Christmas Gift From Me To Me – 2012

Things were simple when I lived in a small apartment.  I could talk about anything without thinking too much.  I was obviously (visibly) poor. So, if I save money and buy an expensive guitar, it was cute.  I didn’t offend anyone.

Now that I have a house, my pictures create an illusion of being rich.  I worry about that. 

I did receive an email saying "Are you a millionaire?" this person stated that I buy whatever I see at Costco without thinking.  So… I’ll have to be careful and see how it goes.

With that, here we go..

I had to buy a bigger TV.  I have a 32" TV but it’s too small for this house.  I used to watch TV from 5 – 8 feet away from the TV.  Now I watch TV from 8 – 18 feet distant.  I had to get up and walk closer to the TV so I can read scores, captions, and program descriptions.  Additionally, my vision is not as good as 10-20 years ago.  Older folks should know what I’m talking about.

A bigger TV was on my shopping list for last 3 months.  This was not an impulse buy.   I enjoy watching television every day, and I put high priority on TV.  This was something I absolutely wanted.

* Some non-TV watchers tend to look down upon TV watchers, as if they are suprior human beings.  I have things to say about those people, but I will not.  🙂

Anyway, I’ve been checking Costco website every day for a good deal on big screen TV.

On Monday, I finally found a 55" Samsung TV with $700 instant rebate.  So, I bought the TV the next day (Tuesday).  When I went back to Costco 2 days after, these TVs were sold out.  (They were also sold out from a week later).

This is a Christmas gift from me to me.  Picture quality is amazing.  I am loving it.  Costco guy was helpful with my decision making process.   I did comparison shop online.  There were other online stores with similar prices.  But, Costco was the best deal.  Costco has the best return policy.  I even picked it up the same day.

FYI: it has estimated yearly energy cost of $11 (year).