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Costco Will be Closed May 31, 2010

Posted By john

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Costco gave me (back) $50

Hello there!  I just got back from Costco.  Unfortunately my car broke down in the parking lot, but that is another story.  


Allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Alan, and I am from Seattle.  The main two Costcos I shop at are the 4th Ave store (which is the original Costco, let me remind you!) and the Issaquah store.  I go about 3-4 times a month, for both business and pleasure.


I buy most everything at Costco... food, electronics, clothes, household items, etc.  I am single and in my 20's, so not really too much bulk stuff, I like Costco more for the deals on everyday items.  


So back to today.  I noticed that the air conditioner I bought for my condo is now on sale.  I purchased the unit a little less than a month ago for $50 more.  I was not going to bring the unit in, so I brought the receipt in.  Fortunately for me, the Returns man was most helpful; he checked my receipt and gave me $50 cash on the spot.  Love Costco!


Of course I immediately spent the $50 and then some the very same day... getting a couple of Wii games (I just bought the Wii at Costco on Monday:), as well as coupon items Dove soap, toilet paper, San Pellegrino Limonata (which by the way, I take credit for Costco stocking as I wrote them a letter about the need to carry it... they listened!) and a copy of Toy Story on BluRay ($8.50 and comes with a free ticket to Toy Story 3!).  


I'll try to remember to post photos in the future.  Glad to be blogging here.  I am a true Costco fan.   

Posted By alanw

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Capital One Savings Account - Best Interest Rate I Know Of

I have three savings accounts including Ing Direct & Emigrant Direct.

Ing Direct & Emigrant Direct are known for their high interest rate.  But, with today's economy, their current interest rate is 1.1%.  This is still a lot better than 0.5% you can get from your local banks.

But, check this out (link).

I just noticed that Capital One has a savings account exclusively for Costco members (that's what it says).  And the interest rate is even better at 1.5%.

I should move all my money.  I mean... ASAP.

They even give me $20.00 for opening an account.

*You have to keep minimum balance of $5k.

** I hope interest rate will go up soon. I miss the day when I used to earn 2.5 - 3% interest.

Costco Savings Account

Update: March 4, 2010

I opened a savings account with Capital One (for Costco members only)

I'm in the process of moving cash. But, first, I have to go through some validation process.

Posted By john

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Costco Shopping - February 11, 2010 (busy day)

* 5th Costco Shopping this year, 2nd time this month.

First of all.  I had 4 hours of sleep last night.  So, I was struggling to stay awake at work.  I had to take an ephedrine pill to get me going (I bought them before they became illegal.  They are in freezer at work.).

I did 3 loads of laundry after work.  Then I went to Costco.

I am doing very good with saving money.  I didn't buy anything luxury.  I didn't buy any toys.  All my food items have low fat & they are good for me.  I bought Jose's Coffee ($8.89) instead of Starbucks ($19.99).

I spent $75.49.  But the gas pushed my grand total over $100.00.

Finally at 9pm, I started to cook.
Now I have a mountain of clean laundry to  take care of.

PS. I broke one egg at home. Yell

Posted By john

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Kirkland (Costco) Organic Caffe Frappe - Mocha

Kirkland (Costco) Organic Caffe Frappe - Mocha

9.5 fl oz organic mocha contains 170 Calories (25 fat calories).
I often eat less than 25 fat calories on lunch.

This is definitely not for me.  But, I almost bought them to treat myself.

I bet they are very tasty.  And they are so cheap.
I wouldn't be surprised if their factory also produces drinks for Starbucks.

Also, they are kind of items you will not see once they are gone.  I can be wrong.  But, if you've been shopping at Costco long enough, you should know what I mean.

Anyway, if you like these kind of drinks from Starbucks?  You must get them. They are Kirkland Signature.  You know they are good.

Posted By john

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When in Doubt, Pick Kirkland Signature over Coupon Item

I needed fabric softener.

Costco had $2.00 coupon on Downy Fabric Enhancer.

From the very start, I thought maybe Kirkland Signature's fabric softener could be a better deal (compared Downy - with $2.00 coupon).

Below is what I saw at Costco... I didn't bring my calculator at that time.  So, I went with my gut feeling and decide not to use $2.00 coupon on Downy.  I bought Kirkland Signature fabric softener instead.

Then I came home and did some calculating.

Downy Fabric Enhancer
150 Loads
$9.96 - ($2.00 coupon) = $7.96
Unit price per load = $.53

Kirkland Signature Fabric Enhancer
174 Loads
$8.69 (everyday price)
Unit price per load = $.50


My gut feeling was right.  Kirkland Signature's fabric softener was still cheaper without coupon.

So, when in doubt? pick Kirkland Signature over coupon items.

Posted By john

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Christmas Time at Costco - Get Ready

Like it or not, here we go.  Get ready for Christmas.

This is what I saw at Costco today (August 20, 2009).

Christmas Costco

Posted By john

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Costco Online Savings 2009

Let's see what they have inside... Cool

Posted By john

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Costco Shopping - May 22, 2009

* Today's Costco shopping: 19th time this year, 2nd time this month

I didn't buy anything special.  Same thing... boring.

One interesting item was a sack of potatoes.  I am going to use them for juicing.  I put 3-4 along with apples & carrots.  I think they are pretty good & cheap.

One thing I like about juicing is that I don't have to worry about finding worms in the apple.  Haha~~

potatoes (among other things)

I am doing good with my fitness goal.

I find myself eating less & better.

Oh, about the pineapple:  Costco's pineapples are amazing. I love them.  After eating them I save the skin for juice next morning.  I am thrifty.

Pineapple Skins

Posted By john

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Costco Coupons - May 11 - May 31, 2009

It's here~~

Thank God I don't see much to buy this time.

Costco Coupon Book

Posted By john

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