Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

I hope you will have fun.

I was home alone for last 2 Thanksgiving days. This year, I will be home with 2 guests. I am so looking forward to relax and eat. There will be a lot of food. I will be doing most of the cooking (including turkey). I plan to impress the guests with my cooking skill. I am excited and nervous. Wish me luck~!

I am sorry if some of you are home alone or if you have to go to work. I’ve been there many times. 🙁

The day after Thanksgiving, I will put on a Santa hat… I plan to wear the Santa Hat until Christmas. (I bought 2 hats, just in case the first one would get dirty, etc…)

I am thankful that I have an able body to go to work, exercise, and play. I hope to become financially stable so I can give back to the society. For now, I can use financial help. 🙁

God bless everyone.
Enjoy the magic moment.
2010 was fun so far – little more to go…

Happy Thanksgiving


Oh, no…. (car trouble)

* update below

Oh no…  🙁

My car is at the shop right now.
I couldn’t start my car.
If I start it, then engine will not stay idle (it dies).

First I took it to local Firestone, but they gave up.
I mean, after 2 hours, they told me "I’m sorry, we tried"
I still had to pay $25.00 for diagnose.

So, I called the towing truck.  I don’t have AAA, so I spent $50 (+ $10 tip).  I towed it to Toyota independent dealer.

They will call me tomorrow with estimate.  They will charge $83.00 just to look at my car.  So, I am guaranteed to spend $168.00.  Then I will pay for repair.  So, I will be lucky if I spend $300.00 total.

So, what can I do? I will pay whatever they estimate.  If they estimate $300.00, I will pay $300.00.  If they estimate $900.00, I will pay $900.00.

I hate this… I feel vulnerable.

I was too distracted that I forgot to bring my camera.
So, I don’t even have pictures to share.

What a day… I hope I don’t spend too much money tomorrow.
I hope they will be able to fix my car GOOD.

FYI: I have 2002 Toyota Camry, and it’s been good to me so far.


* Update

They replaced starter & flushed fuel injection system.  With towing and everything, I spent total $578.51.   I am sick to my stomach.

With thanksgiving & christmas shopping… I think I spend more money this month than I make.  This is why I have savings account, but it’s painful.

* Update #2

4 days after the incident.  I went back to the local Firestone.  And got $24.99 refunded – because they didn’t fix my car.  So, I spent total $553.52.

A Lot of Socks (Calvin Klein)

I have been complaining about my socks for several years now.

My complaints:

  • I have many different colored socks.  It’s been a big hassle to match up the socks after laundry.  If all my black socks are identical, that will eliminate the hassle.
  • It is not financially smart to have socks in different designs. If one of my socks is damaged, I’ll have to trash the matching pair for that sock.  If I have 30 pairs of identical socks, I only trash the damaged sock.
  • Some socks feel OK, but some socks are uncomfortable.  I would like all my socks to feel consistent (good).
  • Most of my socks are old and ugly.
  • When I wear tan pents or blue jeans, I would like my socks to match color. 
  • Men’s "general size" socks are too big for my feet.  Most socks are made for size 12 shoe size.  If you wear size 9-10 shoes, you will find "general size" socks too big.
  • Men’s custom size socks are very expensive, like $20.00+ a pair (?).

So, this is what I did:

Today, I brought my female friend to Costco. She has exact same size feet as mine.

She went to Costco barefoot, wearing sandals.

We went to the lady’s underwear section where Calvin Klein socks were at.  I found a pack of socks that was opened (somebody must have tried it on already).  She tried the socks – it was a perfect fit for her. 

So, I bought 9 packs (36 pairs total,  $89.91+ tax = $97.78). 

As always, $97.78 seems a lot of money for socks.  But, they are quality socks at $2.50/pair.  And I may not buy another colored socks for 10 years (as long as I keep trimming my big toe nails).  I believe it was a smart shopping. For example, Longs Drugs sells really ugly, cheap socks for $5/pair.

As we were checking out, a lady behind us said "Those are a lot of socks". 

My friend was keep saying "You wear girls’ socks, GIRLS~!!"

I like these socks.  They look just like men’s dress socks, except they fit me well. 

Oh, and they happened to be Calvin Klein.

I will rotate these socks about 5-7 times a year (I will wear the same socks 5-7 times a year).  So, they will last many years.

I also wear white socks.  I have about 40 pairs of white socks, and they need to be replaced as well.  (coming up)

I also need some brown socks.

(vid) Cutting Pineapple

I told my friend how tasty Costco Pineapple was.  Then we talked about how we cut pineapple.  You see, I have never seen anyone else cutting pineapple before.  I just use my own way to cut it.  I figured, that’s how everyone else is doing.

I use this method to cut watermelon, Mellon, cantaloupe, & etc…

Anywa, it was difficult to explain how I cut pineapple over the phone, so I told her "Ok, ok, I will shoot a video so you will see how I do".

Here’s the video I sent her.

* Oh yeah, I was listening to Christmas music.  They were playing it on my cable TV channel already.