Little Giant Ladder – Price Comparison

I bought a Little Giant Ladder from Costco for $179.99.   I didn’t bother to compare price at that time.  It was my educated guess that it was the best price in town.  I did price check after I brought it home, just to make sure and to make me feel good.

The exact model name is –  Model 17, Type 1A

On their official website, they sell these for $259.99 with free tax and shipping

Amazon sells them for $249.99 plush tax and shipping

Costco sells them for $179.99 with free shipping (if you want them shipped).  I bought mine at my local Costco warehouse.  The ladder will fit in the back seat of normal 4 door sedans.

This is an incredible deal at $55 savings.  One purchase of Little Giant ladder pays for Costco membership.  And there is no shipping hassle. Honestly, I don’t know why some people don’t have Costco membership.

Once these ladders are gone, it will take long time to see them again at Costco.  Go get yours now.  Enjoy.

No Costco Shopping – Again

I had a short day at work today (Friday). I came home around 4pm.

I drew up a shopping list – I was planning to go to Costco, Wal*Mart, ROSS,  Target, and Home Depot.

I enjoy shopping alone.  I weaseled out from a female friend who wanted to come shopping with me. Why ruin a perfect shopping night with a girl, I figured.  I guess I haven’t met a true love.

I ate a light snack and took a nap before going out.  In my dream I shopped at a super Costco where toilet papers come in 70 rolls pack.

When I woke up it was 8:30pm – I slept for 4 hours.  Costco was closed!

So… no shopping, no girl.  🙁

Costco Shopping – April 5, 2013

This is a few weeks late entry.

I found a set of Adolfo suit (Pants and Jacket) that’s just my size that I don’t need any kind of alteration.  And I bought one extra jacket as a staple item (to wear over jeans & etc).  Now I have 5 brand new suits that I never wear.  I will be prepared when the occasion arise.  I’ve been lucky with my jobs that I never have to wear shirt, tie, or slack.

As much as I hate yard work, I was happy to find Scotts Turf Builder (Weed & Feed).  I hope I will apply this once, and I will never have to think about weeds forever.  🙁

Adolfo Suits

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Costco Lunch – Salad

I had a lunch today (Thursday) at Costco with a super smart friend (A computer programmer who got his masters degree at 20).

I only eat hot dogs on weekend after Costco shopping (My weekend starts Friday 5pm).  As a matter of fact, I generally eat very healthy Monday to Friday. And I eat whatever I want on weekends.  I love KFC, steak, lobster, BBQ…  anything that’s bad for human body.

I took below picture after I finished eating salad. 

I didn’t eat croutons, and only ate 1/3 of salad dressing.  I even left out the cheese.  I don’t really watch nutritional facts.  But I always use common sense when I eat.  My common logic tells me that it is better to avoid croutons and dressings.  I don’t have to do a research to come to that conclusion.

I thought I share this little story to motivate some of you trying to lose weight. When it comes to losing weight, every bite counts.  You make 6 packs in the kitchen, not in the gym.  And, ladies, you will not get bulky if you workout, unless you take man hormon and do muscle building workout 8 hours a day for next 5 years. Most men don’t get big from normal workout, either. We’ll be happy if we look lean and cut.

Costco Salad


Sexiest Song that I know Of

This is the sexiest song I know of.  It is French.  And it’s from 1969.  This is the song that inspired & influenced Donna Summer’s ‘Love To Love You Baby’

There is brief nudity (but not bad).  She is Jane Birkin (66 years old now).

Anyway, this is the sexiest song that I know of.

Play with your own discretion.

*Please let me know if my video selection was offensive to you.  I do my best to treat my visitors like my close friends.

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Christmas reminder – 4 months to go

I would like to remind you that Christmas is coming to Costco in less than 4 months. That’s about 17 weeks away from now.

Let the fun begin…

I will have a humble Christmas this year.  But, next year, I will ask Santa for a new (used) car. 🙂

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