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Costco Alamo car rental VS Alamo Insiders discount

This is a real life example of car rental pricing comparison between  Costco's Alamo car rental VS dealing with Alamo directly with insiders discount. 

Costco provides rental car services from Alamo, Avis, Budget, and Enterprise.  I only had time (and energy) to experiment with Alamo. I like Alamo more than the other three.  Alamo suck less.

First, I joined Alamo's insiders membership 2 months ago.  I now receive insiders discount (5%).  I've been receiving newsletters and special offers.

FYI: Alamo's insider discount is supposed to be 5%.  But, non-members get "Pay Now" discount which is exactly as same as insiders discount.  Basically, I pay the  same amount as non-members.  In return, I receive ton of newsletters.

Below is my real-life final price on my rental car.  This is BEFORE adding insurance, XM radio, etc...

Conclusion - Maybe people who travel a lot will have different outcome. But, in my case, Costco is cheaper and better than dealing with Alamo directly. I had to spend many hours to come up with this conclusion. I should have trusted Costco and saved the hassle.  Also, in my particular case, their insider membership is useless, a joke.  With Costco car rental program, you cut the crap and get the best price.  

Also, if you use Costco Citi Visa card, you get 3% cash back on qualifying travel. I am not sure if Alamo is qualified.  I will be using a different credit card that I get 5% cash back on rental car.

Below - screenshots

Alamo - via Costco. The actual amount I paid was $121.10.  I shall add insurance.  I am likely to be driving in snow.

Alamo - member/insider pricing before adding any extra fees such as insurance. With insiders discount, it still costs $4+ more than Costco's regular price.

Posted By john

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Happy New Year - 2018

Happy new year!!  Good Times!

It's almost new year, just 4 hours to go.  I am not doing anything special.  I am home alone and relaxing.  I shall make coffee and watch TV. 

To celebrate new year, I ordered a pair of Italian boots from England. :)

Please stay healthy.  God bless you.

Posted By john

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13 Pairs of Buffalo Jeans - Low Sitting Back

One of my traits that matches Costco's business model is that I like to buy (some) items in quantity.  I enjoy shopping and I am picky.  When I find something I really like, I buy them in large quantity.

On my Sunday morning Costco shopping on November 19, I bought 3 pairs of Buffalo David Bitton Jeans. 3 pairs were all I could find in my size (30x30). 

They had excellet fit and equally excellent discout.  These jeans sang my name. They fit me better than Calvin Klein and Levi's.  They sit low on my back and they were comfortable.  So, I went online and ordered 10 more pairs (5 grays, 5 blacks).  In total, I spent $240 on 13 pairs of jeans.

My point of buying jeans in quantity is that I will no longer think about jeans for next several years.  I will not waste my time think about what to wear at work, that's why I have 40 Dylan George t-shirts. I'm a guy... nobody cares about my jeans and shirts.

If I want to look good, I will do some push-ups.

*Shoes...  shoes are my weak point.  I will tell you about that later.

Sitting low on back

I've been carrying a grievance all my life that most jeans sit so high on my back.  All my jeans are not comfortable because they sit too high (on back).  I always have a lot of extra fabric stuck on my low back.  They drive me crazy.  If I want a decent fitting jeans, I have to spend $200+ on a pair. I am not that much of a yuppie (yet).

Look below.  Levi's jeans go way up high on my back.  Do most men really like high sitting back like that?  Am I missing something here?  Look at the angle of Levi's - it climbs all the way up on my back.  It's stupid if you ask me.

Buffalo David Bitton jeans sit low on my back. They look normal, and I feel normal. They were only $18 each after savings.  To me, it would be stupid not to buy 13 pairs of these.  $240 was money well spent.

I am happy with my Costco purchase. 5 stars.

* Sorry, for best illustration I had to lift my shirt.

Posted By john

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Al Pastor Salad at Costco Food Court

Check this out - Al Pastor Salad at Costco food court.  I shall try this next time.  Let me know if you tried it before.  Did you like it?

It's $4.99.  The sign says...

  • Plant based protein (soy)
  • Chopped romaine
  • Black beans and fresh vegetables
  • Banh mi vegetables and dressing
  • 330 - 750 cal.

This salad sounds little too "city" to me.  Vegetarian, yoga, poetry reading, movies with subtitles, Prius driver...  Oh, That's me.  :)

Happy new year!

Posted By john

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Costco Coupons: 1/3/18 - 1/28/18

I haven't received the coupon book yet.  Sales will start on January 3rd, 2018.  Check it out.

Click below

Posted By john

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OMG. History was made.

This is about my favorite show, Maury.
History was made.  The first time ever!!

Let Maury himself tell you what just happened.  You have to see it to believe.  I don't know about you guys, but this is significant.

This is the greatest TV moment in history.
Air date: December 29, 2017 - The last show of the year.

Posted By john

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PureGuardian Humidifier, 2-pack

I suffer from dry skin every Winter.  I try to use lotion whenever I can to relieve my itchy skin.  But, it's not just an itch.  It also makes me feel self-conscious about my appearance.  I am paranoid that people might see my dry skin and skin flakes.  It's gross to look at -  even though it's my own body.  Using lotion all the time is a hassle, but it is what it is, I guess....

So, this time I will try humidifier.  Perhaps humidifiers will solve my dry skin problem.  Costco has this 2 pack humidifiers from PureGuardian.  There was $15 discount at the time of my purchase, so I paid $64.99 plus tax.  $32.50 each is the best price anywhere. 

I put one humidifier in the kitchen and the other one in my master bedroom.  I had them for a few days now.  And my dry skin condition had completely disappears since then.  But I am not sure if I am seeing the benefit of humidifier or if there had been changes in the weather.

I shall give it time and see.  I will update you.

Posted By john

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Christmas Raffle - blendSMART Makeup Brush. $110 value

Raffle is over - The winner is being contacted.

blendSMART has a Christmas raffle exclusively for my visitors.

blendSMART is a Rotating Makeup Brush that's highly rated at Amazon and Sephora.  Costco is selling them for $69.99 each.  This set sells for $110 outside of Costco.  It comes with 3 brush heads (Blush brush, powder brush, & foundation brush).

I don't wear makeup (sorry).  I will let the video explain it for you (below)

To enter blendSMART Christmas raffle, go to my contact page and enter your name, email address, and don't forget to write "blendSMART" on comment section.  I will contact the winner on December 20 and announce the winner on my blog as well. If I don't hear back from you in a week, I will pick someone else.

Visit below pages to learn more about blendSMART products and/or buy products now.  Good luck. :)

* I am not a professional raffle person.  I will do my best to be fair and accurate.  But, I do not take any responsibility for errors or mistakes.  So... don't be hatin'

Posted By john

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Christmas Moment

I contacted my friend Friday (Dec 22nd) and convinced her to come out after work for a "Christmas experience".  Both she and I get off work late. We are tired, but I told her that she will look back and cherish the moment - that we must force ourselves to create some kind of Christmas moment before it's gone.

The entire night I played my favorite Christmas music in my car.  I picked her up at her work and went for a quick bite.  And we went to a coffee shop and enjoyed holiday flavored coffee.

Then we walked around the shopping center and took some pictures.  I struck a silly pose in front of a big Christmas tree.  Then we realized that my stomach was exposed in the picture.  We had a big laugh.  We kept looking at that picture and kept laughing.

We took a detour back to her work and looked at houses with Christmas decorations.  I took her back to work in three hours.

4 days later, I cherish that magic moment.  I hate getting old.  I hope we will all live young forever.  Enjoy your magic moments.  I will talk to you soon.

Wardrobe by Costco (5 items):  Cashmere scarf, Buffalo brand hoodie, Calvin Klein shirt, Buffalo brand jeans, Kirkland Signature belt. 

Posted By john

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I will puke

Video will start at 27 second mark.  This is Apple commercial - artistically done. But... Oh God.

If she pulls that out from her ear hole and put it in my ear hole... I will puke.  I don't even use the same Q-Tip for both left and right side of my own ear-canals.  It's gross.

Posted By john

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