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I have 2 old style Television sets.  They are both 27 Inches, and pictures are great.  So, I had no intention of buying new TVs.

TVs are major appliances, I need to save money to buy a house, I thought… 

Then, today, I checked prices on TVs?  They are so cheap.  I can buy a decent 32" TV for about $300.00.  That’s rediculous.  I love TV.  TV is my best friend (I know it’s pathetic, but that’s how it is when you are single).  I have hours of enjoyment every day from TV.  I will get thousands of Dollars worth of fun from a new TV.

I think I am going to buy a 32" TV very soon.  In fact, I shall grab my tape measure and head out to Costco after work tonight.  I would love to watch Darlington Races on wide screen.

I shall buy a really big screen TV when I have a house.


7 hours after I decided to by a new TV, I went to Costco and found 32" Samsung HD TV.  This unit was $339.99 after $30.00 instant rebate.  That’s cheaper than my Vitamix blender.  There were number of cheaper units.  But, I bought the most expensive 32" there.  It had the best picture quality.  It took me less than 10 minutes to decide on this unit.

I ate a hot dog and bought gas before I headed back home. 

After I took the TV home, I took a crash course on HD TV setup.  

I learned that I need to rent a HD cable box which will cost me extra $4-$5/mo.  So, I will drive across the town tomorrow on my lunch time to exchange cable boxes.

Then I’ll have to pick up some HDMI cables after work.  I will buy the cheapest HDMI cabels.  I do not t believe in expensive cable myth.  HD TV is digital signal.  Signals are in 0’s and 1’s.  Either it’s on or off.  You don’t need expensive cable.  That’s my belief.

Finally, I will enjoy high definition television .  I have waited long enough. 

I am glad I came to Costco for a quick shopping.  I wanted to see picture quality myself.  The convenience, speed, and piece of mind was well worth of avoiding online shopping.

I was satisfied with my shopping experience.


Update: I called Verizon and asked for cable package upgrade, discount, and price lock for 2 years.  Now, I will pay $120/mo for TV, Cable, & Internet ($15 less than before). And I will have 65 HD Channels.  They will also send me $250 gift credit card.  So, my phone call to Verizon paid for my new HD TV plus $250 cash card.

So, call your cable company for special offer.  If you don’t ask, you lose.

I am very happy with my first High Definition TV.  Picture quality is amazing.  TV was only $339.99.  Life is good when your standard is low.  (Don’t tell that to my ex girlfriends).

Ipdate 2: A few days later, I still cannot believe how amazing this High Definition Television quality is.  I know my TV doesn’t have the best picture quality.  Still, I am blown away.   I heard that they have a prototype TV with 16 times better picture quality than HD TV.  Amazing stuff.