Happy Saturday

Happy Saturday morning.

I've been very busy lately.  I am taking a little break right now sipping coffee.  Madeleines is good with coffee (see picture).  Donsuemor sent me some samples.  I should do a story about it, but I already ate most of them… (send some more please). Yum.

Donsuemor Madeleines

I bought that coffee mug on my Long Island trip last year at a garage sale.  It became my Saturday coffee mug.  I only use that mug on Saturday.


National Coffee Day – September 29

I just found out today from the news that September 29th is National Coffee Day.

Coffee is my daily ritual.  I never skip a day.  I drink good coffee.  I spend extra money on coffee, but I refuse to get coffee from Starbucks or any other fancy coffee shop – I find those places phony.  I will use coffee shop if a cup of coffee is $1 AND if they start using the words “small”, “medium”, “large” instead of “venti”, “grande”.

If anything, I will get my coffee from Mister Chung’s Donuts.

I’ve been eating Madeleines with coffee lately.  Folks at Donsuemor sent me some to try, and I like it.  They are sweet, soft, and moist. They are available at Costco around Los Angeles area. If you are a boss, these will be a perfect treat to leave at coffee station for your employees. They will love you more. It’s perfect, especially because they are individually wrapped. 


Madeleines Costco

Madeleines Costco

My New Cubicle

There are 700 people working at my job.  We have ran out of cubicles, so they put me in the corner of the building with a desk.  Below is how I decorated. I enjoy going to garage sales.  The entire decoration was about $40.00. Lamp was free from my friend.

Now, people come and say I have the best location in the entire company, including the CEO’s office.  And they say “I can’t wait to see what you’re gonna do for Christmas”

I enjoy my cubicle a lot. I don’t know when they will take it away from me. All it takes is one executive decision… and they will make me to move..  make me to share office with somebody.

I hope to stay here for a long time.


Costco out of multi grain bread

* This blog was originally written in May 2008.  The blog came back to life recently (September 2017) due to recent outage of the bread.  If history repeats itself, the bread will come back to your location (I don’t know when).  Maybe it has something to do with recent weather events.  We shall see.

Costco is out of Kirkland Signature Multi-grain Bread.  This is my favorite bread. 

Not all whole grain breads are created equal.  You see, you can have a pinch of whole grain in a loaf of bread and call it “Whole Grain Bread”.

Kirkland Signature’s bread is 100% whole grain.

Forget All Bran Cereal’s 10 day challenge (watch video below).  Have a couple of slices of these bad boys.  You will feel the power in 24 hours.  At least that’s what happened to me.  I’m a believer. 

Kirkland Signature multigrain bread
File photo of Kirkland Signature Multigrain Bread

Anyway, the bread was not in display when I went to Costco on May 5, 2008.  I asked to see if they have any in the back.  They said something about the grain supply – we may not have Kirkland Bread for few weeks.

All Bran Cereal’s 10 day challenge

Christmas time is here

(picture taken September 5, 2017)

It’s Christmas time at Costco.

You can complain about early Christmas display.  You can talk about capitalism and lost meanings…  “It’s too early”  “It’s stupid”

Or you can enjoy the view and feel stupid happy about it.

Costco Shopping – September 1, 2017

Today was a big Costco shopping day.  This month’s coupon book had a lot of interesting stuff in it.  Also, it’s Labor Day weekend, so I bought some treat for myself.

First of all, SPAM was $4 off.  SPAM~!!!  They have 25% less sodium, so I can eat twice as much. Yum~!

I bought 2 bottles of magic pills by Natrol.  5-HTP is supposed to balance my mood.  Biotin is supposed to bring back my hair.  They both had $4 instant savings, that they were several Dollars each bottle. So, I thought I give it a chance.

I have a female coworker who can use 5-HTP (mood balance).  But, there isn’t a nice way to give it to her.  “Hey, great news.  These pills may stop you from being a beyotch.  You know you need it.  Come on, take a handful. it should fix you up good.”

For Labor Day weekend I bought pork jerky and baby back ribs.

Roca candies are for one of my co-workers.  Her last name is Roca.  So, I will give it to her for fun.  People love me at work because I do things like that.

I bought staple items such as toilet papers, shaving gels, scrub sponges, jumbo shrimps, etc…

I spent $183.99, and saved $39.00 with instant coupons.

I saw Lionel’s Polar Express train set at amazing price (under $60 ?). This would be a definite sign of Christmas in Costco.  These train sets sell for $90 – $170 elsewhere.   I love Polar Express.  Watching Polar Express is my Christmas ritual. These trains will sell out quick.  Guaranteed. I would love to own one.

If you can’t find the train at your local Costco location, you can buy (possibly) the same item from Amazon.  I do not guarantee they will be the exact same item.

Polar Express Train Costco Lionel

Costco SPAM 25% less sodium

SPAM~!!!  (my kitchen cabinet)