Costco Shopping – November 30, 2012

* Reminder: Not a single item here was an impulse buy.  I always have a shopping list. I may look like I buy whatever I see at Costco in bulk. But, I make my purchases after careful considerations and calculations. I do save money in long run.  Also, there is "Time is Money" factor.

It was a good shopping.  But I spent too much time shopping tonight that, when I went to the food court, they were out of hotdogs.  I was very disappointed.  My heart was set on Costco hotdog.  Also, it was going to be my dinner. 🙁

Kirkland Signature’s Energy Shots are luxury items.  At the same time, I really need them time to time.  These energy shots really work.  When it’s around 2-3pm, and I have x amount of work to do?  it makes sense to drink one shot (73 Cents) and get the job done.  A shot of 5 Hour Energy is around $2.50.  That’s a big price difference. 

Just be careful with these energy shots.  I believe over-using these energy shots can be dangerous, even fatal.  I usually take less than a full shot at a time.

I have decided not to decorate outside of my house for Christmas this year (no money).  But, I am going to decorate my living room just a little.

This Costco Christmas Wreath is big.  Check out the picture below.  The wreath is almost as big as the shopping cart that it looks like a trick photography.  They are not made out of live plant.  I hope to use it for many years to come.  It was $34.99.

Picture of my living room is below.

Back to Work

Happy Monday to you all.

I can NOT believe I have to go back to school, I mean, work.

I enjoyed a glorious Thanksgiving weekend.

I went to Costco twice this Thanksgiving weekend.  I ate 2 Costco hotdogs and 1 slice of combination pizza. I did a lot of shopping on Wednesday night.  I went to 9 stores Wednesday night when there were not a lot of people out  shopping.  I avoided Black Friday shopping altogether.

Most of all, I made so far the best turkey ever in my life.  The turkey was amazing.  I almost finished eating the whole bird.  I only have one block of breast meat left.

You can catch up on my Thanksgiving tweets (with pictures) here.

Merry Christmas!  Talk to you soon.

Costco Coupons 11/26 – 12/16/2012

Click to view coupons – Thanks to


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Costco Shopping – November 17, 2012

My Costco warehouse had fresh turkies for $.99 a pound.  I found a small, 11 pounder.  I’m gonna bake a Costco turkey.  This is fun.

Shrimps are for Thanksgiving day as well.  I shall enjoy shrimp cocktail while I make turkey dinner.

Olive Coast is a bag of potato chips.  This is also my Thanksgiving treat.

I already had 3 cans of Costco’s Belgian Cookies.  But, I had to buy 2 more cans today.  Since I moved to a new house, I’ve been having guests coming over.  And my guests really enjoy them cookies.  I think these extra 2 cans should keep them off my supply.

Oh… and I bought Costco toilet papers.

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(pic) Getting Ready for Thanksgiving Dinner

I am trying to pick up tips and tricks on baking turkey this year (11 days to go).  Women’s magazines are great source.

Good times. 

(PS. I also learned a lot about feminine issues. )

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Just Checking In – Get your turkey ready

Thanksgiving weekend is only 2 weeks away Surprised

Things have already started to pick up speed.  I am already little sad that Christmas will go away in 2 months.  Only 2 months!  I hope time will pass slower.

I do have a female friend this year (or two).  But, again, I will be home alone, baking turkey on Thanksgiving Day. Which is perfectly fine.  Baking turkey alone has became an annual event.  It’s really fun baking turkey alone.

FYI: This will be my 4th straight Thanksgiving day I will be home alone.

And I love it when I receive greetings from my website visitors.  Please don’t forget about me this holiday season.  I am thinking about doing a live video of my kitchen again.

A lot of things are different this year.  I may be invited to 1-2 Thanksgiving dinners.  I may have people dropping by.  I have a big kitchen now.  Baking turkey will be super fun.

I hope, one day, I will be invited to a Thanksgiving dinner from my website visitor from far away (different city, different state, different country ?)

Get ready.  We’ll keep in touch.
Send in your turkey pictures. 

To me, November & December are 2 months of non-stop Christmas music, sentimental feelings, and absolutely nothing to worry about.

And a lot of Costco shoppings.

Good times.


Costco Mixing Bowls – 5 Stainless Steel with Lids

I wanted to buy some REAL mixing bowls for many years. So, I was happy that I found Kirkland Signature Mixing Bowls at my Costco warehouse.  Obviously, these are special items.  Once they are gone, they will not come back (I think).  This is one of the reasons why I go to Costco weekly.  You don’t want to miss out on good stuff.

Pro & Con: These are not as thick as the ones I saw at Bed Bath and Beyond that I wanted to buy.  I can see that rich folks will find them too thin. There are better ones (thicker ones) out there.  But, if your standard is not as high, they are great buy.  To me, they are perfect.

When I mix pancakes I’ve been using a cheap plastic bowl from 99 Cents Only Store.  So, this is a big step up for me.  I wanted some real mixing bowls for last 10 years or so.

I hope you will find them at your Costco warehouse.

* Sorry, I forgot how much they were.  I lost my receipt.  They were $29.99 (maybe less ?).

Costco Mixing Bowls

Mashed Potato

Mashed potato (with Costco salt & Costco butter)

It’s fun to work in kitchen (although I am alone, or because I am alone)
Upgraded kitchen items make my time more enjoyable.

Good times… brought to me by Costco.

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