Forgot to bring my coupon~!!
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I went to Costco today, and I forgot to bring my Costco coupon book. I wanted a 56Oz bag of M&M (peanuts).

I’m having chicken for dinner tonight.
Jumbo shrimps are my special treat. This bag will last 4-6 months.

Reed (Fragrance) Diffuser is something I need. After a long day, when I walk into my apartment, my place doesn’t smell quite the best. I need to have some fancy scent that will motivate me to work on my personal projects, such as

Gas was $3.359 a Gallon


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Haggar’s Luxe Khaki
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I went to Costco for passport pictures.

Then I found “Luxe Khaki” pants by Haggar. I like these pants. They are wrinkle-free, they stretch a little.

Not only they only look professional, but these pants are also a lot more comfortable than blue jeans.

I only had three pairs of these pants. I wanted to buy some more. Today I bought 5 pairs ($19.99 each)

Wrinkle-free is the way to go. It’s not totally wrinkle-free. I iron them every time. But it takes short time to iron them. I hope there are more colors.

luxe Khaki pants

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Christmas shopping started – 2 nephews done
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Christmas shopping has officially begun. I bought gifts for 2 nephews today.

I bought 2 RC cars from Costco; they were $49 for a set of two. I paid $34 after the $15.00 coupon.

Then I went to Wal*Mart and bought $100.00 worth of rechargeable batteries and a 15 minutes charger. I think my nephews will like the batteries more than the cars. With today’s electronic gadgets, you can never have too many batteries. And 15 minute recharging time is cool.

Now I have about a $70.00 allowance for my niece. 

RC Cars costco

Christmas is for the children. I spend all my Christmas budget on the youngsters. My grown-up family members understand I don’t buy gifts for grown-ups. We have fun watching the kids opening presents. 

For grown-ups, I bring cakes and shrimp cocktails from Costco. I can’t wait for Christmas. 4 months will fly by.

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Guinness Beer from Costco
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Costco doesn’t always carry Guinness in my area. I don’t normally see Guinness at my Costco, but I see them occasionally.

18 cans of Guinness sell for $20.99 at Costco. That’s $1.17 a can. Considering a cup of coffee is $2.00, I think it’s a reasonable price. Still, Guinness costs two times more than cheaper domestic beers. Guinness is imported beer from Ireland.

I favor expensive beers because I am not a drinker. I rarely drink any alcoholic beverages. I drink maybe 1 can of beer a month. 

Also, I don’t like the taste of beer. All beers taste bitter to me. Expensive beers taste less yucky, so when I drink beer, I go for expensive ones. 

Costco beer, Guinness

I bought the beer mug from Bed Bath & Beyond for $5.00. A cold frosty mug makes the beer drinking experience more enjoyable. 

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