Gave Tweety Birds to My Neighbor

There is an old lady in my neighborhood. She’s 84 years old. She used to carry a big fuzzy Tweety Bird key chain.

I say “Hi” whenever I see her.  
Her tweety bird was getting dirty.

Then, one day, she stopped carrying her Tweety Bird. She lost the bird; she said.

So I went online and ordered two Tweety Key-chains. 

Fuzzy Tweety Bird Keychain


After a few weeks, I saw the old lady walking into her house.

I grabbed my Tweeties from the back seat of my car and ran after her.

I had to be very careful not to scare her. She might think I was a criminal or something, so..

I said “hi” and gave her the tweety key-chain. 

She was very happy. She gave me a big hug. She said “Thank you, thank you… how sweet.. ” She was almost crying.

Good time.

Costco Shopper Booted After 14th Free Cracker

Here is a funny & interesting story.

Costco management took the unprecedented step of removing a shopper from its Oakland, California store for abusing its free sample program. Bill Wentworth of San Jose, CA was forcibly ushered to the exit after management spotted him eating a 14th lobster dip cracker.

Wentworth utilized crude props to dupe unsuspecting Costco workers, such as fake beards, mirrored sunglasses, and wheelchairs. He also spoke to workers using fake foreign accents…. 

The story doesn’t stop there.
More embarrassing story continues at GlossyNews Article

* How do they know he had 14 crackers, not 13 or 15?

Costco Shopping – February 28, under $100 again

* Today’s Costco shopping: 10th time this year, 4th time this month

This was the second time buying Wings of Fire & M&M in a month. I am going crazy about this bad food. This is not good. I should make them last over 2 months.

My last jumbo shrimps lasted almost 5 months. They are a special treat. Sometimes I use them in pasta.

My craving for chocolate is not going away. I need to watch my chocolate intake. My waist size is bigger than it was 6 months ago. Losing weight is very difficult, but somehow I will lose weight.

Anyway, I spent under $100.00

BBQ Day this Weekend

I am getting ready for a BBQ day tomorrow (Saturday). I will eat alone, but it’s OK. I keep myself busy and entertained.

I need to work on my web projects.

I plan to take a nap, practice guitar, watch The Lakers, drink coffee, keep working… I should visit my parents too… hm. I am so busy.

Anyway, I have chicken and steak ready for tomorrow. Chicken is from July 2008 shopping, steak is from the Glorious Thanksgiving Steak Sale.

I need to pick out some movies for this weekend.

Costco Shopping – February 1, 2009

* Today’s Costco Shopping: 7th time this year, 1st time this month

It’s Sunday. I went to Costco at 11 am, before the church people pack the house. I bought some basic stuff. I bought nothing special today.

I am going to Los Angeles for an engagement photography session. I will get you a picture of the Hollywood sign.

Long drive ahead. Long day ahead.

Here we go… it was hazy today

Costco at 2008 Customers’ Choice Awards

2008 Customers’ Choice Awards Winners

I never put a foot inside L.L.Bean store in my life.  Isn’t that store for rich folks only?  Costco is at #35.  I think it’s not bad for a “Membership Only” store.  Sam’s is not doing bad also.  Good to know.

1 L.L.Bean
3 Zappos
4 Amazon
5 Lands’ End
6 Newegg
7 JC Penney
9 Coldwater Creek
10 Nordstrom
11 Cabela’s
13 Lane Bryant
14 ebay
15 Sears
16 HSN
17 Best Buy
18 Kohl’s
19 Macy’s
20 Radio Shack
21 Belk
22 Circuit City
23 ACE Hardware
24 Old Navy
25 Target
26 Apple
27 Victoria’s Secret
28 Dillard’s
29 Wegmans
30 Kroger
31 WalMart
32 Lowe’s
33 Publix
34 Meijer
35 Costco
36 Kmart
37 Home Depot
38 Staples
39 Safeway
40 Walgreens
41 Sam’s Club
42 Verizon
43 Dell
44 CVS

Click here for NRF’s official article

Brand New Tire Went Flat~!! – Back to Costco.

I had a flat tire.

I thought my car felt funny in the morning, but I just drove to work. When I was at work, one of my neighbors saw my car and noticed a flat. But he didn’t bother to let me know. He could have at least left a note. But he told me about it much later, after I fixed the tire. Hm… I never liked that guy.

These are brand new tires. I just got those tires. I couldn’t believe this happened.

It took me about 10-20 minutes to put a spare tire. That small jack was painful to use. 

Nail on Tire

After work, I went to Costco. There was a 2 hour waiting time. I decided to wait 2 hours.

So, I went to furniture department and set on the couch for an hour. I read a book. Later, I ate a churro and did some more shopping. 2 hours passed slowly.

Costco Tire Center

My car was ready around 8:30 pm (they close at 8:30 pm). I was tired, cold, and hungry.

Costco repaired my tire for free.

Costco Shopping – January 26, 2009

* Today’s Costco Shopping: 6th time this year, 6th time this month

I went to Costco to fix a flat tire. This inspired me to get a set of new floor mats for my Camry. This heavy-duty, fancy floor mats were $18.99.

Costco Car Floor Mat

Check it out. I really needed a set of new floor mats for my 2002 Toyota Camry. I didn’t make that mess on the mat. That’s how it was when I bought this car in 2004.

Floor mat Costco Camry
Floor mat – 2002 Toyota Camry

Dinner For One – Saturday

I treat myself to fancy meals on weekends. I try to make my life interesting on my own.

Today I had.

  • Couscous – $.60/serving
  • Normandy Style Vegetable Mix  $.40/serving
  • Beef Bourguignon  $6.00/serving

All from Costco…

It took me about 15 minutes to prepare everything. This beats eating out.

Costco Dinner Plate
Costco Shopper’s Dinner Plate