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2 Free Lunches


I had 2 free lunches back to back, on Thursday and Friday.

Thursday I had a half rack of babyback ribs at a nice restaurant.  Lunch was provided by the department management.

Friday, the new guy at my team took us (7 of us) to our favorite BBQ place.  We like the food there a lot, but they only have cheap plastic knives that don't function well.  Of course, I brought my own knife to maximize eating pleasure (one with orange handle).

Good times.

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Costco Shopping - November 8, 2013


I didn't have much time to shop.   I was scheduled to go to my friend's mother's house.   I was to meet her brother and her grown up son as well.  Since I was at Costco, I thought it would be nice to bring gifts from Costco.

I bought flowers for her mother, and beef jerky and peanuts for the guys.  I felt pretty confident that I made a brilliant decision.   They fits well with my personality and my love for Costco.

FYI: In my entire life, I have never met any mother who didn't like me.

Back to shopping...

I still have a can of European cookies from last year (in Freezer). I bought 2 cans this year.  It is my annual ritual to buy Christmas cookies that will last me throughout the year. The point is that I enjoy little bit of Christmas all year.

Costco made a smart move and stocked large food containers.  I needed containers like these for Thanksgiving leftover.

If you've noticed, I've been buying cheese lately.  I bought some more tonight.  Good stuff...

After shopping, I ate a hotdog and put gas in my car.  It was a nice quick shopping.  And I had to head out to my friend's mother's house.

Flowers and snacks worked out well.  When I arrived there, people were sitting there without any snack.  Snack and flowers made it feel festive.  Later, my friend indicated that she was impressed at my move.

PS. Oh yeah, her mother loved me, of course.

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Early Christmas Gift To Myself


I bought an early Christmas gift to myself.  This is a third guitar I bought this year.

It's PRS SE Santana ($725).  If this was a made in USA model, it would be about $4000.00(? not sure).  They are for rich people.  I'm happy with imported version.  Imported versions are not bad at all.  I tuned the guitar whole step down (D tune) to play Motley Crue songs.  Motley Crue is pretty much the only 80's Rock band who tuned their guitar in D tune (on every song).  Metallica recorded one song in D tune (Sad But True - Sad But True is the song title).

I play stuff from 70's & 80's (& some early 90's) - that's when guitar was glorious.

This is the cheapest guitar I own, and it will stay at my work.  Below is my cubicle. 


FYI: Below is my second guitar of 2013 (August)

G&L ASAT Classic Custom


Below is my first guitar of 2013 (May)


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Costco Shopping - November 2, 2013


Just went to Costco for gas.  Then I went inside to look at Christmas items.  And picked up some luxury items (things I don't really need).

Baking powder is for my friend who is a cat owner.

This is the only long sleeves shirt I will buy this season.  I have enough clothes.  I just wanted to treate myself with this.

Oh yes, my new camera is really making a difference in picture quality.  Amazing technology...  so easy and fun.

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Costco Shopping - October 27, 2013


I went to Costco yesterday (Sat) for gas and a slice of pizza.  I saw some nice Kenneth Cole jackets but I didn't buy one, because they were (somewhat) slim fit.  Shoulders and arms were little tight for me.  I needed some time to think it over. 

I thought it over and decided to buy it.

I went back to Costco the next day (Sunday) for Kenneth Cole jacket and to look at Christmas items.  I always watch for new items and one-time-deal stuff.

Gift Basket:

I found some girly gift baskets by Burt's Bees.  A gift basket like this can come in handy.  I may run out of time to buy Christmas gift, or maybe I would forget a birthday.  Then I'll just whip out this gift basket.  Girls like this kind of stuff.  If you are a guy, you should get one just in case.

Brie Cheese:

This was a third brie cheese I bought this month.   I tried both Kirkland Signature and Alouette.  Kirkland Signature imports Brie cheese from Normandy France.  Alouette cheese says they were made from authentic recipe. 

Kirkland Signature Brie cheese was clearly better for me.  But, I ate them when they were not fully ripened.  So, my assessment is not accurate (not fair). 


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New Camera


I wasn't happy with picture quality from my iPhone (4S).

I bought a Canon Powershot S120 ($450). It's a very nice pocket camera.  It has WiFi, 1080p HD video, and full manual control.  I shall improve my picture quality with this camera.

Below is a picture from this morning.  Happy Halloween.

*Buy Canon Powershot S120 from amazon.

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Costco Shopping - October 18, 2013


Oh, I got my flu shot at costco on Thursday.  My insurance covered $3.06.  I paid $11.93.

Below is from Friday night shopping (October 18).  I lost my receipt.

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Breaking Bad Marathon


I never watched a single episode of Breaking Bad before.

Then there was a hype about the show coming to an end.  They said Breaking Bad was perhaps the greatest TV show in history.

Then AMC started to air Breaking Bad marathon, starting with pilot episode - entire 60+ episodes.  The marathon started on Thursday.  So, I programmed my DVR to record everything.

I watched the entire series in 5 days.

I agree.  Breaking bad is perhaps the greatest TV show in history.  I am glad I didn't miss out on Breaking Bad.  I am also glad that I watched them in 5 days rather than following the show for 5 years.

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STD Test Refund Lunch


I test for STD every time I meet a new partner.  To me it's the only way.  (*I am not trying to educate you or trying to make my point.  What you do with your own life is none of my business.  And I respect your decision.)

On my last STD test, there was a series of mistakes made from my service provider that I had to go to the hospital 3 times.  I even received an email saying "Please come back for more testing" - Which made my heart drop.  Then I learned that they have misplaced my sample.

I was pretty upset, so I emailed the company.  I told them that they need to compensate me with money.  Then I blocked that event out of my memory.

Months later, they sent me a check for $109 (roughly 50% of testing fee).  I was satisfied.  That's the correct way to treat repeat customers.

I wanted to celebrate my winning.  So, I told my co-workers my story and invited everyone in my team (4 of them) to a lunch. 

I took them to our favorite BBQ place that we go frequently.  My co-workers thanked me for lunch and we all celebrated my good health.

They all laughed when I told them "I bought a deluxe package.  I paid for 6 STD tests and got free syphilis (test)."

Good times.

Later, our department boss came by.  He apologized for not joining us (I invited him also).  And he congratulated me for my good health.  :)

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