3 online orders – January 2022


3 online purchases – $100.2 / $304.52 this year

I made 3 online purchases this month on the Costco website (January 2022)

I’ve been ordering Valentine’s Day flowers for the last 3-5 years, and I know for fact they deliver high-quality products. Last year, my friend texted me in March with the pictures of the roses. She said “Look they are still beautiful”

After several months of waiting, I finally went online and ordered a bottle of Kirkland Signature Shampoo. I had to pay a $3 shipping fee. But the grand total of $14.49 was still very good. Amazon is selling this exact shampoo for more than double what I paid. People buy them up and leave high ratings. This concentrated bottle will last about a year for me. I get the best value for the money. Since shampoos have one year of shelf life, I cannot buy multiple bottles and keep them long-term.

I ordered16 8×10 reprints for a photography client. I rarely take on photography gigs anymore. But sometimes people ask for small favors here and there. This person didn’t know how to print, so I did all the legwork for her and charged $200. I uploaded digital files to www.costcophotocenter.com. I got pictures delivered in a week via USPS. Costco used to be my go-to photo printer for my professional prints. Costco provides excellent photo quality.