Bad design on men’s underwear. Why ???

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This had been my complaint for about 20 years.

It’s difficult to find underwear that looks “Normal”. I just want simple low-rise underwear that feels comfortable. I do not want my underwear to bother me. I wear my underwear inside out so the seams (stitching) will face outside. I also wear tank-tops inside out so the seams on my shoulders will face outside. If you think about it, really, why do they put seams inside the underwear?

I found this underwear at ROSS. They look lovely. That’s exactly what I like. But…

Look at the red circle. Do you see the extra seam that’s stitched in? Do you know how uncomfortable that is against men’s (ehem) skin?

They had absolutely no reason to put that extra stitch there. No reason at all. Is there?

Additionally, that area had an extra layer of material so it will be durable. In return, that will make that area extra-warm – stuffy with restricted air circulation.

This is truly an anti-male design. If you are a girl and worry about your boyfriend cheating on you? Buy these for your man. It will FIX him.

Can I please have some underwear with no extra stuff built-in? Thankfully, there is plenty of normal underwear out there. I just have to look for them harder – and pay more.

Hanes now makes underwear with no tags. I applause Hanes for that. I always cut the tags off as soon as I buy underwear & T-shirts.

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