Hot Sauce. Really Hot Sauce
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Finally, I found a hot sauce that meets and exceeds my expectation.

I like spicy food. When I go to a Thai restaurant, I say “Extra, extra hot, please” Then I say “Remember, I said extra twice”. Sometimes I say “Give me Thai spicy, Not American spicy”

Typical hao sauces such as Tabasco, Valentina, Tapatio, for the general population. I don’t find them remotely spicy. Spicy food lovers agree with me.

I accidentally found this, Blair’s After Death Sauce, at Cost Plus World Market. After Death is too hot for me, so I have to put a few drops of this in some other hot sauce such as Tapatio.

Blair’s After Death comes with a skull key chain. I am excited that I found this hot sauce.

 Blair's After Death Hot Sauce

Pancake Breakfast (with SPAM)
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I was craving pancakes for Sunday breakfast (with SPAM).


I think SPAM is one of the most under-rated food items.
Whenever people talk about SPAM, they make faces and/or say “Yuck!”. As if they are too good for SPAM.

But the fact is that SPAM is one of the most popular food items. I don’t eat SPAM every day (not even every month). But I have to have SPAM once in a while. I love SPAM.

I eat SPAM raw when it’s freshly opened. And I love it fried.

Old oven mitt
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I need a new oven mitt.

It was painful and frightening when I burned my finger. There is no permanent damage, but it was painful.

I didn’t buy that oven mitt, so somebody must have given it to me.

Personal Size Pot
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I love this little pot.

I bought this at Ross for $14.00

I have always wanted one in this size. It’s a perfect “Personal” size.

Update 2021: I still use that pot frequently. I still live alone, and this small pot takes care of a lot of tasks in the kitchen.

Grocery Shopping This Week (Not Costco)
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I went to Vons, Ralphs, & Albertsons.

I bought:
bananas, broccoli, tomatoes, peaches, plums, blueberries, & squashes

I spent $8.25
I saved $15.11
And I made a $1.00 donation at Vons for MDA research.

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Day Old Coffee
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Sometimes I don’t get to finish all the coffee I brew.

When I have left-over coffee, I don’t trash it. I keep it for the next day.

I keep my old coffee in the refrigerator. The next day, I put in some syrup and drink it cold.

I buy coffee syrups from Costco, but you can purchase coffee syrups only from Jose’s booth events. Jose’s sales team will visit your local Costco a few times a year. We don’t shop at Costco every day, so you may not get to see Jose’s Booth for years. You may have to call your local Costco for Jose’s schedule.

Costco Iced Coffee

Butterscotch Toffee Coffee from Costco
My recent purchase from Jose’s booth event