Costco Shopping – July 30, 2013

I went to Costco after work (Tuesday) to pick up a chicken for dinner.

It was supposed to be a quick stop. 

Then I saw some seasonal items – check these out.

Halloween LED candles were $14.99.  Take a look at the candles AND look below screenshot from Amazon.  You can tell Costco’s Halloween LED Candles are better quality.  They look more pleasing to me.  And, of course, Costco is much cheaper.

* My friend texted while I was shopping.  Then she asked me to pick up a shrimp salad for her.  Shrimp salad wasn’t for me.

Costco Shopping – July 19, 2013

It’s a back to back Costco shopping.

Pictures for now..

There were instant $4 rebate on Toilet brushes.  I bought mine 3 weeks ago, but I never opened it.  So, I returned them and bought them again $4 cheaper.

I love those containers.  It’s a lot better than the smaller ones I have. 

After Costco shopping, I went to Wal*mart to return the fan and got a smaller one. 

Costco Shopping – July 18, 2013

I thought I would take care of shopping today (Thursday) so I would have Friday night free.

I bought 2 tickets to Lincoln The Exhibition at Reagan Library in Simi Vally, California.

I didn’t have orange juice for several months and I had a HUGE craving for some fresh stuff.

I bought some coupon items and stable items as well. It was a nice shopping experience.

costco shopping cart


I went to Wal*mart after Costco shopping.  There was a gentleman at the parking lot who couldn’t start his car.  His battery was dead.  His wife arrived in the van to help him, with three kids in the back.  But, they didn’t have a jumper cable. 

I had a jumper cable.

His car was in the parking space.  There were cars all around him, and we couldn’t push the car out from the parking space.  So, we had to wait until the parking space next to him was available.  Then his wife pulled in next to him.

His car started with a quick jump.  We had a nice chit-chat during the whole event.  It made me feel good and positive to have this kind of unexpected connection with random people.

At Wal*mart – I bought a box fan.  This fan was too loud for my work that I have to return it.   This 100′ hose hideaway was $24.99.  The same day, I found the exact same product at Home Depot for $5 cheaper. 🙁 I have to return this as well. 

I was (little) surprised that Wal*mart price was $5 more than Home Depot’s every day price.  I have to know what I’m buying.  I cannot relax because I am in Wal*mart.  I cannot assume that Wal*mart has the best price.

Costco Shopping – July 12, 2013

I used $2.00 coupon for Irish Spring (original).  I always use 2 soaps, Irish Springs (dry) and Dove (moisturized).  To me, it is important that I have two different kind of soaps.  For example, I want my face to be squicky clean, but I don’t want my arms to get too dry.  With today’s shopping, I don’t have to worry about soap for next 2-3 years. 

What’s in the bag is a lobster tail (small one – $7.20)

I was a little disappointed at the peanuts.  They were not as meaty as they were supposed to.  They were all in the dark side (color) and kind of dry, as if they were over-roasted.  It has a hint of bitterness in taste.  I am not really happy with this batch.  It will be a long time until I buy these peanuts again.

I bought gas, but I didn’t eat a hot dog.  I will eat a slice of Take and Bake pizza that I freezed last week.

* I looked carefully.  I didn’t see any Christmas items at Costco yet.

Costco Apples

* Wal*mart shopping

I usually go to number of other stores after shopping at Costco. Below is my shoping cart from a Wal*mart shopping.

Civic Duty

I served jury duty today.

I brought my reading material to pass time.

It was a drunk drive case.  I know three close friends who escaped death after getting hit by drunk drivers (2 separate accidents).  I got dismissed.

costco jury

Costco Shopping July 5, 2013

*Late entry – to be re-filed.

It was a day after 4th of July shopping.  It was a Costco date (we did the car wash).

3 pairs of work gloves (medium):

I always use gloves when I work around the house.  I tried number of different gloves so far, and I was not happy with any one of them.  I tried all the cheap ones.  I also tried generic leather work gloves from local hardware store.  I wore them out pretty quick.  Some rubber coated gloves worked well on garden works, but they made my hand smell really bad that I just couldn’t use them.  Yes, I like to smell my fingers Embarassed.

I am counting on these work gloves from Costco.  I did price check.  They are good price.

And I bought another shade sail – I bought 4 shade sails so far.  I plan to completely re-build patio in a few years.  Until then, these shades will do…

work gloves Costco


Costco Shampoo – 8 Months Rotation

I shampoo every day, rarely twice a day.  And I have long hair, way below my shoulders.

I dated my bottle of Kirkland Signature shampoo when I opened it on November 7, 2012.  Today is July 7, 2013.  So, a bottle of Costco shampoo should last you 8 months.

The secret is to use just the amount you need.  I am not saying you should use less than you need.  I use plenty amount of shampoo.  I just don’t use more than I need.

Costco shampoo

Costco Shopping – July 3, 2013

Ah~  I lost my ability to scan my receipt.  I am working on fixing the issue.

What’s hard to see is at the bottom.  There is a double bags of Kingsford BBQ Briquets.


I didn’t want to buy this huge bag of hamburger buns.  I only needed maximum of 4 buns.  This double bag of 24 buns was only $2.19.  I am likely to throw out more than half of these buns, but I couldn’t beat the price and convenience.   I felt bad and guilty for not being thrifty, but what could I do?  I can drive to 99 Cents Only Store.  But, should I spend extra 20 minutes, drive 15 extra miles, so I can produce less trash?  I spent a few minutes thinking about it.. I even called my friend for third person’s perspective.  And I decided to produce more trash rather than spending half a gallon of gas driving to 99 Cents Only Store.

I put 12 buns in the freezer right away.  I hope they will be put to use.

Don’t you worry about the Chocolate cake.  Nothing will go to waste.  The cake is just for me.  I carefully wrap each pieces and freeze them. They last several month.

I am freezing half of pizza as well.

Ah~~ single life…


First Sign of Christmas 2013

Christmas time is here at Costco.  (July 3, 2013)

I think it will take about 1 more months until we see any more Christmas items other than these ribbons at Costco.  The ribbons came about 3 weeks earlier than I anticipated.  But, I kept my eyes opened.

And "BOOM~!" I found them.

Here we go~~!!