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Early Valentine's Day 2013


Valentine's Day came early for me this year.  But, why so early ??

PS. I know, I should to put away my Christmas decorations.

Valendine's Day 2013

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Costco Shopping - January 18, 2013


A female friend of mine wanted to experience my shopping routine.  So, I took her shopping to Costco, Wal*Mart, ROSS, Target, and Del Taco (my usual routine).  We ate Costco Hot Dogs.  We were done shopping around 10:30pm. 

I used my executive member 2% rebate check and received $66.83 cash back.


If I had money I would replace all my T-Shirts, about 30 of them, with these Kirkland Signature's Pima Cotton T-Shirts.

I look exactly same every day at work.  Simply put, I don't care how I look at work.  I wear 1 size larger pants to work (for comfort).  I wear Costco's black T-Shirt every day.  My black T-Shirts have better quality than most cheap T-Shirts people wear.  But, in fact, my shirts are undershirts. 

Pima cotton is better than Egyptian cotton. These Pima Cotton T-Shirts are visibly fancy and they show class.  As a grown man, I would love to wear these T-Shirts every day, instead of wearing cheaper cotton undershirts.

I plan to buy several more of these T-Shirts.  But, I will not wear them at work.  I still don't care how I look at work.  They are $11.99 each.


I always keep 10-20 cans of Healthy Choice Chicken Soups.  I use them to fight cold (flu).  I believe in power of chicken soup.  I believe chicken soup works better than any cold medication.   I ate several cans of these soups last week to fight flu.  And I needed a refill.  There was $3 instant savings on them.

* I did fight off flu.  Most of my co-workers suffered through the flu.  I had earlier symptoms of flu (coughing, fever, sore throat).  But, I stopped those symptoms with a lot of chicken soups and hot teas.

* I wear 1 size larger pants to work (31 Inch).  When I go out for Costco shopping, I change into a pair of 30 Inch pants. My female friend made a comment that I am wearing tight pants to Costco (skipping additional remarks).  Nono... I am wearing NORMAL fitting pants to Costco.


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Costco Executive Membership Reward


I received my annual Costco 2% executive membership reward check, amount of $96.36.  Costco's executive membership is $110/yr.  So, I pay $55/yr more than a regular membership.

With $96.36 check, my executive membership pays for itself and it pays $46.36 extra.  That's not all.  I have Costco/American Express membership.  I will receive about $160.00 cash back check from AmericanExpress as well.

And I live alone, AND I don't shop a lot (do I?).  If you have a big family, then your check must be huge. Surprised

So, as far as I am concerned, the evidence is clear.  Everybody should sign up for Costco executive membership (also American Express).  :)

Happy Costco Shopping~!

FYI: I received 2% rebate check of $96.36.  This means I spent $96.36 x 50 (= $4818.00) in Costco last year.  That seems a lot.

Costco Executive Member Reward Check

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Pet Name - Ass


I have a cellular phone account.
When I created the account 3 years ago, I was sick and tired of all the information I had to give out. When the website asked for my Pet's name, I put "Ass".

Fast forward 3 years...

I had a technical difficulty with my phone, and I called the tech support.

This lady took my phone call and asked "what's your pet's name sir?"

It was really embarrassing.

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Costco Shopping - January 11, 2013


Happy new year everyone.  I canot believe my favorite time of the year has came and went already.  I'll have to wait 7 months 'til I see the first sign of Christmas at Costco.

Anyway, Let's do this.

I didn't buy anything special today.

Bona - this is a wood floor cleaner. 

AA Batteries have experation date of 2022. 

I found Costco shopping bags.  I didn't buy them, but I just wanted to let you know that they are not totally gone.

Then I have my first Costco hotdog of the year.  It was a good time.

I hope 2013 will go by slow.  Time flys too fast for me.

Happy new year again.  I will keep in touch.


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Costco Coupons - January 02 - 27, 2013


They are here... Happy New Year.

View Coupons from here (Thanks to

Costco Coupons January 2013

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364 Days to Christmas


OK, 364 more days for next Christmas :(

But, for Costco shoppers, Christmas will arrive in August.

So, 8 more months to go.   :)

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Day After Mayan Calendar


According to some people, the world will end tomorrow.  There even was a (very bad) major motion picture about it.

I don't think the world will end tomorrow. A few days later, some scientists will claim that calculation was off.  And they will come up with a new date of apocalypse.  And 5-10 years later, there will be yet another guy with his own apocalypse theory, and a lot of people will follow his belief.

Circle will continue.  That's how it is. I've seen this a few times in my life.  People get excited, people forget, and life goes on.

Anyway, I just want to make one point.

If you happen to meet people who believed in 12-21-2012 theory, please be nice to them.  We need to understand that they are confused and perhaps in pain.  Let's be nice to them as the Sun come up December 22.  We are good people.

Talk to you later

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Christmas Gift From Me To Me - 2012


Things were simple when I lived in a small apartment.  I could talk about anything without thinking too much.  I was obviously (visibly) poor. So, if I save money and buy an expensive guitar, it was cute.  I didn't offend anyone.

Now that I have a house, my pictures create an illusion of being rich.  I worry about that. 

I did receive an email saying "Are you a millionaire?" this person stated that I buy whatever I see at Costco without thinking.  So... I'll have to be careful and see how it goes.

With that, here we go..

I had to buy a bigger TV.  I have a 32" TV but it's too small for this house.  I used to watch TV from 5 - 8 feet away from the TV.  Now I watch TV from 8 - 18 feet distant.  I had to get up and walk closer to the TV so I can read scores, captions, and program descriptions.  Additionally, my vision is not as good as 10-20 years ago.  Older folks should know what I'm talking about.

A bigger TV was on my shopping list for last 3 months.  This was not an impulse buy.   I enjoy watching television every day, and I put high priority on TV.  This was something I absolutely wanted.

* Some non-TV watchers tend to look down upon TV watchers, as if they are suprior human beings.  I have things to say about those people, but I will not.  :)

Anyway, I've been checking Costco website every day for a good deal on big screen TV.

On Monday, I finally found a 55" Samsung TV with $700 instant rebate.  So, I bought the TV the next day (Tuesday).  When I went back to Costco 2 days after, these TVs were sold out.  (They were also sold out from a week later).

This is a Christmas gift from me to me.  Picture quality is amazing.  I am loving it.  Costco guy was helpful with my decision making process.   I did comparison shop online.  There were other online stores with similar prices.  But, Costco was the best deal.  Costco has the best return policy.  I even picked it up the same day.

FYI: it has estimated yearly energy cost of $11 (year).

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