Kirkland Signature Balsamic Vinegar’s built-in pour spout

Kirkland Signature’s Balsamic Vinegar is well known for its superior quality and fine taste.  I use it often at work for my lunch salad.  It’s the best salad dressing I know of.  It’s tasty and healthy.

The bottle, however, was not ideal for dining room use.  I needed a separate bottle and a spout – so I can pour vinegar with some kind of control.  I spent last few years looking for a bottle and a spout. It was frustrating, because I couldn’t find products that I liked. Finally, that search is over. I don’t need a separate container anymore.

Now, Kirkland Signature’s Balsamic Vinegars come with built-in pour spout. This brilliant little mechanism is absolutely useful.  It eliminates the need for separate bottle and spout.  I can now use my Costco Balsamic Vinegar straight from the original bottle. The spout functions perfectly, much better than generic spouts at most restaurants. This is a great idea, and I am truly enjoying it.

I shot a quick video below.  Check it out.

Costco Shopping May 24, 2018

31st Costco shopping in 2018 – $111.45 (today) / $1736.52 (this year)

Coupon saved $26.60.  I bought a lot of stuff, it was fun, but I didn’t buy anything special.

Mixed vegetable will last a few months.  Frozen salmons will last about a year.  Garlic Chicken is for that time I want to fix something tasty, quick.

Box of Cheez-it (bottom of the cart) was for my coworker. The next day, I put the box at my coworker’s office when there was nobody in there.  They were surprised, but they knew it was me who put it there. There was no question about it.  Because rest of the guys on this side of the building are pr*cks.

Costco Shopping May 23, 2018

30th Costco shopping in 2018 – $1.62 (today) / $1625.07 (this year)

I had a quick lunch with my old coworker.  He is much younger than I am, about 15 years.  He is super smart.  He got his Masters degree when he was 20 years old.  He is humble and quiet.  Sky is the limit with this guy.

We used to work together at my prior employment several years ago (time I was poor). Now we both work at much better places that are close to each others. He likes to travel, so he told me about places he visited and girls he met at each country. I don’t go out much, but, as you know, I like shopping, so I had stuff on my body for show and tell.  I had on Swiss watch, Italian shoes, socks and shirt from England, silver cuff links.. and German undershirt that’s invisible from outside.

Hot dog was good as always. 1 hour flew by. We shook hands and promised to keep in touch.

Costco was super busy today, because Costco coupon sales started today.

Costco Shopping – May 2018

29th Costco shopping in 2018 – $10.25 (today) / $1623.45 (this year)

May 17, 2018


28th Costco shopping in 2018 – $9.28 (today) / $1613.2 (this year)

May 14, 2018

BelGioioso Fresh Mozzarella Cheese at Costco

BelGioioso’s Fresh Mozzarella cheese was enjoyable.  Check out the big plate.  I seasoned it with salt, pepper, & olive oil (all Kirkland Signature brand).  I shall make it one more time.  I have one more pack left.  Costco sells 2 pack of 16 oz cheese for $7.29.  I bought it when there was $2.30 instant savings on it.  So, I paid $4.99 for 2 pack.  FYI: Walmart sells them at $5.78 each. I believe Costco has the best price.

My Mozzarella cheese salad was very good. My friend loved it.  It was such a good relaxing time.

Basil costed more than the cheese.  I thought that was ridiculous.  I shall grow my own basil.  I still have basil seeds from 7 years ago.  I wonder if they are any good.  Anyone remember that blog?  I had so much fun back then. I didn’t have much money, I had a 9 inch TV in my living room, but it was a magical time. I was so excited about buying a packet of basil seeds and a little pot.  Sometimes I worry that magic may be fading away.. 7 years ago I was aware that someday I would look back and wish I could go back to that time when I was poor and happy… and younger.

I’m gonna go look for those seeds.   Good times… good times….

Costco Shopping – May 9, 2018

27th Costco shopping in 2018 – $73.00 (today) / $1603.92 (this year)

I need to stop buying pants.  But, these looked nice.

I didn’t buy anything special except for the sliced fresh mozzarella cheese.  I bought it because of the tiny picture on top of the packaging (see below).  It was weird.  When I saw that picture… I don’t know… I had to buy it so I can make that plate for myself.  I guess I was hungry.  I was there at 8pm after work – I had a long day.

Oh, there was $2 off on Kirkland Signature’s Tuxedo Chocolate Mousse Cake.  I may come back Friday for it.  We’ll see…

Costco shopping cart

Glorious Sunday Morning Costco Shopping

26th Costco shopping in 2018 – $26.47 (today) / $1530.92 (this year)

Sunday morning is my favorite time of the week.  I like to start Sunday morning with a load of white laundry.  Sound and smell of laundry (bleach) make my house feel cozy and homey.  It’s fun to iron a few shirts and pants, too.

I also enjoy Sunday morning Costco shopping once in a while, especially when I need car wash.  My goal is to come back home before noon, so I can start my laundry.  Today, I went for a glorious Sunday morning Costco shopping.

First, I did my car wash.  Then I pulled up to a far empty corner of the parking lot to wipe down my car.  There were already several folks doing the same thing… quietly wiping down their cars on Sunday morning.

I bought a bag of power greens and a rotisserie chicken. A can of peanuts was an impulse buy (yum).

Back at my car, at the parking lot, I saw a tiny lady loading her car.  I asked her if she wanted hands with her 40 pack of drinking water.  “Yes, yes, please…” she said.  I put my stuff in my car as well. Then I went back to the food court.

I set in the shade and took my time eating a hot dog.  I came back home before noon and started my laundry.

I love Sunday morning.  Costco shopping was glorious.

Sunday Morning Costco Shopping, Car Wash, Hotdog

Costco Car Wash Receipt

Costco Hotdog Receipt

Costco – More you buy, more you save on clothing items

I have never seen this kind of sales event at Costco before.

There is “More you buy, more you save” sales event on clothing items going on right now – until April 29, 2018.

Costco Shopping – April 25, 2018

25th Costco shopping in 2018 – $53.43 (today) / $1504.45 (this year)

What you don’t see is 2 Take and Bake Pizzas at the bottom of the cart. These are for air conditioner installation guys. There will be 4 people working in my house for 2 days. I will give them a complete kiss ass (turning on my “John Charm” if you remember), so they will do a good job. There will be donuts, cold water/soda, burgers, etc…


Costco Shopping – April 23, 2018

24th Costco shopping in 2018 – $255.93 (today) / $1451.02 (this year)

I finally bought something interesting. Nest is a smart home thermostat that can communicate with smart phone.  I am about to put in a new central air conditioner (3 ton unit) at my house.  I will also replace existing old heater and duct system. This is a huge purchase (mucho dinero).  This is exciting.  I am taking 2 days off from work to oversee installation process.

I didn’t get my air conditioner from Costco.  I didn’t consider Costco as a possibility because there is no such thing as Costco HVAC Center.  We have Costco Tire Center and Costco Optical Center.  But, when it comes to HVAC, we only have a third party sales person standing by the exit.  Mm… anyway…

HVAC – Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning

Costco Shopping – April 20, 2018

23rd Costco shopping in 2018 – $68.56 (today) / $1195.09 (this year)

I cannot use bleach on most of my white clothes.  For example, most decent dress shirts, including Costco shirts, call for non-chlorine bleach.  I’ve been seeing Oxi Clean commercials for many years.  So, I finally decided to give Oxi Clean a chance.  I hope this is the product I was looking for.

Energy shots are on sale, get them now. When on sale, they cost $0.56 each shot  I often get so sleepy, it’s pathetic. $0.56 is super cheap, especially compared to 5-hour Energy ($1.50 each when on sale).

What you don’t see is 40 pack of drinking water on the bottom of the basket.

Costco Shopping – Rotisserie Chicken for Single Living

22nd Costco shopping in 2018 – $22.24 (today) / $1126.53 (this year)

I am happy with my life.  I don’t want to change anything.  But I do realize my blog is boring.  I will try to do something fun… mm… next chance I get…

Costco Rotisserie Chicken for single living

I cannot eat the whole Chicken in a day or two.  So, to maximize my eating pleasure and to stretch my money, this is what I do.

I divide the bird, put them in small containers, and freeze them.  I use them mainly to make lunch salad for work.  But, I may use it for whatever I feel like.

Costco Chicken

Power Green and Costco Chicken for lunch. I enjoy that salad a lot. I use plastic fork so I don’t make clinking sounds at work.

Costco Shopping – April 9, 2018

21st Costco shopping in 2018 – $14.97 (today) / $1126.53 (this year)

I think I am done buying spinach at Costco.  I’ve been having bad luck with Costco spinach too often.  I would take these bags home and realize they are already getting old despite long expiration dates.  It’s because It’s too dark at Costco produce room that I cannot visually decide if my bag of spinach is fresh or not.  It is frustrating.  Maybe Costco knows about that and there is a reason for it.  But, they need some more light in the produce cave.  I think I am done buying spinach at Costco.  I will stay with Power Greens, or get spinach from Smart and Final (store in California), where lighting is better.

OR…. Maybe I will develop some kind of technique or lighting system to gain advantage when I look for a bag of spinach in that cave.

For a starter, I shall re-exam my bag of spinach outside of the produce cave where ighting is better.  We’ll see.