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How to calculate "Per Pound" "Per Item"

This is one example on how to use your smartphone calculator at stores for smart shopping.

Let's suppose:

  • 6 pack of soda is $6.00
  • 12 pack of soda is $13.00

What is more economical?

The answer is 6 pack of soda at $6.00 - Because you can buy two 6 packs and pay $12.00.  You save $1.00 by NOT buying 12 pack  at $13.
You can do this calculation in your head.

But, in the real world, stores will trick you with complicated price structures.

For example - more realistic this time.

  1. 4 lbs of rice is $3.75
  2. 9 lbs of rice is $7.95

How do I know which is a better buy?

This is when you use a calculator to figure out "Per pound" price.

When you do this kind calculation, there is one rule to remember "Money comes first" So, instead of saying 4lb of rice is $3.75, you should say for $3.75 I get 4lb of rice. put money first in your sentence.  And use calculator like how you say it.

  1. For $3.75 you get 4lbs of rice.
    Calculator:   3.75 ÷ 4 =
    Answer $.937 per pound.
  2. For $7.95 you get 9lbs of rice.
    Calculator:   7.95 ÷ 9 =
    Answer:  $.883 per pound

So, it is more economical if you buy 9lb bag.

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