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Breaking Bad Marathon


I never watched a single episode of Breaking Bad before.

Then there was a hype about the show coming to an end.  They said Breaking Bad was perhaps the greatest TV show in history.

Then AMC started to air Breaking Bad marathon, starting with pilot episode - entire 60+ episodes.  The marathon started on Thursday.  So, I programmed my DVR to record everything.

I watched the entire series in 5 days.

I agree.  Breaking bad is perhaps the greatest TV show in history.  I am glad I didn't miss out on Breaking Bad.  I am also glad that I watched them in 5 days rather than following the show for 5 years.

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STD Test Refund Lunch


I test for STD every time I meet a new partner.  To me it's the only way.  (*I am not trying to educate you or trying to make my point.  What you do with your own life is none of my business.  And I respect your decision.)

On my last STD test, there was a series of mistakes made from my service provider that I had to go to the hospital 3 times.  I even received an email saying "Please come back for more testing" - Which made my heart drop.  Then I learned that they have misplaced my sample.

I was pretty upset, so I emailed the company.  I told them that they need to compensate me with money.  Then I blocked that event out of my memory.

Months later, they sent me a check for $109 (roughly 50% of testing fee).  I was satisfied.  That's the correct way to treat repeat customers.

I wanted to celebrate my winning.  So, I told my co-workers my story and invited everyone in my team (4 of them) to a lunch. 

I took them to our favorite BBQ place that we go frequently.  My co-workers thanked me for lunch and we all celebrated my good health.

They all laughed when I told them "I bought a deluxe package.  I paid for 6 STD tests and got free syphilis (test)."

Good times.

Later, our department boss came by.  He apologized for not joining us (I invited him also).  And he congratulated me for my good health.  :)

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Costco Shopping - October 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5 - 2013


I went to Costco Five times in five days. (back to back to back, to back.. to back).  I went to 3 different Costco warehouses.

I spent total (about) $490 over 5 days.  But I should return a jacket and get $84 back.   Keurig Coffee was for my friend.  She gave me $35.  So, my total expense would be about $370.00.  Not bad...

October 1, 2013 - Tuesday.
Dropped by to pickup dinner, lunch, & etc.

Kale salad is pretty good.  It's a quick and fancy item to serve to my guest.  It comes with 2 packets of dressing.  Dressing is prettty good, but I may substitute it with something lighter.

I always keep some kind of frozen vegetables.  They come in handy.

October 2, 2013 - Wednesday

Had a hot dog for lunch with my friend.  No shopping.

October 3, 2013 - Thursday

My friend wanted some Keurig coffee pods.  Personally, I don't like Keurig.  I enjoy the ritual of making coffee.  Then I saw the belts I was looking (waiting) for.  I hope they will last longer than low quality Calvin Klein belts (from Costco, April 2011).

A bag of candies is for Halloween.

Potstickers and Naked Juice were sale items.  I saved $5.50 on them.

October 4, 2013 - Friday

On my last shopping (yesterday), I saw that we had Sonicare products on sale.  I did a quick research and went back to Costco the next day.  I saved $40.00.  It's a good deal.

If you look close, there is a round block of Brie cheese (Kirkland Signature).  I have a high hope on this cheese.  I will keep it for 2 weeks before eating it.

October 5, 2013 - Saturday

I visited my parents as a normal part of Saturday ritual which I cherish.  I brought a bunch of flowers and took them to lunch.  On my way back, I went to Costco to check out what they have in this side of the county.

I bought coffee, slice of pizza, and put gas. 

Then I made a mistake and bought a jacket.  I took it home and realized that I have the same jacket from Costco that I never wore.  It still had a bar-code on the sleeve.  So, I wil take this one back.

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Costco Shopping - September 21, 2013


Chocolate cake - no explanation needed here.

Ellen Tracy Hospitality Bath Towels (6 pack):

I bought 12 hotel/motel quality bath towels.  These towels are thinner than normal luxury bath towels.  But, they are pretty soft and decent.  Just like the name says, they are hospitality towels.  They are perfect for one time use for guests.  For example, if I have few guests staying at my house for a few days and take showers and such,  I can offer them fresh towel every time.

*I washed them towels before use.  They produced a huge lint ball size of a medium size watermellon (without sqeezing).  I shall watch and see if that's was the first time deal.  Maybe I will lose softness every time I wash, and they will quickly reduced into car wash rags.  We'll see...

Ellen Tracy Towels, Costco

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Costco Shopping - September 18, 2013


Picture for now... ZZzz....

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Scented Candles - 2 years later


If you are a long time visitor to my blog, you will remember the time when I first started to get into scented candles.

Then I announced that I would stop talking about scented candles, because I started talk more about scented candles than Costco.  I was absolutely obsessed about scented candles at that time.

If you follow my tweeter, you know I still like to burn scented candles.

With that, below is a picture I just took this morning.

I understand that burning candles produce cancer causing chemicals.  I am now in the process of replacing all paraffin candles with soy wax candles.  Even with soy wax, I shall refrain myself from burning candles too much.

I love scented candles.  I am burning rose right now.

scented candles

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OMG, Jay Leno doesn't look good.


I haven't watched The Tonight Show for a few years (Since Conan O'brien started Team CoCo).

I happened to catch Jay Leno on Tonight Sow last night?  Oh My God, he didn't look good.  I mean, I worry about his well being.  He didn't look healthy.

I know he's in his 60's.  But he looked bad despite professional makeup he must have had.

I worry about that guy.  I like Jay Leno.

(Am I the only person seeing that?)

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Costco Shopping - September 4, 2013


I went to Costco after work on Wednesday for some quick pickup.

Of course, I always keep my eye out for something super fantastic.

And I found this nice comforter by Pacific Coast Feather Company (650 fill power).

$99.89 is a good price.  This purchase may pay for your Costco membership.

I've been using 700 fill power comforter by Laura Ashely for 5 years.  Last few months, I've been looking for another comforter with less fill power.  After research, I decided that Pacific Coast was the best bet.  Then I found the exact comforter I was going to buy.  I would have paid much more.

This comforter is better and lighter.  My older comforter was too warm.  I am very satisfied.

* NOTICE: It's priced at $99.89.  That $.89 means It's a special deal.  They may disappear quick. Good luck.



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Costco employee who didn't care


I picked up a box of yogurt today at Costco.  I got to the check out line and put the yogurts on the belt.  A female Costco employee picked up my box of yogurt and found the bar code on the bottom of the box.

Then she turned my yogurt box upside down and put it on my shopping cart so her partner would scan it.  I couldn't believe what I was seeing.   I was pretty pissed.

"Yogurt should not be upside down.  Thank you.  Sorry.."  I said.

She turned my yogurts right side up as we exchanged fake smiles.

I thought it was pretty messed up.  She's not stupid.  She knew what she was doing.  Basically she didn't care.  This was the first time in many years walking out from Costco feeling mis-treated.  It was a little thing she did that ruined my perfect image about Costco.

I still have a sour taste about today's experience. 

I don't think she will work at Costco for too long, not with that kind of rotten attitude.

You don't flip a man's yogurt cup.  You just don't.   If you do, we will whine about it.


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