Fresh Basil Plant Mystery

I bought a small pot of  basil 10 days ago at local Smart & Final.  I enjoy fresh basil on my pasta and tomatoes.  I eat tomatoes at work as snack.  I sprinkle some fresh, chopped basil on my tomato.  They taste so fresh and good.

But, my plant is dying rather quickly.  I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.

I give 1/2 inch of water.  And I leave the pot where I get partial Sun light.

I thought I would enjoy fresh basil from this pot for ever (hehe).  I am going to buy another pot and give it another try.  I would like to figure out how keep them alive for a long time.  Maybe I don’t live in the right climate?  I don’t know.  I must find out.  It’s mind boggling.

I hope I don’t get obsessed about growing spices. Some of you know what I’m talking about.

 Fresh Basil Pot

10 days later


Morning snack at work (I eat vegetables every day at work)

Copy Your Keys at Costco with Minute Key

This is why Costco shopping is exciting.  You don’t know what you will see next.

Minute Key is here – you can copy your home/office keys on the spot. 

  • You cannot copy car keys or any other funky looking keys (obviously)
  • You only get to copy 1 key per order.  If you order 3 copies, that means you will get 3 copies of 1 key.  You don’t get the chance to switch to the next key.
  • You must pay more if you want the key with design (pictures)
  • Cheapest copy is 1 key for $1.49
  • I bought the value pack – 3 keys for $3.00
  • My copy works fine!  I am happy with the result

Costco Key Copy, Minute Key

John man, John-o-rama, making copy…

Deep Thoughts

Lying to boyfriend “I am pregnant” has to be illegal. That happened to me three times in the past. I tell ya, it can really mess up a person. Horrible, horrible thing to do…

Happy Labor Day 2011

Happy Labor Day everyone.

I don’t work physical labor.  But, I can use a long weekend.  I’ve been putting so much over-time that I’ve been totally wiped out for several weeks now.  I can really use some sleep.

I was home alone for the weekend.  On Saturday and Sunday, I ate babyback rib and ribeye steak.  I plan to eat good on Labor Day.  I can’t eat meat three days straight.

I listened to a lot of Christmas music this weekend.  I burned Christmas candles and watched Polar Express.   Polar Express is a relatively new movie, but it quickly became my favorite Christmas movie. 

It’s 2am Labor Day (Monday) morning.  Summer is unofficially over.   I have a door opened right now.  There is a hint of winter in the air.  It’s crisp and cold.

I’m going to bed now.

It’s going to feel weird not going to work on Monday.

Costco will be closed for Labor Day.  I wonder if Bed Bath and Beyond will be opened.  I was home alone for 2 days straight.  I want to drive around a little.

Good night~


PS. I thought about opening a account.  Mm… maybe later… 

Costco (Christmas) Shopping – August 21 & 27, 2011

I’ve been busy.  I’ve been putting a lot of hours at work lately.  I hope that means I will have a better paycheck next time.  I’ve been making very little money. I had to take out $5.000.00 from my savings account so I can survive.

I tell ya, times are tough. Frown

I went to Costco on August 21st and 27th (2011).

Costco stocked yet another kind of coffee grinder for $29.99.  This Krups burr coffee grinder easily goes for $60-70 elsewhere. 

Costco’s Krups Coffee Grinder has mixed online reviews.  It has overall 3 out of 5 stars.  I figured half of the negative reviews are written by mechanically challenged people.  This is is now my primary coffee grinder.  It works fine with me.

Costco LED Santa Claus

And I bought some other stuff.

But, what’s important is that it’s Christmas time at Costco.  If you like Christmas like I do, this may be the time to make a list.  The whole point is that you are enjoying sentimental Christmas feeling from now for next 4 months. 

I bought a toy helicopter for my nephew.  And I bought a small LED Santa figurine for my desk.  The figurines come in 4 designs; Santa, snowman, penguin, & angel.  3 AA batteries power 3 LED lights.  NiMH batteries last about 100 hours.

LED Snowman was equally cute.  I stood there for a few minutes, torn between Santa and snowman.  I took Santa home, but I may have to go back for snowman.  Penguin was cute but penguin didn’t look "Christmas" enough.  Angel was not even cute.  LED Santa was $9.99.   Batteries were not included.

I took the LED Santa home, turn off all the lights at my APT, and turned on the Santa.  That moment officially marked my Christmas season. 

Times are tough.  I am putting a lot of over time without any promise.  But, I am mentally relaxed and feel happy.  It’s Christmas time.  Nothing else matters.

This year, I would like to bring happy feelings to even more of my neighbors, not just one or two.

– To be continued –

Costco Bicycle – Northrock

Check this out, this is my new Costco bicycle.

  • I replaced the seat.
  • I installed a rear-view mirror.
  • I have iPod Touch speakers in front.  It also holds my camera & keys.
  • I put my Sunglasses under the seat.

I am having a lot of fun with my new bicycle.  I ride to local park and play backboard (tennis).  It gives me 45-50 minutes of light aerobic workout.  I sling tennis racquet on my back (like a guitar).  This is more entertaining then I imagined.  I just need to be very careful.

Also, as I ride around the town, I get to meet people. 

We have a really attractive neighbor.  She’s a lean blond, kind of a rock band groupie type.  She was surprised to see me on a bicycle. She gave me a hug, for the first time.  That hug paid for my bicycle. 🙂

Also, I met another neighbor (I haven’t talked to you about this girl. yet) – she also complimented my bicycle and my outfit.  NO, I do not wear tights.  I wear my regular running outfit I bought from Costco.   She invited me to visit her sometime.   She also gave me a hug.

I may be residentially challenged.  But, ah~!  the beauty of living in an apartment complex. Embarassed

Anyway, bicycle is fun and it’s good for me.  Money well spent.

I need to keep reminding myself to be very careful when I ride.  (fingers crossed).

So, everyone go out and buy Costco bicycle, hehe… 🙂