Quick update. Sorry, I am busy

OMG, I am so busy.

I hope you are enjoying Memorial Day weekend.  I will not have any time off.  I will be working 10 – 12 hours every single day throughout the weekend (SAT, SUN, & MON).

I had a wave of 3 personal jobs that I couldn’t refuse.  Who would turn away money.  And, you know I’ve been poor all my life.  So, I am happy to work day and night during the holiday weekend.  I will slow down sometime next month (mid June).

It’s been 3 months since I got a new job.  I now work at a large company as a web guy.  I didn’t know how to break the news about my new job to you guys, because I felt awkward (just like when I bought a house). 

Before, a lot of people found my blog refreshing because I was living in a small apartment, trying to save money, trying to find love… and still managed to share positive energy.  I believe I made a lot of connections with people in similar situation.  I now lost some of the major contributing elements that gave my blog its unique personality. I feel a little awkward about that.

For now, I will keep talking about Costco shopping and Costco products.  You may notice I spend little more money than before.

Anyway, my blog is about shopping… so let me show you some of the major purchases I made. (not Costco shopping)

Guitar:  PRS, Torero ($1080)
Earphones: Shure SE315 ($199)

I now have 3 decent electric guitars.  Ideally, I would like to have 5-6 electric guitars and 1-2 acoustic guitars.

I saw this super expensive earphones by Shure.  I wanted to know why they were so expensive.  Holy cow, they sound amazing.  I spend thousands of hours listening to music on earphones at work. This was a good investment.  They put listening pleasure to next level.

I need to get back to work now.

Happy Memorial Day weekend everyone. I will talk to you soon.


Costco Shopping – May 17, 2013

Sorry, I’m very slow with my blog.   I am really busy.  I do think about this website every day.  I just don’t have time.

Here’s a picture from my Costco shopping – May 17, 2013.  After Costco, I went to ROSS.

I should blog about ROSS shopping.  I always go to ROSS after Costco.  And I always find something there.  I take my time and look at a lot of stuff. 

I think my ROSS blog will make my boring stories more complete.  As much as I love Costco, there are ROSS, Bed Bath and Beyond, Cost Plus World Market, Pier 1 Imports, Tuesday Morning, and other fun stores that I enjoy.  And I enjoy Wal*mart as well – I don’t care some people look down upon Wal*mart shoppers.  It is a fun store nonetheless.

Again, I am sorry that I am slow with my blog.  I think my schedule will get back to normal in mid June.

Talk to you later.

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