Chit Chat – Show and Tell

I just took 2 pictures (below).  I thought I chit chat and catch up.  It’s been some time. 🙂

It was Friday after work on the checkout line at Costco .  I had three items in my cart and was anxious to start the weekend.  In front of me was an old man with a cart full of stuff.  He was in his 70’s.  The cashier pointed out that his membership was expired.  The old man didn’t want to renew his membership.  The old man and the cashier had a long conversation. Then some stranger (gentleman) offered his membership card to him.  But, that would only work if the old man had cash, which he didn’t.  The stranger told the old man to go get cash, that he would wait for him.  It went on and on… and people stuck behind him wanted to go home.

Finally, the poor old man gave up and walked away.  I felt bad… poor old man.

That’s when I turn to the cashier.
I said… “Can I have his pineapple?” 

I spent $4 Saturday at garage sales.  I love garage sales.  Garage sales are fun and exciting.

(picture above) I bought a small glass cake dome for $1.  Sodastream was $2.  It came with the CO2 tank that’s not empty yet.  Sodastreams normally sell for $60 and up.

Then I went to this garage sale where everything he had was cheap and dusty.  I saw this little box of full of junk.  But, this box was interesting. I saw one item that looked like a vintage silver.  So, I offered him $1 for the entire box.

I took the little box home.  Indeed, most items were trash, but I found 2 pieces of silver.  And I found an elongated penny from 1934 Chicago World’s Fair.  They sell for $10-$35 at eBay.