I feel little better

I took down earlier posts. They were never meant to be permanent

I’m getting a little better. But still down
Nobody is dying or anything
Some of my female friends told me “come on dude, what you have is nothing compared to what I went through”. Hehe…

Like I said. I know for fact that I’ll be fine soon enough

I need to get back enjoying Costco shopping.

Even in this special situation, there are people sending me dark, negative comments. What’s up with that? I just want to borrow your positive energy to speed up my process. I will use all the help I can get. I have no shame at this point.

God bless. Thank you for all the love you sent me. If you have time keep your positive notes coming. It really helps. I enjoy reading them over and over. It makes me feel so good. It’s a beautiful world that people care about me. Thank you.

Christmas Ham

Last blog of 2013

I was distracted buring the Christmas season that I almost didn’t post this.

I made a ham on Christmas day.  I bought the ham a week before (from Costco).   I made some quick basic side dishes.

Another Guitar – Schecter

This is the fourth guitar I bought this year.

I will not buy any guitar next year.  Next year will be all about saving money.

This is Schecter Hellraiser ($850).  When I buy a guitar, I buy a case to go with it.  Total price for the guitar and the case was $1035 after tax.

I bought a white guitar to celebrate holiday season & Winter.  The guitar stays at my work for now.

I bought the guitar right before Thanksgiving Day. Then, during the Thanksgiving weekend, I found myself feeling miserable with 4 new guitars on display at my family room. It’s true that money can’t buy happiness.  I would rather have one cheap guitar and feeling fantastic.  I am much better now.  Thank you for friendly communication from some of you.

God bless everyone.

Costco Shopping – December 2, 2013

I went to Costco for a quick shopping on my lunch time.

I don’t drink soda anymore, I quit soda.  I drink sparkling mineral water instead. So, this must be better for me.  But, I just spent $75 on designer water (after $14 savings).

This is why some people hate Americans.  People make little extra money… and their heads get too big and spend money on luxury items.  I need to wake up, stay humble, and save. 

2014 will be all about saving money.  You’ll see.  I will save.