Christmas Hangover
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Today is January 13th, but I still cannot let go of Christmas.

I had such a good time during the season. 

Last weekend, I bought some last chance Christmas stuff at a local store.

Everything had to go, they said.

At work, I still turn on my Christmas lights. I still listen to Christmas music.

It’s so sad that the season went by so fast.

I put on my Santa Hat on Thanksgiving Day. Some folks greeted me with “Merry Christmas” – On Thanksgiving Day.

My 10-day vacation was magic. I really enjoyed my vacation. I spent 6 days all alone, including Christmas day. And I loved it.

I bought myself a nice Christmas gift (below)

I love this 13″ notebook computer. Of course, I bought a factory re-certified unit for a deep discount. The battery lasts 7-9 hours. I plan to get out of the town and take care of my business with my computer once in a while.

I still turn on Christmas lights at my work. I listen to Christmas music. My apartment smells like cinnamon sticks.

I have gained 4 solid pounds during the season.

I ate a lot. Look at my snack shack (photographed December 2010).
This is why some people hate Americans.
Don’t try this at home, unless you have super strong willpower.
I have a friend with almost no self-control. She goes crazy whenever she visits me.

I should snap out from the Christmas hangover and start enjoying 2011.

I can’t wait for Christmas 2011. But that would wish away 1 year of my life. I shall re-focus and enjoy 2011. I would like to be productive this year.

The Christmas season is only 10 months away.


Definite Sign of Christmas – Rudolph~!!
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I’m still very busy… 🙁

Took this picture on August 25, 2010 – exactly 4 months before Christmas. 

Story I wasn’t suppose to share – Christmas 2009
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On December 25, 2009, I woke up at 6 am and went to the public laundry room at my APT. We have 3 washers and 3 driers there. There, I put quarters on all the machines. And I left a Christmas card. So, the first person to use the laundry room on Christmas day would get a wash and dry on me.

That card in the picture was from Costco.

A week went by. And it was my turn to use the laundry room. And I saw this note.

I felt very good. This happy feeling was definitely worth of money. Actually, I spent so little money to have this much satisfaction.

I didn’t even know who wrote that note, but that was the point, doing something to people I don’t even know…

I don’t think the other person knew me as well. I didn’t give my APT number on the Christmas card.


Christmas Time at Costco – Get Ready
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Get ready for Christmas.

This is what I saw at Costco today (August 20, 2009).

Christmas Costco

Christmas shopping season in full gear
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I saw Christmas items at Michael’s first in late August.

From this point, we are in full Christmas mode. Christmas is just over three months away. You better start your Christmas shopping.

christmas michaels


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