Civic Duty


I served jury duty today.

I brought my reading material to pass time.

It was a drunk drive case.  I know three close friends who escaped death after getting hit by drunk drivers (2 separate accidents).  I got dismissed.

costco jury

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Costco Shopping July 5, 2013


*Late entry - to be re-filed.

It was a day after 4th of July shopping.  It was a Costco date (we did the car wash).

3 pairs of work gloves (medium):

I always use gloves when I work around the house.  I tried number of different gloves so far, and I was not happy with any one of them.  I tried all the cheap ones.  I also tried generic leather work gloves from local hardware store.  I wore them out pretty quick.  Some rubber coated gloves worked well on garden works, but they made my hand smell really bad that I just couldn't use them.  Yes, I like to smell my fingers Embarassed.

I am counting on these work gloves from Costco.  I did price check.  They are good price.

And I bought another shade sail - I bought 4 shade sails so far.  I plan to completely re-build patio in a few years.  Until then, these shades will do...

work gloves Costco


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Typical Lunch (at work)


This is how my typical lunch looks like at work. They don't smell, so I can eat at my desk (compared to some people eating hot dish).

Chicken, cheese, yogurt are from Costco.

I rarely eat out so I can save money.  I am saving to buy a car next Christmas (2014)

Costco Lunch

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Costco Coupons - July 11 - August 4, 2013

Costco Coupons are here
View Coupons from (Thank you Adamcos)
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Costco Shampoo - 8 Months Rotation


I shampoo every day, rarely twice a day.  And I have long hair, way below my shoulders.

I dated my bottle of Kirkland Signature shampoo when I opened it on November 7, 2012.  Today is July 7, 2013.  So, a bottle of Costco shampoo should last you 8 months.

The secret is to use just the amount you need.  I am not saying you should use less than you need.  I use plenty amount of shampoo.  I just don't use more than I need.

Costco shampoo

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Costco Shopping - July 3, 2013


Ah~  I lost my ability to scan my receipt.  I am working on fixing the issue.

What's hard to see is at the bottom.  There is a double bags of Kingsford BBQ Briquets.


I didn't want to buy this huge bag of hamburger buns.  I only needed maximum of 4 buns.  This double bag of 24 buns was only $2.19.  I am likely to throw out more than half of these buns, but I couldn't beat the price and convenience.   I felt bad and guilty for not being thrifty, but what could I do?  I can drive to 99 Cents Only Store.  But, should I spend extra 20 minutes, drive 15 extra miles, so I can produce less trash?  I spent a few minutes thinking about it.. I even called my friend for third person's perspective.  And I decided to produce more trash rather than spending half a gallon of gas driving to 99 Cents Only Store.

I put 12 buns in the freezer right away.  I hope they will be put to use.

Don't you worry about the Chocolate cake.  Nothing will go to waste.  The cake is just for me.  I carefully wrap each pieces and freeze them. They last several month.

I am freezing half of pizza as well.

Ah~~ single life...


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First Sign of Christmas 2013


Christmas time is here at Costco.  (July 3, 2013)

I think it will take about 1 more months until we see any more Christmas items other than these ribbons at Costco.  The ribbons came about 3 weeks earlier than I anticipated.  But, I kept my eyes opened.

And "BOOM~!" I found them.

Here we go~~!!

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Costco Shopping - June 27, 2013


Thursday after work shopping.   I can't get enough of Costco.

Pickles and corns are for company BBQ tomorrow.

I heard about that book from my local public radio station.   I thought it would be a good reading.

I don't want a motorcickle.
I just want to eat my pickle.

A little 70's parody there... Smile

Inside the shopping bag

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Costco Shopping - June 26, 2013


Quick shopping Wednesday after work.

I had a craving for some cheese. 

I like this toilet brushes (2 pack for $19) But, I don't know about that extra brush head.  In order to replace the brush head, you must touch the old brush head.  I am NOT touching anywhere close to that brush head.  That's disgusting.

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Walnut Craving


(June 18th)

I had a monster craving for walnuts.  I didn't eat walnuts for many years.  And I was thinking about walnuts all day at work.  Craving was so intense that money was no object.

I went to Costco after work and bought a 3 pound bag.   It was $16.99.

Yum~  Good stuff.

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