This is a personal blog. I am not affiliated with Costco in any way.
But, we needed a place for Costco shoppers to say hi.
I hope you enjoy the stay. Have a nice day.

Greetings, About Me

If you want to email me directly my email address is: info at ilovecostco dot com

This website is just for fun. 
No hate emails please.  My stories may be completely fictional. 
So, there is no reason to get angry about anything.

I started this website for my mother.  My mother worries about me for living alone and not eating well.  (FYI: I used to be very poor.  Now I'm regular poor.).  So, I started to take pictures of what I eat, what I shop, and etc.  I wanted to show my mother "Look, I'm doing good".

Then I realized that my place is cleaner because I share pictures with strangers.  Also, I eat better and save more money because I try to set standard to my visitors.  I now talk about physical fitness, so I would force myself into better health.

Sometimes I worry about giving out too much of my personal information.

  • I live in California, USA.
  • I am a single, straight male. I live alone.
  • I am not rich.
  • I have an executive membership at Costco.
    • I have the black card.  I pay $110.00 a year for Costco membership.
  • I am not young.  I work with co-workers 15-20 yrs younger than I am.
  • I am handy with my cameras.  Most pictures on this website are taken with a cheap point and shoot camera and iPhone.
  • I love Costco.  But, I also enjoy Bed Bath and Beyond, ROSS, Pier 1 Import, Michaels, and Tuesday Morning.
  • I made this website.

* Fair Warning: In most part, what I write on this website is true.  But, do not believe everything you read.  Maybe "John" doesn't even exist.

But, when it comes to Costco, I try to be fair and accurate.

I'm just a normal guy who makes a fair amount of mistakes. Please don't take things personally.  Feel free to correct me when I make mistake.

God bless everyone.


Hey! Thanks for responding. It is not easy, in fact it is quite difficult with the life changes and can be depressing, but I am finding hope in any way in presents itself. Most likely in simple ways and seeing a counselor helps! What I'm finding most useful is steering my thoughts and hurts toward positive and choosing not to dwell on that which drops me right back to the bottom because whoa! I've been to that bottom and it does feel as if there is no way back up. I'm climbing, day by day up and out of there! Your blog being one of the fun things to turn to, so thanks for that! I'm going to Costco today, but it might be a long drive to join me. Ha! Take care.

By sherry (not verified)

Thank you for your email.  We'll keep in touch.   Take care


By john

Hi John,
When I try to register I'm getting an Access Denied error message. What's up?

By guest (not verified)

Sorry. It's because I get so many spam registrations.

Thank you for letting me know. I can let you in.
Registration is unlocked.

Feel free to keep in touch if you have any question.

Have a nice day

By john


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