Happy Valentine’s Day – Costco to Rescue

Happy Valentine’s Day.  I love you. 🙂

I understand a lot of people hate Valentine’s day, because it’s just another commercialized day that society designed for us to spend money.  

I used to hate all holidays for that very reason.

Then I got older.. and I started to appreciate all commercially promoted holidays such as Valentine’s Day and Christmas.  I now enjoy looking up the sky and feel the season changing.  As I get older I feel more sentimental over a lot of things.

Photograph taken 2014 – Sorry I put ©2013 by mistake – no time to fix..

I went to Costco a day before Valentine’s Day.  I had a blind faith that Costco must have roses, and they did have bunch of dozen roses for sale. They were $15.99 each(dozen).  I also bought a simple card from 99 Cents only store and wrote a short message.  I spent less than $20 on everything.

Valentine’s day is just another stupid tradition.  You can live your life either enjoying this stupid tradition or feel grumpy about it.

Remember this: People will not get educated ("see the lights") by your logic behind why you hate commercialized holidays.  But they will only learn that you are a grumpy person, period.

As always, God bless single people.  I am not single this time around.

If you are having hard time finding your valentine, consider online dating.  To me, dating websites are the only way to find my match.  In average I meet 0 new people per a year.   I would pay ten times more on my dating websites for what they do for me.  I don’t understand why some people look down upon online dating.  Maybe I will write about this subject.

Happy Valentine’s

Below is my past Valentine’s Day blogs.

European cookies are back – $3 cheaper

European cookies are back at Costco

These are the cookies that I call "Christmas Cookies", because Costco usually sell them during Christmas season. 

Anyway, get this… they are $9.49 a can, $3.00 cheaper than 2 months ago.

I have 3 fresh cans of these cookies.  I am tempted to take them back for $9.00 refund.

February 6, 2014 (#181679)


November 11, 2013 (#181679)

New tires

I bought tires today, NOT from Costco.  I paid $307.50 total for 4 tires. Costco no longer carries the same tires I bought the last time ($368.71).  But the cheapest set of tires from Costco is $430.00+.

I went to the tire store early Saturday morning.  The air was crisp, guys were rolling up the shop doors, and I was the only customer there for a while.  It felt good to be in that moment.  Somehow, that moment made an impression on me.  I guess I’m getting older and feeling sentimental over small things around  me.  I set there and enjoyed my coffee.  Tires were installed in about 30 minutes.

They tried very hard to sell me extended warranty.  But, I didn’t buy it.  I do not believe in tire warranty. If I understand correctly, they cover defected tires.  So, if your tire is damaged, they will check your car first.  If your car is not in perfect condition (bad alignment, etc..) then they will not honor your warranty.  At least that’s how I understand.  I don’t need tire warranty.  Just keep a good spare tire.  I have a brand new full-size tire as a spare. 

No struts:

My car has bad (old) struts.  It will cost me $1500 to replace struts.   So, I decided NOT to replace struts, but just bought new tires.  I plan to buy a car in 1-2 years.   hope it was a smart move.