(vid) Driving to Mother’s House – Day Before Mothers Day

(late entry).

It was Saturday morning, day before Mothers Day.  My parents had a busy schedule.  So, I had to drop by at their place early in the morning.

It was a pleasant driving. 

I tried to put a little Costco twist in this video. 🙂

Driving to Mother’s House – Saturday Morning

My mother put all flowers in the vase.  The next day she found time to cut them and arrange (she said).

Another Lazy Spells – Planning a Perfect Weekend

I am going through another lazy spells.
Not much is going on with my life.

Like I always say, boring is good. To me, boring is the ultimate happiness. Nobody around me is sick or dead.  I visit my parents and they are always happy.  I go to work every day and have fun.  There is no "News".  I didn’t win a lottery.  But, I didn’t lose a job. Boring is good. 

I’ve been feeling tired and lazy lately.  So I took things slow.  I went to Costco today on my lunch time, but I didn’t buy anything special.

I am planning for a perfect weekend.

This weekend, I will be totally home alone.  I don’t even have a date.  I am very excited about this weekend alone.

I will fix good meal, practice guitar, work on computer, visit my parents, watch movies, watch NBA finals, eat out, go to farmers market, go to Costco, work on my websites, drink good coffee and tea,  wake up early to enjoy morning…

I plan to dedicate 1 day to listen to Christmas music a lot.

I hope to start my weekend on Friday 4pm by visiting my parents for dinner.   I used to take my parents out to lunch and dinner and give them some cash too.  Now, my parents treat me, and they give me cash.  They have more money now.

Phony People With Coffee Mugs At Farmers Market

I go to local farmers market every Saturday morning.  I buy fruits, vegetables, bread, and a lemon (I like to put a slice of lemon in my water).

I wake up around 8am and splash some water on my face before I head out to the market.  I usually wear the same shirt that I wore in the bed.

I seldom see some phony people at my farmers market.

I see some people obviously made up for the occasion.  I mean, they wear lounge-wear, but they look perfect.  Their hair look semi-messy, but the hair would maintain perfect shape and volume.

And they ALWAYS carry coffee mugs.

Come on guys, we don’t use shopping cart at farmers market.  We carry stuff in our hands.  If anything, we need extra hand.  Why bring coffee mug to the farmers market?

I guess they enjoy looking hip and trendy at farmers market.  But, to true farmers market shoppers like me, they are pretentious and annoying.

Ruta Maya® Organic Cubita® Coffee Dark Roast – Better than Starbucks

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Updated: (a week later)

This is official.  Cubita coffee is far better than Starbucks French Roast.  This is my personal opinion, so do not trust me 100% or get angry at me.  But, I cannot drink Starbucks any more.  It’s that good.  Honestly.

As far as I’m concern, I will no longer purchase Starbucks French Roast.  I have finally found a replacement for Starbucks French Roast.  Unfortunately, I’ll have to spend more money.  For that, I learned to make less coffee.  I used to make 2.5 cups of coffee every day.  Now I make 2 cups of coffee every day. 

(Below is my older post from a week ago )


I’ve been searching for coffee that will replace Starbucks for a few years.  See my blog – The Coffee I Hate To Love.

From that blog post, one of my website visitors informed me about Ruta Maya® Organic Cubita® Coffee.  You can only buy them from Costco website, not at the warehouse.  Amazon also sells them, but they are very expensive there.

I am so glad that a website visitor commented on my 1 year old blog post.

This coffee is very good.  It’s strong and smooth (not bitter). Starbucks French Roast is bitter.

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