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6 Costco Shoppings in 8 days.


I went to Costco six times in eight day.

(It's awkward, but..) 4 pair pack of Vanity Fair panties were for my female friend.  They were $11.99 ($4/pair).  She took the panties, she liked them, but she didn't give them the highest rating.  She prefer cotton panties.  These Vanity Fair bikinis are not cotton.  They were just "Good enough, but not the best", according to her.

For the record:

  • I believe it is a men's duty to remember measurements of our spouses/girlfriends (and appreciate that measurements)
  • I asked my friend if she can wear the panties and pose for the blog (picture).  She said "No".

Snap ware food containers were $20 after $5 coupon saving.  I needed them.

A pair of gift certificate were for my friend's birthday.

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European cookies are back - $3 cheaper


European cookies are back at Costco

These are the cookies that I call "Christmas Cookies", because Costco usually sell them during Christmas season. 

Anyway, get this... they are $9.49 a can, $3.00 cheaper than 2 months ago.

I have 3 fresh cans of these cookies.  I am tempted to take them back for $9.00 refund.

February 6, 2014 (#181679)


November 11, 2013 (#181679)

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New tires


I bought tires today, NOT from Costco.  I paid $307.50 total for 4 tires. Costco no longer carries the same tires I bought the last time ($368.71).  But the cheapest set of tires from Costco is $430.00+.

I went to the tire store early Saturday morning.  The air was crisp, guys were rolling up the shop doors, and I was the only customer there for a while.  It felt good to be in that moment.  Somehow, that moment made an impression on me.  I guess I'm getting older and feeling sentimental over small things around  me.  I set there and enjoyed my coffee.  Tires were installed in about 30 minutes.

They tried very hard to sell me extended warranty.  But, I didn't buy it.  I do not believe in tire warranty. If I understand correctly, they cover defected tires.  So, if your tire is damaged, they will check your car first.  If your car is not in perfect condition (bad alignment, etc..) then they will not honor your warranty.  At least that's how I understand.  I don't need tire warranty.  Just keep a good spare tire.  I have a brand new full-size tire as a spare. 

No struts:

My car has bad (old) struts.  It will cost me $1500 to replace struts.   So, I decided NOT to replace struts, but just bought new tires.  I plan to buy a car in 1-2 years.   hope it was a smart move.

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New year's resolution - going good so far


I had a real bad habit that would never go away. When I was young, I would always go to school late. It was embarrassing when I walked in to classroom late. I promised myself, thousand times, that I would go to school on time (early), but I was never able to fix my problem.

Now that I'm grown up, I've been going to work late. I have a super nice new job now. But, again, I quickly became the guy who always comes to work late.

Of course I felt horrible when I arrived at work late every single morning. And I promised myself I would go to work early. But, I would always go to work late for one reason or another.

I thought this old habit would never die. And this could ultimately damage my career. I look bad. It takes certain kind of people to go to work late consistantly, and I was one of them.

This year (2014), as a new year's resolution, I decided to give it one more try. I wanted to be the first person to arrive at my department. (FYI: There are 7 of us at my department, and 600 people in the campus.)

Today is January 27, 2014. So far, except for 1-2 days, I've been the first one to arrive at work. Surprisingly, it's been quite easy to go to work early. I guess I am getting old and taking my job seriously. I would like to be known as the guy who always comes to work early. I feel positive about this.

I would like to improve myself and become a better person.

Happy new year.

PS. Sorry, my blog is slow, because I don't spend money. I am saving.

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I feel pretty good



Just want to let you know that I feel good, I eat good, I sleep good, and life is fun.
I'm going to Costco tonight to cash my rebate check, so I will be extra happy.
I love my website, and I love some of you good people who care about me.

God bless you all. Thank you.


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Costco Executive Membership (2%) Rebate Check


This is my Costco executive card 2% rebate check this year. 
$104.99 means I spent $5,249.50 at Costco last year.

Basic membership is $55.00/year
Executive membership is $110/year.

So, I need to receive $55.00 rebate check to cover my executive membership fee.  With this rebate check, I am getting paid $49.99 to be an executive member.

But, this is not the only check I will receive this year.  There is Costco/AmEx back check coming up.  I have about $270.00 there.

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Costco Shopping - January 18, 2014


I went to Costco today, but didn't buy much

I bought some eggs and a Brie Cheese...  that's all.  Boring.

I am trying to save money..

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Costco Shopping - January 8, 2014


Happy new year~!

This was my first Costco shopping in 2014.

2014 - I can't believe I started this website 6 years ago.  Yikes, this makes me to think.  Will I be doing this 6 years from now?  Will I be still alive after 6 years?

I had a bunch of staple items to buy. Coupon saved $26.00

I stock up on chicken soup for when I catch cold.  I truly believe in power of chiken soup.  I need V8 juice for busy mornings when I don't have time to make Vitamix juice.

I didn't buy anything fancy.  It is my new year's resolution to save money.  With my new year's resolution, I still spent $124.61.  I think I'm doing OK as long as I use everything up without trashing any.

Happy new year.  I will keep in touch.

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