This is a personal blog. I am not affiliated with Costco in any way.
But, we needed a place for Costco shoppers to say hi.
I hope you enjoy the stay. Have a nice day.

Costco Executive Membership (2%) Rebate Check


This is my Costco executive card 2% rebate check this year. 
$104.99 means I spent $5,249.50 at Costco last year.

Basic membership is $55.00/year
Executive membership is $110/year.

So, I need to receive $55.00 rebate check to cover my executive membership fee.  With this rebate check, I am getting paid $49.99 to be an executive member.

But, this is not the only check I will receive this year.  There is Costco/AmEx back check coming up.  I have about $270.00 there.

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Costco Shopping - January 18, 2014


I went to Costco today, but didn't buy much

I bought some eggs and a Brie Cheese...  that's all.  Boring.

I am trying to save money..

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Costco Shopping - January 8, 2014


Happy new year~!

This was my first Costco shopping in 2014.

2014 - I can't believe I started this website 6 years ago.  Yikes, this makes me to think.  Will I be doing this 6 years from now?  Will I be still alive after 6 years?

I had a bunch of staple items to buy. Coupon saved $26.00

I stock up on chicken soup for when I catch cold.  I truly believe in power of chiken soup.  I need V8 juice for busy mornings when I don't have time to make Vitamix juice.

I didn't buy anything fancy.  It is my new year's resolution to save money.  With my new year's resolution, I still spent $124.61.  I think I'm doing OK as long as I use everything up without trashing any.

Happy new year.  I will keep in touch.

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I feel little better


I took down earlier posts. They were never meant to be permanent

I'm getting a little better. But still down
Nobody is dying or anything
Some of my female friends told me "come on dude, what you have is nothing compared to what I went through". Hehe...

Like I said. I know for fact that I'll be fine soon enough

I need to get back enjoying Costco shopping.

Even in this special situation, there are people sending me dark, negative comments. What's up with that? I just want to borrow your positive energy to speed up my process. I will use all the help I can get. I have no shame at this point.

God bless. Thank you for all the love you sent me. If you have time keep your positive notes coming. It really helps. I enjoy reading them over and over. It makes me feel so good. It's a beautiful world that people care about me. Thank you.

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Christmas Ham


Last blog of 2013

I was distracted buring the Christmas season that I almost didn't post this.

I made a ham on Christmas day.  I bought the ham a week before (from Costco).   I made some quick basic side dishes.

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Late Thanksgiving Turkey


Sorry, late post.

I had a stressful Thanksgiving day that I had to cancel my dinner. 

2 days later, on Satureday, I forced myself to bake a turkey.  It came out pretty good.

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Another Guitar - Schecter


This is the fourth guitar I bought this year.

I will not buy any guitar next year.  Next year will be all about saving money.

This is Schecter Hellraiser ($850).  When I buy a guitar, I buy a case to go with it.  Total price for the guitar and the case was $1035 after tax.

I bought a white guitar to celebrate holiday season & Winter.  The guitar stays at my work for now.

I bought the guitar right before Thanksgiving Day. Then, during the Thanksgiving weekend, I found myself feeling miserable with 4 new guitars on display at my family room. It's true that money can't buy happiness.  I would rather have one cheap guitar and feeling fantastic.  I am much better now.  Thank you for friendly communication from some of you.

God bless everyone.

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Costco Shopping - December 2, 2013


I went to Costco for a quick shopping on my lunch time.

I don't drink soda anymore, I quit soda.  I drink sparkling mineral water instead. So, this must be better for me.  But, I just spent $75 on designer water (after $14 savings).

This is why some people hate Americans.  People make little extra money... and their heads get too big and spend money on luxury items.  I need to wake up, stay humble, and save. 

2014 will be all about saving money.  You'll see.  I will save.

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Costco Shopping - November 23, 2013


7th time Costco shopping this month.  3rd straight day, back to back to back Costco shopping today.  :)

I went to a Costco in a different city to pick up another scarf.  This one was for my family member's birthday.  I like my red scarf a lot that I would like my family member to wear the exact same scarf this Christmas season, and hopefully next few years.

Then I saw this electronic pest control system for $9.99.   I am still skeptical that you can get rid of pest this easy.  I thought I would give it a try.  We'll see...

At Costco, I met a chubby gentleman wearing a really nice Santa hat.  I struck a conversation with him because I wanted to know where he bought his Santa hat. 

It turned out he works for real Santa Clause. You see, Santa cannot be everywhere, so he uses his representatives to appear at public events to entertain kids and bring back wish list to Santa.  I had a nice talk with this gentleman.  He's booked solid for the season.  He already made a few public appearances.  And he told me that he gets butterflies in his stomach every time before he makes an appearance.

What do you know, even Santa shops at Costco.  Good times... 

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