No Costco Shopping – March 29, 2013

I went to Costco and did my shopping as usual.  I put some good stuff in my cart.  It was 8:30pm and I could feel that Costco employees were getting anxious to shut down the warehouse.  So I proceeded to head out. 

Then I saw some men’s suits on display so I stopped to check them out.

I put my cart in the corner and looked at the suits for about 2-3 minutes, then I realized my cart was gone.  I figured that they thought the cart was abandoned.

So, I just walked out empty handed.


Kick Up – Personal Goal

This is something I wanted to do all my life.

This time, I am going to really dedicate my time to get this down.

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Costco Shopping – March 15, 2013

Nobody told me what a toaster oven can do.  I thought microwave oven was all there was.  To test my new toaster oven, I brought home a slice of Costco pizza. The pizza was amazing from this oven.  It was nothing like microwave.

I think I’m going to use microwave oven much less from now on.  I am willing to spend extra time reheating food so my food will be more enjoyable.

Costco Shopping – March 8, 2013

I went to Costco with a guy friend (FYI: I only "like" girls). 

My friend doesn’t have a Costco membership.  He is a super smart computer programmer from Ukraine.   He earned his masters degree in his early 20’s, and is invited to The US to work at a dot come industry.

He loved Costco.  He was keep saying "Exciting stuff", "Exciting stuff…"  I think he will get a membership soon.  He picked up a pair of windshield wipers.  Rest of the items were for me.

Kirkland Signature’s Lake Country Cheese is pretty good.  I’m glad I took a gamble.

I bought Charmin bathroom tissues.  I didn’t buy Costco brand. 🙁

I stocked up on Spam.  I love Spam.  They will last 1-2 years, I think.

I bought 2 more T-Shirts.  I am still trying to stop wearing cheap undershirts to work.  It was OK to wear undershirts to my old job.  But not any more.

Q-Tips will last me 5-6 years (if I keep living alone… )

Tire inflator (air compressor) was $39.99.  It’s been a hassle to go to gas stations to inflate tires.  I often drive with soft tires for months until I find time to go to gas station for air.

What you don’t see in below picture is a lobster tail.

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Costco Shopping – March 1, 2013

I’ll be back.

Just pictures for now.  ZZzz…

(Tulips were from Costco – $10.99)

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Thank God there is a coupon for Q-Tips this month.  I was almost out of them tips.  What a timing…

One thing about Q-Tips.  It says not to use them on ear canal, but we (especially men) use them to clean nothing but ear canals.



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