Costco Shopping - June 27, 2013


Thursday after work shopping.   I can't get enough of Costco.

Pickles and corns are for company BBQ tomorrow.

I heard about that book from my local public radio station.   I thought it would be a good reading.

I don't want a motorcickle.
I just want to eat my pickle.

A little 70's parody there... Smile

Inside the shopping bag

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Costco Shopping - June 26, 2013


Quick shopping Wednesday after work.

I had a craving for some cheese. 

I like this toilet brushes (2 pack for $19) But, I don't know about that extra brush head.  In order to replace the brush head, you must touch the old brush head.  I am NOT touching anywhere close to that brush head.  That's disgusting.

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Walnut Craving


(June 18th)

I had a monster craving for walnuts.  I didn't eat walnuts for many years.  And I was thinking about walnuts all day at work.  Craving was so intense that money was no object.

I went to Costco after work and bought a 3 pound bag.   It was $16.99.

Yum~  Good stuff.

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Costco Shopping - June 22, 2013


Another early morning Costco shopping on Saturday.

I didn't find anything to buy. Just picked up a pizza. Super cheap with $3.00 off. Good stuff. 

The secret to early morning Costco shopping is that you need to come in really early.  If I go in 30 minutes after they open, it's already busy in there.  Line is still short and nice.

FYI: Costco Gas station opens 6am Mon-Sat, and 7am on Sunday. 

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Costco Shopping - June 16, 2013


I bought a bamboo bowl from Costco yesterday.  I like the bowl a lot.  It was a great buy.  I found some tiny scratches inside the bowl that I didn't think much of it at first.  Later in the evening I started to think about them scratches little more.  Then, later, I couldn't sleep at night because all I can think was those scratches.  I was miserable. Frown 

So, I went to Costco first thing in the morning to replace my bowl.

I got my bamboo bowl replaced and did some more shopping. 

One of the big advantages of Costco shopping in the morning is fresh flowers.  Every single bunch of flowers were super fresh.  I was impressed.  I bought one bunch for my female friend.

There was $3 instant rebate on BBQ pork jerky.  They taste like cold, left-over baby-back ribs.  They are covered with BBQ sauce, so I don't eat with hands.  I use fork and knife.

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Costco Shopping - June 15, 2013 / Bamboo Bowl


I went out early Saturday morning for Costco shopping. I didn't go to Costco last night because I was entertaining a lady friend.

I bought gas first when it was still early in the morning. Then I proceeded to shop.  I took my time looking at everything.  When you take your time, that's when you find good stuff.  I was hoping to find something.

I bought 4 more T-Shirts.  Bought some seasoned sea-weeds, a book about local history, etc..

Today's highlight was 14 Inch bamboo bowls by Island Bamboo.  These bowls are beautiful.  There were different colors such as red and green.  I personally liked natural bamboo color.  I thought $24.99 was a crazy low price.  So, I got one.  This bowl will occasionally come in handy.

Right after Costco shopping, I went to a local farmers market.  I found a bamboo bowl there.  With my naked eyes that bowl looked identical to what I just bought from Costco, no kidding...identical to my eyes.  He wanted $75.00 for just a bowl (no utensils included).  Yikes...

As soon as I got home I went online and looked up 14" Island Bamboo bowl.  I found the exact same bowls at Amazon for $46.00.  They didn't even include utensils.

And, finally, I went to eBay and found somebody selling this exact same product for $54.99 (free shipping).  I often think about buying stuff at Costco and selling them at eBay.  I guess a lot of people are doing just that.

Costco is the best, I tells ya.

Early morning shopping was fun.  This was the second straight weekend I went to Costco early morning.  Could this be my new weekly routine? We'll see...

Have a nice weekend everyone.

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Costco Shopping - Last 3 weeks


I am busy, but I never skipped Costco shopping.  In fact, I went to Costco 4 times lat 3 weeks.  Good times.


May 26, 2013 - Getting ready for Memorial Day Weekend.

Everything I put in the cart was super good.  Good stuff...

June 1, 2013

2 rugs are for kitchen.  Triangle shade sail is for backyard.

June 7, Friday

I no longer wear cheap t-shirts to work.  I finally replaced all my cheap T-Shirts with normal ones, so I look proper at my new job.

June 9, Sunday

One more shade sail.


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Quick update. Sorry, I am busy


OMG, I am so busy.

I hope you are enjoying Memorial Day weekend.  I will not have any time off.  I will be working 10 - 12 hours every single day throughout the weekend (SAT, SUN, & MON).

I had a wave of 3 personal jobs that I couldn't refuse.  Who would turn away money.  And, you know I've been poor all my life.  So, I am happy to work day and night during the holiday weekend.  I will slow down sometime next month (mid June).

It's been 3 months since I got a new job.  I now work at a large company as a web guy.  I didn't know how to break the news about my new job to you guys, because I felt awkward (just like when I bought a house). 

Before, a lot of people found my blog refreshing because I was living in a small apartment, trying to save money, trying to find love... and still managed to share positive energy.  I believe I made a lot of connections with people in similar situation.  I now lost some of the major contributing elements that gave my blog its unique personality. I feel a little awkward about that.

For now, I will keep talking about Costco shopping and Costco products.  You may notice I spend little more money than before.

Anyway, my blog is about shopping... so let me show you some of the major purchases I made. (not Costco shopping)

Guitar:  PRS, Torero ($1080)
Earphones: Shure SE315 ($199)

I now have 3 decent electric guitars.  Ideally, I would like to have 5-6 electric guitars and 1-2 acoustic guitars.

I saw this super expensive earphones by Shure.  I wanted to know why they were so expensive.  Holy cow, they sound amazing.  I spend thousands of hours listening to music on earphones at work. This was a good investment.  They put listening pleasure to next level.

I need to get back to work now.

Happy Memorial Day weekend everyone. I will talk to you soon.


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