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Costco Coupons - October 11 - November 04, 2012

Click here to view This month's Costco Coupons  (Thanks to

Costco Coupon book for October 2012 is out.
I didn't receive my coupon book again.
I may have to wait about 4 months, they said...

I hope I'm not missing out on anything.

Kitchen Table (pic)

Here's a picture that's long over-due (for a handful of special visitors). 

Pictures of my dining area: 3 years ago and now.



October 2012.  Flowers are cut from front yard.
Picture on the wall and the figurine are from ROSS (my other favorite store)

The previous home owner left this dining table and chairs (Thank God).

** I am expecting a female company in a few hours.  I bought 2 lobster tails yesterday at Costco.  I am so nervous, I'm gonna pass out.  Wish me luck~!! Innocent 

Costco Shopping - October 19, 2012

It was a very good shopping.

I wish they keep Christmast stuff year round.

That's right, they are 2 lobster tails. Tongue out

Costco Shopping - October 12, 2012

A lot of candies here...

At the apartment I used to live in, I used to have absolutely no trick-or-treaters coming to my place on Halloween night.  All the kids would go to rich side of the town (up on the hills) so they get more candies.

We don't have much kids in my new neighborhood.  But, my neighbors advised me that I should get ready for 150-200 trick-or-treaters on Halloween night.

So, I bought some good Halloween treats.  Costco had their own version of Kirkland Signature treats.  But, some of the candies didn't have secured packaging, but they had lose aluminum foil wrapped around the candies.  So, the candies can be tempered with.   Some parents will not approve such candies with open packages.

3 cans of Christmas cookies are for me.  They will last 1 year, until the next holiday season. I am currently on the last can of cookies from last year.   Oh I LOVE these cookies.  I can buy same cookies from Cost Plus World Market for slightly higher price year round.   But I buy bulk on holiday season from Costco.  This way, I have something from Christmas that I enjoy all year.  To me, it has a lot to do with entertainment value.  It has a lot to do with how much I love Christmas.


Oh, I met my ex-girlfriend at Costco.  We had a nasty break up 3 years ago? But we were happy to see each other.  She made a remark about how much she enjoyed my cookies.  Yikes, I mean Costco cookies Embarassed.

Interview with CNBC

I received an interesting email this morning.
CNBC wanted to interview me about why I love Costco (for their TV program).  They made it sounds like I may be coming back for future interviews.

It was very interesting... I thought about it.  My heart was pumping.

But, I had to say "No, Sorry"

There is nothing against CNBC or using media for personal gain.  I am humbled that they even took time to contact me.  I will start watching CNBC now.

But, 1) I would be terrified to do interview for TV   2) I was worried about my privacy.  I talk too much about my personal life on my website.  With a TV interview, I would be giving up my privacy.  3) I can't just get on the media and talk about Costco without Costco's permission.

If I talk about Costco on media, Costco may sue me for it & etc...  bad things can happen.  So, I'll have to stay safe for now and think about the future of my website.

Anyway, I still think about "what if"

Interesting day...


I keep in touch with a PR person at Costco headquarter.  For this kind of interview, I will check with Costco's PR person before doing anything.

Last year, I gave Huffington Post a phone interview for a different website I own.  At the end, she made me look bad on her news article.  I still have a sour taste from that experience.

100% Fox fur gilet

You might not be aware because... you don't live over there.

In South Korea, Costco sells 100% FOX FUR gilet (brand : SERENO ; price : about 300 $ ; made in China).

If you have not seen a Fox skinned alive in China for its fur, watch the movie EARTHLINGS.

(but you won't, will you ? too scary, huh ?)

So, enjoy shopping at Costco !

Costco Out of Gas - In California At Least

Hey~! Costco is in the news this morning..
But it's not a good news. They are running out of gas.
Today was my Costco gas day.. hm.. :(

Sensible Dinner - Costco Style

I try to eat good Monday to Friday.  I use Vitamix three times a day.  Vitamix is perhaps the most valuable item I bought from Costco.  I eat a lot of fruits and vegetables because of Vitamix. If you care about your well being, please buy Vitamix and use it.

I always start my dinner with a tall glass of Vitamix juice.  Today's juice contained:

  • Apple (1/2)
  • Carrot (1)
  • Orange (1/2)
  • Tomato(1/2)

Remember, Vitamix is not a juicer.  There is no pulp to throw out.  You eat the entire fruits and vegetables.  With this juice, I am already half full that I don't feel like eating much more.


Today I grabbed some items I bought from Costco, and came up with a quick soup.  I used following Costco food items:

  • Healthy Choice chicken soup (1 can)
  • Crushed Tortilla Chips (a handful)
  • Egg whites (2) - No yolk (I love yolks, but they say yolks are bad)

I seasoned the soup with some green onions, salt, and pepper.

I don't usually eat dinner out of cans.  But I have no problem eating can food for dinner when I feel like it.


After dinner I ate some strawberries and grapes.

I feel pretty good about how I eat.  I can make quick dinner with staple items from Costco.  I always keep frozen vegetables, grilled chicken, fish, eggs, cans of tuna, & etc...  It's easy to make sensible dinner, fast... Costco style.

When it comes to cooking, a little creativity goes long way.  You better enjoy cooking if you live alone.  Or your bad diet can mess you up. And before you know it, you are in irreversible course to early death.

What I take for granted is that I buy these food items at one location at good price.   Without Costco, I cannot imagine myself shopping for frozen vegetables, fish, and etc.   I would check supermarket fliers and drive around the town.  It will consume my free time.  To me, Costco is the only way to go.

I try to tell them... I don't go to Costco to save money.  I go to Costco to enjoy higher class of life-style.  And Costco happens to save me money.   It's a win-win situation.

Later, I changed my mind and put 2 egg whites (no yolk)

Costco Soup served in a Costco bowl

Happy Sunday Morning - Costco Coffee & Christmas Cookies

Happy Sunday morning everyone.

I am enjoying my Sunday morning routine.  I love my Sunday coffee with Christmas cookies.  I drink Costco's Cubita Organic Coffee on weekend.

Costco sells these cookies only on Christmas season.  I bought 3 cans last year.  I still have a half of can left.  It's been 1 year already.

I shall buy 3 more cans next month.

I will not buy any more Chocolates of the World.  I still have 2 full jars left from last year.  I am officially sick of Chocolates of the world. Frown

OK, I'm getting ready for a pan cake breakfast.   I hope you guys will have a sweet nap today.

Costco Shopping - September 29, 2012

In the plastic bag is a lobster tail.

I am very careful with how much shampoo & conditioner I use.  I think can make them to last about 9 months (hopefully longer). 

I plan to date the bottles the first time I use  them, so I will know exactly how long they last.

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