Costco Shopping – With a Neighbor


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* 10th Costco Shopping this year, 3rd time this month.

I went to Costco with my neighbor.  She’s one of my favorite neighbors.  She’s a grandmother and she doesn’t drive anymore.

We split a box of strawberries.

I finally bought a fancy coffee maker.  I’ve been using my $7.00 coffee maker for over 8 years. 

After Costco shopping, I took my neighbor to Soupplantation (Salad Bar).  She was very happy.

I’ve added vitamin D into my daily vitamin intake after listening to a radio program.  I thought I get enough vitamin D from Sunlight.  Anyway, this program from NPR scared me enough to buy a bottle of vitamin D. I tend to trust what I hear on NPR programs.

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Costco Shopping – Begging for Coupon


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* 9th Costco Shopping this year, 2nd time this month.

Calvin Klein Pants

I had to buy those pants.  They are not jeans.  They are not formal slacks.  I needed a pair of casual but fancy pants.  I only had 1 pair of pants fits into that category.  Oh, they happened to be Calvin Klein.

Costco must have a special relationship with Calvin Klein, because Costco sells a lot of Calvin Klein items, CHEAP.  I never did like brand name clothes before. But, lately, when I find some nice and cheap clothes, they happen to be Calvin Klein. I wonder how much they go for elsewhere.  Probably a lot

Costco BasketYeah, yeah.. it says Prostate Health…
Also, notice all items have bar-codes facing up.


Begging for Coupon

I bought a piece of Jarlsburg Cheese last time with a coupon.  I finished that cheese already.   I ate it with wine Tongue out .

Anyway, I liked this cheese so much that I wanted to buy one more.

So, this is what I did: (oh boy)
I picked up a piece of Jarlsburg cheese.  As I was shopping, I was looking for anyone with a coupon book.  Then I found a nice looking family (mother, father, & son) shopping at dry food section.  The mother had a coupon book in her hand.

So, I asked if they have a coupon for the cheese they can give me.  They were happy to give it to me.

I was happy to save $2.50 on the cheese.  The family was laughing because it was fun for them as well.  I felt the cozy feeling while I was  talking to the lovely folks.  We were bonding.  Maybe I was the only person felt that way, because I live alone. Embarassed

Anyway, I have no shame when it comes to saving money. Haha.


Coupon saved $6.50
Even with pants and cheese, I managed to keep it under $100.00
After $18.02 in gas, my total expense today was $101.94

Last time I put gas in my car was March 12.  So, I used 6 gallons of gas in 12 days.  I should walk to work more often.

Today’s shopping was rewarding.  I was able to treat myself with some luxury items and still managed to spend less money than usual.

Costco Car Wash Coming Up – $7.99


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Oh my God, you guys.

Costco Car Wash is coming up at Oxnard store.

I was wondering what they were doing at the parking lot.  I thought they were building a multiple story parking structure.

Car wash will be $7.99.  This has to be good.

I am happy for Costco.  I am also a little worried about small business owners.  There are a lot of hard working folks in my area who wash cars on location.

Anyway, this $7.99 Costco car wash must be good value.  I am pretty sure I will not use this car wash service because they are too busy with a long waiting line.  But, I will definitely get my car washed at Costco if there is no line.

They even recycle water. This is an exciting development.

Good for you, Costco.  This is brilliant.

Costco Car Wash Costco Car Wash sign at Oxnard Costco (Gas Pump)


Costco Shopping – March 12, 2010 / Cheese


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* 8th Costco Shopping this year, 1st time this month.

I was looking forward to today’s Costco shopping.  A coupon on beef jerky was what got me excited.  To me, beef jerky is a luxury food item.  They are for rich people. 

I had my coupons all trimmed up.  My shopping notebook was up to date so I will not miss anything. 

But, first, I had to do 3 loads of laundry after work. Frown

It was a fun shopping.  I treated myself with a piece of fancy cheese (also a coupon item).  Costco spoils me (I say this all the time).  Without Costco, I would never get to know Jarlsberg Cheese.  Those are for rich folks.

I saved $17.50 with coupons.

I spent $78.30 on shopping and I put $30.80 worth of gas.

Check this out: Last time I topped off my gas tank was February 11th.  So, I spent $30.80 on gas in one month.  That’s pretty good.

I came back home and cut the cheese Tongue out.  I love Jarlsberg cheese.  Good stuff.

A funny thing happened.  As I was eating cheese, I found myself craving for some wine.  I have heard about people eating cheese with wine before.  But, I never felt the urge to combine cheese and wine in real life.  I thought that was interesting.  I rarely drink (almost never).  Anyway, I had a half of glass of wine with the cheese.  I plan to get some more wine for this cheese.  I hope I don’t get too excited about wine.  You know I get excited easily (I go through phases).

Costco Shopping List Shopping List

Sorry about my lazy picture.  I save time this way.

Costco Cheese, JarlsbergJarlsberg Cheese, Costco imported

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Costco Towels – Charisma


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In this month’s Costco coupon book, there is a coupon for towels.  I thought that was interesting.  I don’t remember the last time I saw a coupon for towels.  Costco towels are very good value.  I can vouch for that, because I’ve been checking on towels for over a year.

On thanksgiving 2008, I bought a bunch of towels (picture below, related blog).  I still use those towels. These towels were made by "Grandeur".  I paid around $8.00 each.  As you can see, towels have sophisticated color (wasabi green).  And they feel amazing.  Since then, I’ve been checking prices on towels whenever I go to Linens and Things.  Towels of these quality will easily cost you $25+.

Sometime last year, Costco switched the brand to "Charisma".  The new towels now have inferior texture and somewhat "Cheap" looking color.  (picture at bottom).  They are definitely good value.  But, I like the older brand "Grandeur" much, much better.  Actually, I was very disappointed that Grandeur towels were no longer available.

Anyway, I thought it was interesting that Costco is now carrying inferior towels (still very good), and offer discount on top of it.

After Thanksgiving shopping 2008 – Older brand "Grandeur" Shown

New Towels by Charisma.
Costco Coupons – March 2010


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Costco coupons for March 2010 are here.

I see some stuff to buy (Beef Jerky, Kashi Cereal, Jarlsberg Cheese, vitamins, etc…)

Costco Coupon March 2010

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Capital One Savings Account – Best Interest Rate I Know Of


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I have three savings accounts including Ing Direct & Emigrant Direct.

Ing Direct & Emigrant Direct are known for their high interest rate.  But, with today’s economy, their current interest rate is 1.1%.  This is still a lot better than 0.5% you can get from your local banks.

But, check this out (link).

I just noticed that Capital One has a savings account exclusively for Costco members (that’s what it says).  And the interest rate is even better at 1.5%.

I should move all my money.  I mean… ASAP.

They even give me $20.00 for opening an account.

*You have to keep minimum balance of $5k.

** I hope interest rate will go up soon. I miss the day when I used to earn 2.5 – 3% interest.

Costco Savings Account

Update: March 4, 2010

I opened a savings account with Capital One (for Costco members only)

I’m in the process of moving cash. But, first, I have to go through some validation process.

Fuzzy Boots


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I just received this pair of fuzzy boots.

I was looking for something like this for about 2 years.  I didn’t want to ask here, because I was afraid that costcogirlinVA would introduce me to something super expensive like the last time I bought a pair of Ecco shoes.  Haha~!! Just kidding.

Anyway, I paid about $30.00 from a military surplus store (online).  I will wear them indoor only.  These are for cold days when my feet are cold.  Before each use, I will wash my feet and put on clean socks.  I don’t plan to wash them for a long time.  I am afraid I will not retain its fuzziness once it’s washed.   I’ll be happy if these will last 3 years ($10/year).

So far, I’ve been enjoying these a lot.  Very nice… I love them. 

OK, I tell you a little secret.  Do you know the ultra soft socks for women only? (Costco sells them).   I have a few pairs of them.  I wear them rarely (when I feel like it).  Good stuff.


Oh my God, what do you know.  I can see my Ecco shoes in the kitchen. On the left you see my weights & exercise mat. I use that stack of books to do uneven push up.

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February Saving – 66%


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My shopping story is boring, now that I keep trying harder to save even more money. 

I set my goal to save money like crazy.  And that’s exactly what I’m doing… like crazy.

In February, I transferred 66% of all my take home paycheck to savings account.

I haven’t established a stable pattern of saving money, so I am not sure how this will effect my finance next month. 


I have a huge craving on salty chips, especially for Doritos.
I mean, I had this craving for over 2 weeks now.
This morning, I was THIS CLOSE to pick up a bag of Doritos at Costco.  I wanted to buy a brand new coffee maker as well ($49.00). 

But I didn’t buy any of those.  I bought what was absolutely needed (also healthy for me). 

Keep trying…

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