Al Pastor Salad at Costco

Check this out – Al Pastor Salad at Costco food court. Let me know if you tried it before. Did you like it? The only reason I didn’t try Al Pastor Salad is because of its high sodium content. My doctor said I need to watch sodium intake. I guess I can completely skip the dressing, but…

So… anyway… I will not eat it, you eat it and let me know. Haha..

What we know so far.

  • It’s not vegan – The dressing contains eggs. You may eat without dressing.
  • It has 3270 mg of sodium and 59 mg of fat
    • That’s a lot of salt.
    • FDA recommended daily sodium intake is less than 2300 mg

Nutritional facts can be found here.

It’s $4.99.  The sign says…

  • Plant-based protein (soy)
  • Chopped romaine
  • Black beans and fresh vegetables
  • Banh mi vegetables and dressing
  • 330 – 750 cal.

It says 330 – 750 cal. If I make an educated guess, that means the dressing is 420 Calories and the salad alone is 330 Calories. Which I am not surprised about. It’s always dressings and tartar sauce that will do you in. Do not eat all the dressing,

Costco Al Pastor Salad