Costco Shopper’s Christmas Day

Merry Christmas, everyone.

I was home alone for Thanksgiving. So, I was looking forward to a Christmas with my family.
Below is how I spent my Christmas 2008.

I had my usual breakfast (eggs, sandwich, & juice).

Costco Coffee Pumpkin Spice
I brewed Pumpkin Spice Coffee for the road.
The coffee machine was $7 from Rite Aid. 
I don’t need an expensive coffee machine.

2 bags full of Costco products & gifts for Christmas dinner

My nephews loved the cars I bought from Costco

Costco shrimps cocktail – before dinner.

Costco Chocolate
My oldest sister took the jar of “Chocolate of the World” by Kirkland Signature. She emptied the entire contents on the carpet and picked out her favorite flavors. Then she hid her stash.

I also gave my sister 2 Costco tote bags

This is what I came back home with.

It was a glorious day. I felt sad that Christmas was in the past already.

A Christmas Gift to Myself

This is a Christmas gift I gave to myself.

It’s Das Keyboard – the best keyboard in the world.

I bought the “Ultimate” model. As you can see, the keyboard is completely blank. 

It was $129.00, delivered from
It’s a little expensive, but a Christmas gift should be fancy.
I am loving this keyboard.

I spend 12-16 hours a day typing (programming & blogging). I am thinking about getting one for work as well. It’s a beautiful keyboard. The quality is amazing.

Das Keyboard

Kas Keyboard ultimate

Costco Blog – Shopping December 23, 2008

I am getting ready for Christmas dinner at my parents’ house in 2 days. I thought it would be too risky to go to Costco tomorrow (Christmas Eve). Costco will close early tomorrow. Also, pumpkin pies may run out.

Costco has a quality ham. Kirkland Signature hams are pretty good. I feel sorry to betray Costco, but I had to pay big bucks and order Honey Baked.

After taking this picture, I fixed a quick dinner with Beef Steak Strips and couscous (pictured below, six-pack). I love the good instant meals I get from Costco.

OK, Merry Christmas, everyone. I’m out.

Costco Shopping December 19, 2008

I took a day off today.

I am getting ready for a Christmas dinner party at my parents’ house. I will bring disposable party supplies.

Construction papers are a Christmas gift for my niece. Those will go well with the colored pens I bought earlier.

I treated myself with a fancy shower robe. The quality of this robe is amazing. It’s a Costco quality.

I bought an extra set of bedsheets set. This is a part of my “Buying new bed” project. My new bed is too warm with flannel sheets right now. I hope these 600 thread count Supima cotton sheets will cool me down a little. This was a totally unexpected extra expense of $69.99. I have blind faith that $69.99 is a very good price for queen-size bedsheets of this quality.

I spent about $180.00 today

Costco Shopping December 12, 2008

Beer and chocolate are for the Christmas party tomorrow. 

The Box of pens (84 colors) is for my niece.

Samsonite’s wheeled duffel was only $39.99. I am planning to go to Hawaii next year.

I had to buy more chicken soup just in case I catch a cold again.

I liked the pillows so much that I had to buy one more set.

Unpacking Memory Foam Mattress

Product information
NovaForm® Pure Comfort Grand™ Queen Mattress  
Item #  354280
Regular price – $799.99
Sales price $649.99 – (after $150 off)


The mattress was vacuum packed and squeezed into a smaller box so it’s easier to ship. The box could fit in the back seat of my car. I borrowed a dolly from work to transport this 98 lb box. But I could have done it without the dolly. 

Costco Mattress Delivered
Mattress & bed frame delivered at work 

Costco Mattress Packaged
NovaForm® Pure Comfort Grand – Vacuum Package

NovaForm Pure Comfort Grand
Package comes with opening instruction & a letter opener

Unpacking Nova Form Mattress
Memory foam mattress expending from vacuum – still folded in half

The mattress already had a protective cover on it.

The mattress was fully expanded in 10-20 minutes. I didn’t have to wait 72 hours. And there were no bumps or irregular corners. I smelled chemicals at first, but it was not bad.

** 10 months later (October 15, 2009). I can tell you without a doubt that I love my mattress.  I am very happy with my mattress.