Costco Shopping – January 25, 2013

I didn’t have anything on my Costco shopping list today.  I just wanted a hot dog and  buy gas.

I bought a Cavin Klein V-Neck Tee Shirt and a pack of Costco Shopping bags.  Costco shopping bags are hard to come by. 

The T-Shirt was only $12.99.  I had to buy one.  I just had to…

*This t-shirt is slim fit.  If you are little overweight, it will show. 

Costco Calvin Klein V Neck Tee Shirt

Costo 130125

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Costco Shopping – January 18, 2013

A female friend of mine wanted to experience my shopping routine.  So, I took her shopping to Costco, Wal*Mart, ROSS, Target, and Del Taco (my usual routine).  We ate Costco Hot Dogs.  We were done shopping around 10:30pm. 

I used my executive member 2% rebate check and received $66.83 cash back.


If I had money I would replace all my T-Shirts, about 30 of them, with these Kirkland Signature’s Pima Cotton T-Shirts.

I look exactly same every day at work.  Simply put, I don’t care how I look at work.  I wear 1 size larger pants to work (for comfort).  I wear Costco’s black T-Shirt every day.  My black T-Shirts have better quality than most cheap T-Shirts people wear.  But, in fact, my shirts are undershirts. 

Pima cotton is better than Egyptian cotton. These Pima Cotton T-Shirts are visibly fancy and they show class.  As a grown man, I would love to wear these T-Shirts every day, instead of wearing cheaper cotton undershirts.

I plan to buy several more of these T-Shirts.  But, I will not wear them at work.  I still don’t care how I look at work.  They are $11.99 each.


I always keep 10-20 cans of Healthy Choice Chicken Soups.  I use them to fight cold (flu).  I believe in power of chicken soup.  I believe chicken soup works better than any cold medication.   I ate several cans of these soups last week to fight flu.  And I needed a refill.  There was $3 instant savings on them.

* I did fight off flu.  Most of my co-workers suffered through the flu.  I had earlier symptoms of flu (coughing, fever, sore throat).  But, I stopped those symptoms with a lot of chicken soups and hot teas.

* I wear 1 size larger pants to work (31 Inch).  When I go out for Costco shopping, I change into a pair of 30 Inch pants. My female friend made a comment that I am wearing tight pants to Costco (skipping additional remarks).  Nono… I am wearing NORMAL fitting pants to Costco.


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Costco Executive Membership Reward

I received my annual Costco 2% executive membership reward check, amount of $96.36.  Costco’s executive membership is $110/yr.  So, I pay $55/yr more than a regular membership.

With $96.36 check, my executive membership pays for itself and it pays $46.36 extra.  That’s not all.  I have Costco/American Express membership.  I will receive about $160.00 cash back check from AmericanExpress as well.

And I live alone, AND I don’t shop a lot (do I?).  If you have a big family, then your check must be huge. Surprised

So, as far as I am concerned, the evidence is clear.  Everybody should sign up for Costco executive membership (also American Express).  🙂

Happy Costco Shopping~!

FYI: I received 2% rebate check of $96.36.  This means I spent $96.36 x 50 (= $4818.00) in Costco last year.  That seems a lot.

Costco Executive Member Reward Check

Costco Shopping – January 11, 2013

Happy new year everyone.  I canot believe my favorite time of the year has came and went already.  I’ll have to wait 7 months ’til I see the first sign of Christmas at Costco.

Anyway, Let’s do this.

I didn’t buy anything special today.

Bona – this is a wood floor cleaner. 

AA Batteries have experation date of 2022. 

I found Costco shopping bags.  I didn’t buy them, but I just wanted to let you know that they are not totally gone.

Then I have my first Costco hotdog of the year.  It was a good time.

I hope 2013 will go by slow.  Time flys too fast for me.

Happy new year again.  I will keep in touch.