Costco Shopping – November 23, 2013

7th time Costco shopping this month.  3rd straight day, back to back to back Costco shopping today.  🙂

I went to a Costco in a different city to pick up another scarf.  This one was for my family member’s birthday.  I like my red scarf a lot that I would like my family member to wear the exact same scarf this Christmas season, and hopefully next few years.

Then I saw this electronic pest control system for $9.99.   I am still skeptical that you can get rid of pest this easy.  I thought I would give it a try.  We’ll see…

At Costco, I met a chubby gentleman wearing a really nice Santa hat.  I struck a conversation with him because I wanted to know where he bought his Santa hat. 

It turned out he works for real Santa Clause. You see, Santa cannot be everywhere, so he uses his representatives to appear at public events to entertain kids and bring back wish list to Santa.  I had a nice talk with this gentleman.  He’s booked solid for the season.  He already made a few public appearances.  And he told me that he gets butterflies in his stomach every time before he makes an appearance.

What do you know, even Santa shops at Costco.  Good times… 

Costco Shopping – November 22, 2013

I wanted a red scarf for many years.  This may look feminine, but it’s a good accessory during Christmas season.  I am happy I found this. This cashmere scarf was $29.99.

I bought some more Thanksgiving dinner items.  I am excited.  I thought about buying cheaper products from Smart and Final.  Then I decided to go fancier this year.

Maple syrup is back in my house. 

Best Weekend For Quiet Christmast Shopping

To me, the weekend before Thanksgiving is the best time to enjoy Christmas shopping.  All stores are decorated with Christmas that I can have a relaxing Christmas shopping experience before the official shopping season begins.

I will not buy a lot of stuff.  I may go to a mall, have coffee, crack jokes, take pictures, and make a night out of it.  It could be quite romantic.  You cannot enjoy too much freedom starting next week (for next 5 weeks).

After Thanksgiving, Christmas shopping is still fun, but it’s a different experience.  I enjoy Christmas frenzy.  It’s still very fun

But, this is the last weekend to enjoy quiet and romantic Christmas shopping experience.


Happy Thanksgiving.

2 Free Lunches

I had 2 free lunches back to back, on Thursday and Friday.

Thursday I had a half rack of babyback ribs at a nice restaurant.  Lunch was provided by the department management.

Friday, the new guy at my team took us (7 of us) to our favorite BBQ place.  We like the food there a lot, but they only have cheap plastic knives that don’t function well.  Of course, I brought my own knife to maximize eating pleasure (one with orange handle).

Good times.

Costco Shopping – November 8, 2013

I didn’t have much time to shop.   I was scheduled to go to my friend’s mother’s house.   I was to meet her brother and her grown up son as well.  Since I was at Costco, I thought it would be nice to bring gifts from Costco.

I bought flowers for her mother, and beef jerky and peanuts for the guys.  I felt pretty confident that I made a brilliant decision.   They fits well with my personality and my love for Costco.

FYI: In my entire life, I have never met any mother who didn’t like me.

Back to shopping…

I still have a can of European cookies from last year (in Freezer). I bought 2 cans this year.  It is my annual ritual to buy Christmas cookies that will last me throughout the year. The point is that I enjoy little bit of Christmas all year.

Costco made a smart move and stocked large food containers.  I needed containers like these for Thanksgiving leftover.

If you’ve noticed, I’ve been buying cheese lately.  I bought some more tonight.  Good stuff…

After shopping, I ate a hotdog and put gas in my car.  It was a nice quick shopping.  And I had to head out to my friend’s mother’s house.

Flowers and snacks worked out well.  When I arrived there, people were sitting there without any snack.  Snack and flowers made it feel festive.  Later, my friend indicated that she was impressed at my move.

PS. Oh yeah, her mother loved me, of course.

Early Christmas Gift To Myself

I bought an early Christmas gift to myself.  This is a third guitar I bought this year.

It’s PRS SE Santana ($725).  If this was a made in USA model, it would be about $4000.00(? not sure).  They are for rich people.  I’m happy with imported version.  Imported versions are not bad at all.  I tuned the guitar whole step down (D tune) to play Motley Crue songs.  Motley Crue is pretty much the only 80’s Rock band who tuned their guitar in D tune (on every song).  Metallica recorded one song in D tune (Sad But True – Sad But True is the song title).

I play stuff from 70’s & 80’s (& some early 90’s) – that’s when guitar was glorious.

This is the cheapest guitar I own, and it will stay at my work.  Below is my cubicle. 


FYI: Below is my second guitar of 2013 (August)

G&L ASAT Classic Custom


Below is my first guitar of 2013 (May)


Costco Shopping – November 2, 2013

Just went to Costco for gas.  Then I went inside to look at Christmas items.  And picked up some luxury items (things I don’t really need).

Baking powder is for my friend who is a cat owner.

This is the only long sleeves shirt I will buy this season.  I have enough clothes.  I just wanted to treate myself with this.

Oh yes, my new camera is really making a difference in picture quality.  Amazing technology…  so easy and fun.