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Painful Itch - For Major Costco Shopping / Air Purifier

* 11th Costco Shopping this year, 4th time this month.

* Blog Originally posted March 3, 2010 - Than updated March 31, 2010

I've been doing very good with money for last 2 months.

Now I have an itch to shop. 

I cannot fight this urge, I think I have reached my limit of holding back.

I need to find something that justifies my spending.  Something that's expensive but good for me.

I am heading out to

Oh boy.  Wish me luck~! (writing from work)

Update: I ordered an air purifier at  Spent $432.99.  Picture coming up.  Itch is gone... for now.

Update: Package arrived at my work exactly 1 week later.

Blueair Air Purifier from Costco
I am generally healthy.  But, I had one (1) asthma attack about 10 years ago.  That was a scary episode I will never forget.  It was very difficult to breath that my head was spinning.  I don't know why and how I had asthma attack.  Maybe it was the pets, maybe it was because my room was dusty.  At that time, I was poor and didn't have insurance, so I took some over the counter medication and gutted it out for 1-2 days. (very stupid if I look back).

I had no problem with breathing since then.  Like I said, I am generally healthy.

Then for last 2-3 months, I felt subtle difficulty of breathing.  It was not bad, not even close to my previous episode.  It was very subtle, but still scary.

So, I went all out and bought an expensive air purifier from Costco (online).  I got $100.00 instant discount.  Total price was $432.99 with free delivery. 

To make long story short - my breathing problem is no more.  And this also took care of my itch to shop.  I am happy with my purchase.

* In February, I bought this $433 air purifier and still managed to save 66% of my take-home pay.  So, I am really doing good with money. 

Costco Air Purifier Blueair
After Work - Taking Air Purifier to Home

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