Leftover turkey from Thanksgiving 2016

Because I live alone, I have to vacuum pack and freeze most of my turkey meat on Thanksgiving night. I vacuum pack them as soon as possible.

I thawed the meat yesterday (July 25, 2017) and took a short time to fix this dish. It was amazingly good.

Turkey from last year


2 Kirkland Signature saucepans – $1 each

Happy 4th of July. Congratulations to Joey Chestnut for winning the 10th championship in the hot dog eating contest.

These 2 Kirkland Signature saucepans (2 qt & 3 qt) were $1 each.

Kirkland Signature Saucepans

I was excited to find these 2 saucepans for $2. And they are Kirkland Signature. They look used and came without the lids, but still very good. I will enjoy them for many years.

Kirkland Signature Saucepans 3 QT

Used Costco Saucepan

Thanksgiving Turkey 2016

This was the 7th straight year I baked Thanksgiving turkey alone. Just like last year, a friend dropped by for a short time. But I was home alone for the most part. I live a stress-free life. I was invited to a couple of places. But I didn’t want to drive 2 hours to see my family. And I didn’t want to go where I could not truly relax. Many people talk about holidays and stress. I have absolutely no stress.

First, I baked the turkey upside down for an hour. Then I flipped the turkey and put it back in the oven. I like this technique. I think it was the best turkey I have ever made. I can’t wait for next Thanksgiving.

Red Lobster biscuits (from Costco) were very good. Turkey, stuffing, organic cranberry sauce, and turkey baking racks were also from Costco.

Sodastream Soda Water

I like Diet Coke. In fact, I like soda of any kind. They taste so good and I have a huge craving for them. I also know they are bad for me. I drink soda once or twice a month. I wish I can quit soda completely. 

I’ve been drinking soda water from Sodastream I bought at a garage sale ($2). It’s been satisfying my craving for Diet Coke somewhat.

Thanksgiving 2015 – Turkey

Sorry about my late upload. 

My turkey came out very good.

Turkey was from Costco. And everything else you see on the plate was from Costco as well. Half of the bird is vacuumed and frozen.

Kitchen Towels Suck – all of them

I don’t know why people buy, sell, & use kitchen towels like these. Yes, I own several of them myself (picture below).  But these towels SUCK!. They don’t perform well as I want them to. They are too small and thin that they quickly become soaking wet. They need to be thicker and larger. Dish towels have been around for many years… but am I the only person with this complaint?  Are you guys happy with your dish towels?

I keep some dish towels just because I want to follow the tradition. I may even use them when I have formal guests. But what really works for me is bathroom hand towels (28 to 30 inches long).

I don’t know what kind of dishtowels you guys use. To me, nothing even comes close to bathroom hand towels, and I will continue to use them in the kitchen.

FYI: The towels I use in the kitchen are from Costco.

Happy Thanksgiving 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!
This year’s turkey was THE best of them all. It was a 21 pounder.

I’ve been baking Turkeys for 5-6 years now. I usually bake 15 lb turkeys. But this year, I went for a bigger bird for bigger fun. As usual, I was home alone and ate alone. I was invited to a family gathering about 70 miles away. But I politely declined so I can enjoy being home alone. There is nothing like being at home – even if I live alone.

I am not a bad son. In fact, I am a good son. I see my parents almost every weekend. So, my parents do not miss me for Thanksgiving much. I will see them in 2 days, and we will share Thanksgiving stories.

My turkey came out real nice. I didn’t follow any recipe. I seasoned the turkey from my experience (memory). I used orange, lemon, sage, & rosemary growing in my front yard. I watched TV, drank coffee, and relaxed. It was a good time.

Happy Thanksgiving.

I am glad I bought that turkey rack from Costco last year

From Costco: Turkey, turkey rack, cranberry sauce, green bean casserole, gravy