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Power Outage

We had 2 planned power outages scheduled.  Tonight was the first planned power outage.  Next power outage is coming up next Sunday.

Power was shut off Sunday night 10:30pm and came back on 7am Monday morning.

Ideally I should have gone to sleep during that hours.  But I was wide awake until 2am.  So I set on my bed and read a book.

The whole world was dark and quiet.

I was chilling on my Costco mattress, between Costco sheets, and under the Costco comforter.  The light was from Costco as well.

Costco Light, bed

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Costco Shopping - February 19, 2009, under $100.00

* Today's Costco shopping: 9th time this year, 3nd time this month

I just bought normal stuff.  I didn't get anything special.  I arrived at Costco around 8:10pm, so I didn't have much time to relax in there.  There was absolutely no line at the gas pump.  I like coming to Costco late at this hour.  It messes up my dinner schedule, but it's OK.

After hot dog and gas, I still spent less than $100.00. Ha...

Cashew chicken & beef ribs will be my weekend treat. 

Check out that wicked huge bag of toilet papers.  It's a thousand wipes in one. 

Costco Shopping

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Lunch Shopping at Costco

* Today's Costco Shopping: 8th time this year, 2nd time this month

My coworker wanted Costco hotdog and pizza for lunch, so I gladly took him to Oxnard Costco.  He doesn't have a membership, see.  My coworker was like a kid in the candy store... He checked out the prices on a lot of TV's and other electronics.

Then we ate hotdogs and pizzas.  I am normally full after one hotdog, but I tend to eat a lot when I'm eating with a company.  Eating is more enjoyable with a company.  Especially, when I'm with my coworker, we play a little game to see how much we can eat.

Costco Hotdog Pizza
Costco Hotdog and Pizza.  What you don't see under the relish is a massive amount of onion.  You can see red shade from the red umbrella.

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Costco Shopping - February 1, 2009

* Today's Costco Shopping: 7th time this year, 1st time this month

It's Sunday.  I went to Costco at 11am, before the church people start packing the house.  I bought some basic stuff.  I didn't buy anything special today.

I am going to Los Angeles.  I will get you a picture of the Hollywood sign. 

Oh boy.. long drive...

Here we go... it was hazy today

I am tired...

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Costco at 2008 Customers' Choice Awards

2008 Customers' Choice Awards Winners

I never put a foot inside L.L.Bean store in my life.  Isn't that store for rich folks only?  Costco is at #35.  I think it's not bad for a "Membership Only" store.  Sam's is not doing bad also.  Good to know.

1 L.L.Bean
3 Zappos
4 Amazon
5 Lands' End
6 Newegg
7 JC Penney
9 Coldwater Creek
10 Nordstrom
11 Cabela's
13 Lane Bryant
14 ebay
15 Sears
16 HSN
17 Best Buy
18 Kohl's
19 Macy's
20 Radio Shack
21 Belk
22 Circuit City
23 ACE Hardware
24 Old Navy
25 Target
26 Apple
27 Victoria's Secret
28 Dillard's
29 Wegmans
30 Kroger
31 WalMart
32 Lowe's
33 Publix
34 Meijer
35 Costco
36 Kmart
37 Home Depot
38 Staples
39 Safeway
40 Walgreens
41 Sam's Club
42 Verizon
43 Dell
44 CVS

Click here for NRF's official article

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Brand New Tire Went Flat~!! - Back to Costco.


My brand new tire went flat. 

I thought my car felt funny in the morning, but I just drove to work.  When I was at work, one of my neighbors noticed a flat.  But, my neighbor never bothered to leave me a note (WTF).

At lunch time, I drove around the town - to the bank & post office.  Then I came home to eat lunch. 

After lunch, I was going to drive back to work... that's when I saw the flat for the first time. I just got a set of brand new tires.  I couldn't believe this happened.

It took me about 10-20 minutes to switch the tire.  That small jack was painful to use. 

Nail on Tire

After work, I went to Costco.  There was 2 hours waiting time.

So, I went to furniture department and set on the couch for an hour.  I read a book.  Later, I ate a churro and did some shopping.

Costco Tire Center

Tire was done around 8:30pm.  I was tired, cold, and hungry.

Costco repaired my tire free of charge, of course.

Angry at my neighbor
I met my neighbor later.  He told me he saw my car at my work with a flat tire.  He even described the nail to me. When he was telling me all that, I just smiled and walked away.  I didn't say anything to him.

But, I still cannot believe that he didn't leave me a note.  He knew where I worked.  He could have visited my work and told me I had a flat.  I am amazed how some people behave as a member of society.  He saw my car, he examined the tire, and he just walked away (possibly laughing).

Gag me with a spoon, dude...

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Costco Shopping - January 16, 2009

* Today's Costco shopping: 4th time this year, 4th time this month.

I dropped by at Simi Valley Costco for some gas.  I returned my ironing board (I got it refunded.  Story is here).  The board was not for me.

I bought the ironing board at Oxnard, and returned it at Simi Valley Costco.  Refund process was quick and easy.

I bought a six pack of couscous about 3 weeks ago.  Now I only have 1 pack left.  I am enjoying this couscous a lot.  So I bought three more (18 total).  They are $1.15 pack each.  I get 2 meals out of 1 pack.  It's a great side dish. I can get this ready in 10 minutes. 

CousCous Costco

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Costco Shopping - January 10, 2009

Big shopping day

It was a big shopping day today.  Coupons saved me $48.99 but the total amount was still well over $300.00. 

Power Juicer was the most expensive item at $89.99.  My current juicer broke down this morning.  I had to buy a juicer ASAP. I drink juice once or twice every day, you see.

I spent a lot of money today.  I am a little sick to my stomach.  But, I bought a lot of items that will last many years.  It was a smart shopping for a long term benefit.

Juicer, Ironing Board, Ziplock bags, Sweeper, DVDs, & Liquid Plumber should last a few years at least. 

I didn't eat hot-dog (I didn't feel like eating after spending that much money Tongue out).  But I put gas in the car.

* I took the ironing board back for a refund

Costco Shopping

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Costco Shopping - January 7, 2009

I didn't really have to go shopping today.  I just got new tires, so I wanted to drive around.  My tire story is located here.  I thought I would drive to Costco.  Why not...

Costco Blog

I turned in my old car battery that was replaced yesterday.

Old Car Battery
My Trunk

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Costco Shopping - December 30, 2008

Today's shopping was all about my naphews and a niece.  My small family is getting together for a new years day dinner.  So, I am bringing treats and cash to give to my naphews and a niece.

My family loved the shrimps last week.  This time I am going to cook 4 pounds of shrimps tomorrow.

Costco Treats

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