would spend the entire weekend alone, somebody invited me to their family dinner on Saturday.

I went to their house with a jar of "Chocolates of the World".  They had a big family.  There were about 20 people.  I used my usual charm to get friendly with people around me. It was a good time.

Although I spent most of my 4 days weekend alone, Thanksgiving 2009 turned out to be a memorable one.

I had a good time.  It was so much fun working on my projects.  It’s good to be alive.

PS. I am sick of turkey.

Costco Shopping – November 19, 2009

* 39th Costco Shopping this year, 2nd time this month.

Last 2 months, I spent more money than I made.  So I am careful with money.  I think I am doing OK this month. I found 2 personal (weekend) jobs that I almost doubled my income this month.  I have a few small gigs lined up next month as well. I need to be careful with money. Embarassed

I enjoyed today’s Costco shopping.  I spent about 2 hours there.  I looked everywhere.  I talked to the nice lady who recommended me which cheese to try.

Today’s shopping items need to be divided into 2 groups.

First group –  Normal, everyday items.

I bought 2 Calvin Klein long sleeves shirts – they go with my Calvin Klein jeans. Those shirts were adorable, I had to buy 2 at $18.99 each.

Second group – for Thanksgiving.
I will be home alone for this Thanksgiving Day (the entire weekend).  Please don’t feel sorry for me, because I enjoy being alone.  I manage to entertain myself.  It would be better if I spend time with my family and have good dinner.  But, I’m still good.  Really.

Anyway…  I bought some treat for Thanksgiving weekend.  I still have to buy gravy, stuffing, & cranberry sauce… 

I plan to watch TV, DVD, and work on my personal projects.  I will enjoy some coffee and diet Pepsi.

It will be OK… I’m OK. Embarassed

* I saved $16.25 with the coupons.

I spent total $217.87 (w/ gas)

Costco Coupon Book – 11/12 – 11/29/2009

They are here

I am looking forward to shop at Costco this weekend.  I’ll spend less money this time (I have money problem), but I will enjoy looking at Christmas stuff and people enjoying them. 

Costco is a happy place.

Online Shopping

* 79th package of the year

more shirts

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A girl from eHarmony

This is a true story.

Last year (2008), H found me on eHarmony. She was in her 20’s. She was a lot younger than I was.

She was tall, blond, and highly educated. She was not skinny. She was not fat. She was just right that most men would love to keep her for life. She always had a big smile on all of her pictures. She was beautiful.

We chatted. She said she was OK with my age. Then she wanted to meet me ASAP. So, I told her to slow down. I couldn’t believe I was saying that, but I guess that’s why she picked me.

Then she requested to become my FaceBook friend.

She seemed very distracted for a few months. I was not happy about how the communication was going. I said to myself “Whatever” as we lost communication.

When I was just about to forget about her, she came back. We talked some more. Then we were arranging for our first date.

Then she stopped communicating again.

Several months past.

One day, I visited her facebook page for no reason, and discovered that she passed away 8 days after our last communication.

She died on my birthday.

I learned that she’s been sick for a long time. She probably knew she was dying while we were communicating.

I keep thinking.

I am trying to locate her grave, so I can visit her.

I will always remember H on my birthdays.

Costco Shopping – November 1, 2009

* 38th Costco Shopping this year, 1st time this month.

3 pairs of Anti-Wrinkle Khakis (Dockers Classic Fit):
I have about 15 pairs of these slacks. But, when I saw them, I had to pick of 3 pairs. These slacks are $21.99 each, really good price.  I plan to "Save" these slacks for special days and night-outs, so I will look extra sharp.

Chocolates of the World:
I found Chocolates of the World!  I couldn’t find them on my last 2 trips to Costco. I was very happy to see them.  I bought two.  I am going to make them last until May, 2010 which is the expiration date. (see picture below)

Jose’s coffee:
I’m going to bring Jose’s Coffee to work instead of my regular supply of Starbucks Coffee.  I hope it tastes OK.  Several months ago, I brought Kirkland Signature’s coffee to work.  Everyone hated it (including myself) – so we had to trash the entire bag. Sorry Costco, your coffee is OK.  It’s just we are very picky about coffee at work (click).

Chocolates of the World
2 Jars of Chocolates of the World for 2010