Curbing Cravings for Soda – Iced Tea Glasses

Generally speaking, any kind of soda pop is bad for you.  If you want to play safe, you should not drink any soda.   Diet sodas are just as bad, they say (or even worse).  I’m not an authority in this field.  So, don’t ask me why. 

I don’t drink soda every day.  Soda is a luxury item to me (I am poor).  I only drink diet cola on weekends or when I eat out.  As you know, I never eat out during the weekdays.

To curb my craving for soda, I drink water in these iced tea glasses, usually with a slice of lemon.   With these glasses, drinking water is more enjoyable.  I don’t miss soda much this way.  When I serve water to guests, water becomes a refreshing food item, rather than a utility item for hydration.

*I didn’t buy these glasses at Costco.  

Chocolates Of the World & European Cookies – Revisited

Remember this picture from last year?

I bought five jugs of Chocolates of the World and three cans of European cookies 10 months ago (October 14, 2010 blog)

from October 14, 2010 blog

On my blog I said something about my self control.   And I also said these chocolates would last a year.

Today is August 10, 2011.  I still have one and a half jugs of Chocolates of the World.  I have more than a half can of European cookies. Cookies are in the refrigerator. One jug of Chocolates of the World is in the freezer.  It’s been frozen for 10 months.

I have been enjoying these snacks for last 10 months.  I eat one or two Chocolates every week.  I enjoy cookies with or without coffee.  My friends freak out when I serve these for them.  Stocking up on these Christmas snacks was a good idea. 

I hope Costco will carry them again this season, so I can do the same for next year.  But, I don’t think I can spend $80.00 like the last time.  I am so poor this year.  I just thank God I still have a job.

These snacks are Costco’s Christmas tradition.  If you haven’t tried them, don’t miss out this year.

August 10, 2011 – 10 months later

I have a new Costco bicycle!!

Oh my God, I’m so tired.

I just bought a bicycle at Costco.
I rode around the block for about 5 minutes? Now I feel dizzy and nauseated. I don’t feel good. I had a strong urge for food. So, I ate a handful of M&M’s.

I plan to ride to the park and play tennis on the backboard (maybe I’ll meet girls, hehe…)

I think it will take a while until I will be fit enough to ride to the park.

I shall go easy for now, then I will increase distant and intensity. I remember 27-30 years ago, I was riding all day. I mean all day (8+ hours) just for fun.

I am worried that I am so out of shape. My cardio is zero.

I’m going to take a cold shower and grill a Steak.
I always eat a thick steak on Sunday night.

Bicycle seems good. I am happy so far.
(The seat must be replaced. Design on most common bicycle seats are wrong. They are too hard and narrow. It doesn’t make sense.)

Talk to you later.

(picture coming up)

Costco Shopping – August 3, 2011 / Christmas~!!

I went to Costco after work.  I didn't buy anything fancy.  I am so poor.  I am trying to be careful with money.  But, look!  Christmas time is here.  I saw a lot of toys and Christmas ribbons at Costco.  "Here we go…" one lady said.

After Costco shopping, I went to Bed Bath and Beyond for some bargain hunting.   I bought a Yankee Candle (Christmas scent).

I came home past 9pm.

2 minutes after I got home, I got a phone call from The Marijuana Girl. She was putting her hamster cage together.  She wanted some help.  I was at her apartment for 1 hour. 

I came home and ate dinner.  Now it's 1:30AM Friday.

I will be happy if I get good 5 hours sleep. ZZzzz…

(vid) Neighbor’s Dogs

My friend tells me that only grandmothers and dogs like me (not young ladies). 

I was just chillin’ with an older dog until the little guy came along and knocked me on my butt.

The white dog likes me a lot.  She goes crazy when she sees me.  So her owner lets go of her leash when she sees me, and the dog will charge at me.  But, this time, there was another dog getting on the banwagon.  haha..

(there is no audio)

Costco Shopping – July 30, 2011

I didn’t buy anything special today.

V8 juices at the bottom compartment are not mine.  I bought 2 cases of V8 last week.  My friend was impressed at my diet and she decided to follow me.

Doritos and turkey jerkies were incredibly cheap with special savings and coupons.  I saved $11.75 on them.  I cannot resist them jerkies.  They are so good.

Doritos had instant rebate – no coupon was needed

My Nephew

I went on an Alaskan Cruise last week.

We all had super good times.  I still think about the cruise.  I have a small Alaska Airline model airplane sitting at my work desk.  I play with the model plane whenever I have time.

But, this story is about my nephew, and the lesson I learned.

My nephew was at the cruise also.  I think he had THE best time among all of us.  I mean, he lived my childhood dream.  He was very cool.  It was like watching a movie.

My nephew is 16 years old, tall, and fit.  He’s in high school football team.  As soon as he got on the ship, he started to look for kids at his own age group so he can introduced himself.  He made a lot of friends quick.

Looking back at myself when I was 16:
I was never like my nephew.  If I was at his situation, I would be too shy to introduce myself.  It would be too awkward for me to walk up to somebody and say "Hi, I’m John".  I would pretend that I didn’t notice the girls.  Or, if I see other guys, I would give them evil eyes or something… like I don’t care (sending negative message for no reason).

Back to my nephew:
On day 2 or 3, my nephew had a buddy.  Then the group got bigger.  He had a female friend as well.  At the end, he had about 10 buddies.

On day 6, when we were at Victoria Canada, I caught my nephew walking casually around the town with a girl from the cruise ship.  They looked so cute together.  I said hello to the couple.  The girl was from Florida (my nephew lives in California).

My sister said that, on the last day of the cruise, my nephew came back to the room crying.  Group of kids said final good-bye.  I can imagine the pain at that age.  I remember…

I looked up my nephew on FaceBook.  I saw a bunch of guys saying "I love you bro" or "I miss you, man".   He wrote "The best week of my life".  There were pictures of my nephew with girls as well.

I had a lot of fun at the cruise.  But, I keep thinking about my nephew.  He had a week right out from a movie.  He lived my dream.  It was beautiful.

Lesson I learned from my nephew:
Life is like a cruise ship.  We are all in the same boat and everyone will leave the ship soon.  We can get off the ship alone, or we can get off the ship with awesome memories like my nephew.  I still have some time left in my journey through life.  I am going to be more friendly and active when I meet new people.  I would like to be cool like my nephew.  Life will be more meaningful this way.


I must get back to work now.  I have a lot of work backed up from last week. Talk to you later.

Costco Shopping

Nothing Special – just a lot of vegetables and toilet papers. Embarassed

I went to Costco on my lunch time.  I went in and out quick.

I had a hot dog before shopping.   Then I saved the soda cup.  After loading my car, I got a refill for the road.