Dos Equis Man

Without a doubt, the most annoying mofo on TV.
I had to get this off my chest.

Jonathan Goldsmith did a lot of character acting in the past. Anyway, this is the most annoying commercial there is.

When did this happen? McDonald’s Nutritional Fact

I went to McDonald’s for lunch today.

I had Filet O Fish & 6 pieces of Chicken McNuggets (& no soda)

My Coworker had a 1/4 Pound Burger Value Pack.

I looked at the bottom sides of the boxes and saw nutritional facts. This was the first time seeing nutritional facts on any fast food containers.

My lunch (without soda) was $6.42. When did the price go up like this?

McDonald's Nutritional Fact

The Week I Ate The Most Amount Of Fat

I believe I ate the most amount of fat (greasy food) last week.

  • I ate 8 pieces of Popeye’s chicken.
  • I had 4 pieces of KFC chicken.
  • I went to Carl’s Jr for a burger and fries.
  • I had two big slices of anchovy pizza & salad.
  • I also had a double chili cheeseburger with fries.

I need to fight the temptation. I keep thinking “just this once” or “I will work out tonight”

This is bad, bad…  I am definitely fatter than last year.  

I currently wear 32-inch waist pants – But I know I’m bigger than 32.

But I tell you what. I enjoyed every single bite of these bad foods.

Another Flat Tire In 3 Months~! :(

Gag me with a spoon. I have a flat tire again.

I bought 4 tires from Costco about 4 months ago. The next month I got a flat tire.

I have a flat tire. Again~!! This time it’s the rear right side.

There was an AAA towing truck waiting for me. The towing truck driver saw my flat tire, and he waited for the driver to show. He asked me if I wanted his service. I told him “no”. Then he moved on.

I quickly replaced the tire with a spare. Replacing a tire is easy if you have the right tools.

** Make sure you have the right tools to replace tires on your own. Do not assume your cellular phone will save the day. If you have never replaced a tire before, try to see if you can do it on your own. If you are a small person, it will be almost impossible to unfasten the lug nuts with a small wrench. You may have to buy a wrench like mine (below). You may need a better jack as well.

The tire laying flat on the ground is the spare.
My spare tire is a full-size regular tire.

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My First Sewing Kit

This is the first sewing kit (from Michael’s).

It looks pathetic. I spent less than $6.00 in total.

I spent 15 minutes fixing some stuff. I figured, If common house-wives can do this, then I should be able to do this.

I quickly learned some tricks on my own.

I am afraid I will get too excited and end up buying a sewing machine.

I need a pincushion, a better needle case, a pair of small scissors, a better sewing case, etc…

Single man's first Sewing Kit

Today, after work, I did 6 loads of wash and put together my first sewing kit. It’s getting too late. I better fix a quick dinner before start ironing a mountain of shirts and pants.

I am so tired…

Love my new sewing kit. 

Salute to Single Men in the World

Here’s for all the (poor) single men in the world

I never go out on Saturday night. (any night of the week). I have things to do. I am busy.

It was a Saturday night 10pm when I got ready to burn midnight oil.

I took a shower and went out for quick shopping. I went to Ralphs, Del Taco, and a donut shop. I wanted some donuts to go with my coffee.

I brewed 100% Kona coffee at 11 pm. I hope to stay awake all night and get things done. I have a lot of items on my to-do list. I’ll be working all day tomorrow as well. I work more during the weekends than I do on weekdays. The weekend is the time I focus on my business (and a secret project).

Here’s my salute to all the single men in the world.
Nobody gives you credit for what you do.  But your days will come (I hope)…

Mental Note: Clean up the coffee area

It’s now past 8:00 AM Sunday morning. I think I’m going to rest now.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

* 19th package of the year

I wore green today. This was unusual because I never wear green for St. Patrick’s Day. I don’t know… I felt like wearing green today. As I get older, I enjoy doing stupid things like this. It’s fun.

Look, I even drank a cup of green tea (Jasmine). I often use 2 bags in a cup for an extra kick. 

Green Sleave, Green Tea

That Homer Simpson mug was $25.00 at Linens’n Things. Then, a few months later, I went back to the same Linens’n Things and found it in the clearance bin for $5.00.

Swiss Army Knife

My mini Swiss Army Knife came. It’s got a tiny LED flashlight. This can come in handy at my wedding photography gigs.

My coworker has the same knife. He often helps me to open my packages with his knife. I thought it was cool. Now I have one, too.