80’s Talk – My Memory on 80’s Female Disco Singers.

Just a quick looking back at the 80’s.

When I was young, I saw Disco coming and going.  Disco was an amazing era.
Then 80’s music started to take shape.

During the early 80’s, some female singers tried to keep Disco alive.  But it was not easy to sell Disco in the 80s when most people had enough of Disco.  Still, there were a lot of underground Disco singers.  Some of them were very popular at the clubs.  Some became mainstream.

Trinere was the Goddess of underground Disco at that time.  Only the club goers knew her.  I still have a 12" record of this song.  She stuck to her style, she never changed her style to sell more albums.

Trinere – How Can We Be Wrong 

Expose became popular after being underground for a few years.   I knew ‘Point of No Return’ for many years.   Then, finally, radio stations started to play it.  ‘Point of No Return’ was not very popular with general public.   Then they changed their style to suite public’s taste.  Expose became very popular with their next album.  My favorite song is ‘Point of No Return’.

Stacey Q’s Two of Hearts was the hottest dance tune back in the 85.  Radio station would play Two of Hearts over and over.  Stacy Q looked so cheesy, but we didn’t have access to her music video, so it didn’t matter.

We also had Janet Jackson, Whitney Houston, and Paula Abdule; but they all had mainstream (watered down) sound. They were not true to Disco.

In the late 80’s Taylor Dayne dropped the bomb with "Tell it To My Heart".  This song came out like a rocket.  We were all blown away.  ‘Tell It To My Heart’ satisfied both club goers and general public.

This song pretty much marked the end of female Disco era. 

Good time.