First Sign of Christmas at Costco – July 28, 2012

Today is Saturday July 28, 2012.  It was 92 degrees outside.  I didn’t have anything to buy today at Costco, but I dropped by at Costco to look for any sign of Christmas.

And I found them~!!  Look at these Christmas ribbons, they look so cute and happy.

This is my first sign of Christmas 2012.

Christmas may seem far away, but here is a run down.

  • Labor Day is 1 month away – This is the last Summer holiday. The peak of Summer is behind us.
  • Halloween is technically a month after Labor Day.
    • At this point, you will see Christmas at a lot of stores – rest of the stores will try to catch up on Christmas decorations.
  • Thanksgiving Day follows 3 weeks after Halloween. 
    • Christmas will be everywhere at this point.

These Christmas ribbons are significant.  This is it…  here it comes…

 Below is a bonus picture.
Halloween item at Costco today.


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Costco Shopping – July 20, 2012

* Sorry, late entry.

I took sweet time shopping today.  I made 2 circles inside the warehouse.  I was looking all over for Christmas ribbons that SJC Fam saw at her warehouse.  But, I couldn’t find them at my warehouse.  I was very disappointed.


Lunch Box:
California Innovations came up with yet another kind of lunch box. It was on sale at $10.99 each.  They are great deal just like the last time.  I had to buy it.  I bought their lunch box two years ago, and it was very nice.  I am sure I will enjoy this lunch box.

Hydrogen Peroxide:
A few people got me excited about using Hydrogen Peroxide as mouthwash.  So, I bought 2 pack of hydrogen peroxide at $1.99.  I will give it a try.

KRUPS Coffee Grinder:
I bought a coffee grinder – now I have 4 coffee grinders.  I drink at least 3 different flavors of coffee.  It only makes sense to me to have separate grinder for separate flavor of coffee.

I bought 2 cases of V8 (original).  I don’t drink soda during the weekdays.  I drink V8 when I get hungry at work.  I drink sodas as a treat only on weekends.

I spent $137.29.  Coupon saved $22.50.

What you don’t see in this picture is 1 lobster tail ($10.39)

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This is the greatest fireworks that I have ever seen.

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Pictures of My Sausage

I hope my visitors will not get offended. 

I would like to share some personal pictures.  I have a picture of my sausage.

If you want to see a picture of my sausage…

That’s right baby, it’s a 14 inch Summer sausage.

But, seriously, there is something much better than a 14 Inch Summer sausage. Do you want to see what’s better than a 14 Inch Summer sausage?


That’s right, it’s TWO, TWO 14 Inch Summer sausages.  YUM~!!

Oh boy, it was a stupid and pointless blog.  I was bored.

Have a nice day, I will keep in touch