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I should have never went for
I like a lot better.

I finally had time to switch back to  It was one of my to-do list on my vacation.

It took me hours to come up with that logo.

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Merry Christmas – 10 Days Vacation Begins
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Merry Christmas everyone.

I started 10 days vacation yesterday (Christmas Eve).  I will go back to work Jan 3rd 2011.

I am super excited about this vacation.

Here’s a quick run-down on how it started.  It’s been very fun so far.


Dec 23, 2010

1 day before the vacation. But my vacation unofficially started today.  We had a short day.  Also, my boss bought pizza and beer for us.  We felt so festive, nobody really worked today. 

My boss should have bought more pizza.   I only ate 2 slices of pizza and pretended I was full and happy.  In fact, I was a little irritated that all pizzas were gone when I still wanted a couple more slices.

Officially I am thankful for pizza.  I enjoyed it.  But, I would have enjoyed it a lot more if there were enough amount of food for everyone to fully stuff ourselves.  When buying treats, the goal is to have left-overs.  Having left overs is the only indication that everyone fully enjoyed the meal.

I came home and did 3 loads of laundry.  I felt good that I am starting the vacation with empty laundry hampers.

I put out the work table at my living room.  I used the table to wrap Christmas gifts.  I listened to Christmas music all night.

Dec 24, 2010

We had a family gathering at my sister’s house.   We had a good meal.  My nephews and a niece liked my gifts.  The oldest nephew seemed as if he was expecting me to buy him a new car.  I guess I raised the bar too high in the past (before I got my salary reduced).

Everyone stayed for the night.  The party will continue to tomorrow.  But I apologized to my family and headed back home.

I would like to stay home alone for Christmas and enjoy this vacation.

I came back home 10:30pm.  It’s good to be home. 

Dec 25, 2010

I did "Coins in the Laundry Room" again this morning.  I guess this is becoming an annual event.  I feel good when I do this.

A lot of basketball games going on today.

I will brew coffee right now.  I will glaze the ham later.

talk to you later.

Merry Christmas~!!


Too Old For This – Drug Trafficking
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It was Thursday 9pm when my neighbor called.  She’s 10+ years younger than I am.  We are just friends. She occasionally invites me to join her young friends at her place.  She told me once that I was fun to be with because I was "Odd".  Mm.. Story of my life.

She asked me if I would like to keep her company.  She had to drive to Los Angeles to see her friend.  She needed to pay her some money and say hello to her for about 15 minutes.  I should be back home before midnight.  I hadn’t been to Los Angeles for over 10 years. Tomorrow is Friday, so it would be OK if I get a little tired. 

So, I said "OK, I’ll go with you".

I put on my Santa hat and she hit the freeway.  She told me it was strange and fun to go out with me.  I gave her a smile as I adjusted my Santa Hat.

THEN, she started to chain-smoke as she listened to loud techno music.  OMG, That was painful.  All my good clothes (I bought from Costco) were soaked in smoke.

Below is a sample of "Techno Music" – She didn’t listen to the exact song, but they are all same.

** NOTE **  I am not saying Techno Music sucks.  I respect all kinds of music.  But, I am just too old for this kind of music.  I stopped listening to the "New Stuff" since the 90’s. 

Anyway, we drove to the trendy part of Los Angeles.  My neighbor’s friend was walking her dog at night in high heel boots.  She was a cute blond.  I expected that we would head back home in 15 minutes like she told me earlier.  But, they started to drink beer.  I drank water.  We were there for about 2 hours.  And it was past midnight.  I was falling a sleep on the couch next to the dog.  My neighbor gave her friend some money she owed, and the friend gave her some homemade cookies.

Then I noticed something funny.  The cookies didn’t look right.  I was pretty sure that there were illegal drugs in those cookies.  I was angry and worried.

We finally hit the freeway back home.  She cranked up her Techno Music again.  And there went chain smoking.  We were hungry, so I took her to Denny’s for late night breakfast.  As we ate breakfast, I confirmed that the cookies did contain marijuana.

I came home past 3am and I went to bed around 4:30am.

I crashed the next day.  I was so tired and sleepy.  At work, I had to take a nap in my car.

I am too old for this.

But it was fun.

Costco Shopping – December 21, 2010
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I am back~!!  Merry Christmas!!!

This may be my last Costco shopping this year.

I went to Costco alone today for maximum shopping enjoyment.  I wore my Santa Hat to Costco.

I felt sad to see that a lot of Christmas items were gone.  There were no more Chocolates of the World. I didn’t see the wicked huge nut-cracker.  There were no more Christmas lights.  Christmas is only 4 days away.  I hate to see this season coming to an end.  It’s been fun.  It’s beautiful. I hope Christmas season is 2-3 months long.

Philips Sonicare Essence (Toothbrush)

Ah~!! Stupid stupid.  I’m going to have to take this back.  I bought this 2 set pack for $79.99.   I thought it was super cheap at that time.  Then I went online and realized that I can buy 1 unit set for $40 (free shipping) at Amazon.

I’ve been using Sonicare for 10+ years now.  I don’t buy them often because they last for years.  Last time I checked (a few years ago) they were $60 – $80 each unit.  I didn’t know that price came down this much.

Anyway, everyone should get one of these electric toothbrushes.  They are amazing good.  Once you try, there is no going back.

Getting Ready For Christmas (home alone)

I will be home alone for Christmas for third straight year.  But, I am ok.  I manage to entertain myself.  Sometimes I receive messages from my website visitors.  That helps me also (thank you).

Anyway, I bought a ham, shrimps, and hot wings for Christmas.  I shall glaze it on Christmas morning. Tongue out

Oh, they are not just for Christmas.  I have 10 days off until January 3, 2011.  This will be fun.

After a hot dog and Gas, I spent roughly $217.00.  Shrimps, Ham, and Hot Wings were luxury items.

Urinal By the Door – Not Cool.
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I took this picture at a fast food restaurant.

This is the worst spot to put a urinal.

Sometimes restroom doors don’t lock.  Sometimes (female) employee can open the door with a key.  There are number of reasons why somebody can open the restroom door while you are taking care of business.

When somebody opens the door, I would like that person to look at my back side from far away.  I will say something like "Sorry, the door doesn’t lock".  And we will be embarrassed a little.

But, look at this picture.  This is the worst place to put a urinal.  Sometimes I open the restroom door just a little to make sure nobody is using the restroom.   With this setting, I will open the door just a little and get an eyeful.

Anyway, when I used this urinal, I put my left and over the door just in case.


(pic) Free Cat
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I went to a coffee shop the other day.

I saw this lady giving out cats.

Of course, I stopped by to chat with her (This is the thing about living alone.  You take every chance you get to talk to strangers, because you are freakin’ lonely Frown)

Anyway, she’s not allowed to have more than 1-2 cats at her apartment, but her cat just had a litter.  So she brought a basket full of cats and staged in front of this coffee shop.

She didn’t seem to have problem giving them away.  She was holding on to the last one.  Poor guy is absolutely adorable.

Lack of Motivation, Home alone for Christmas.
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I’ll be home alone for Christmas for the third year.

Lately I am lacking motivation. I don’t think I’m suffering from depression. I have seen people suffering depression before. I am doing very good compared to those people.

I just feel lazy. Sun goes down too fast and 5pm seems like it’s bed time. I am not updating my websites.

I am too lazy to fix good dinner. That effects my body chemistry. I am not as “regular” anymore 🙁

I didn’t touch my guitars for weeks.

All my life, I was the one who encouraged people around me. I am the positive energy. I am the funny guy.

But, when I feel sluggish, I have nobody to turn for pep-talk. I should snap out and be productive.

God bless everyone. I hope you are having fun.

I will keep in touch soon. I’m here…

Costco Coupon, Cookbook, Costco Connection
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I got a copy of Costco cookbook. They were passing them out as we left the warehouse 2 days after Thanksgiving, Saturday 27, 2010.

These 236 glossy pages have a lot of pictures and recipes.


December 2010 issue of Costco Connection can be downloaded here


Coupon Book is here

Happy Thanksgiving
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Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

I hope you will have fun.

I was home alone for last 2 Thanksgiving days. This year, I will be home with 2 guests. I am so looking forward to relax and eat. There will be a lot of food. I will be doing most of the cooking (including turkey). I plan to impress the guests with my cooking skill. I am excited and nervous. Wish me luck~!

I am sorry if some of you are home alone or if you have to go to work. I’ve been there many times. 🙁

The day after Thanksgiving, I will put on a Santa hat… I plan to wear the Santa Hat until Christmas. (I bought 2 hats, just in case the first one would get dirty, etc…)

I am thankful that I have an able body to go to work, exercise, and play. I hope to become financially stable so I can give back to the society. For now, I can use financial help. 🙁

God bless everyone.
Enjoy the magic moment.
2010 was fun so far – little more to go…

Happy Thanksgiving


2 Costco Coupon Books for Holiday Season 2010
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I hope you guys got these

They sent me "Online Only" books in mail.
I got the second book "3 Days of Thanksgiving" at the warehouse.  They handed them out as we exited after shopping.

I don’t see much to buy from either books.