Bathroom #1

Here’s a picture of my master bathroom, AKA bathroom #1

I only buy Q-Tips and body lotions from Costco.  3 packs of Q-Tips last about 3 years. I take about 10 minutes to put the Q-Tips neatly in the container as pictured.

I got colognes over the years for various reasons. The oldest bottle of cologne is Tuscany. I received it about 27 years ago from a girl who had a crush on me. Bottle of Gucci is 20+ years old.

I rarely wear colognes. Sometimes I wear cologne on Sunday when I’m home alone. Colognes are like music. Some people will love your smell. But it will make a lot of people gag. So, please think twice when you wear perfumes or colognes to work. I guarantee you some of your co-workers are talking about your smell behind your back.

Sometimes, I wear fragrance when I’m with a female companion, but ONLY after she approves the smell.