Forgot to bring my coupon~!!

I went to Costco today, and I forgot to bring my Costco coupon book. I wanted a 56Oz bag of M&M (peanuts).

I’m having chicken for dinner tonight.
Jumbo shrimps are my special treat. This bag will last 4-6 months.

Reed (Fragrance) Diffuser is something I need. After a long day, when I walk into my apartment, my place doesn’t smell quite the best. I need to have some fancy scent that will motivate me to work on my personal projects, such as

Gas was $3.359 a Gallon


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Haggar’s Luxe Khaki

I went to Costco for passport pictures.

Then I found “Luxe Khaki” pants by Haggar. I like these pants. They are wrinkle-free, they stretch a little.

Not only they only look professional, but these pants are also a lot more comfortable than blue jeans.

I only had three pairs of these pants. I wanted to buy some more. Today I bought 5 pairs ($19.99 each)

Wrinkle-free is the way to go. It’s not totally wrinkle-free. I iron them every time. But it takes short time to iron them. I hope there are more colors.

luxe Khaki pants

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Good buy, but impulse buy – HP Laserjet P1005

I made an impulse buy last week.

This HP Laserjet P1005 printer was on sale at for $50.00 plus free shipping. This printer usually goes for $120.00 – $160.00.

Basically, I bought the ink cartridge, and they gave me the printer for free.

The problem is that my current printer works fine. It’s an older model, and it prints slower. But it works. 

(*update 2021 – I currently use this printer)

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My club card – 3 in 1

This is my club card.

I put three club cards in one.

It contains Vons, Ralphs, & Albertsons. I had this for about 6-8 years now. Vons club card is the oldest one. It’s about 10 years old.

(update many years later – I almost deleted this blog post. It’s stupid and embarrassing.)

Supermarket Club card

albertsons, vons, ralphs card

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Christmas shopping started – 2 nephews done

Christmas shopping has officially begun. I bought gifts for 2 nephews today.

I bought 2 RC cars from Costco; they were $49 for a set of two. I paid $34 after the $15.00 coupon.

Then I went to Wal*Mart and bought $100.00 worth of rechargeable batteries and a 15 minutes charger. I think my nephews will like the batteries more than the cars. With today’s electronic gadgets, you can never have too many batteries. And 15 minute recharging time is cool.

Now I have about a $70.00 allowance for my niece. 

RC Cars costco

Christmas is for the children. I spend all my Christmas budget on the youngsters. My grown-up family members understand I don’t buy gifts for grown-ups. We have fun watching the kids opening presents. 

For grown-ups, I bring cakes and shrimp cocktails from Costco. I can’t wait for Christmas. 4 months will fly by.

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