Chocolates Of the World & European Cookies

I went to Costco tonight. (Blog coming up.)

These Christmas candies are not available after holiday season.  So, I had to stock them up.

Chocolates of the World expires on June 1, 2011.  So, I put one jug in the freezer and the second jug in the refrigerator.  This way, I will enjoy fresh chocolate until the next holiday season.  I’ll make the cookies to last several months.  I couldn’t find experation date on the cookies.  I may have to buy a few more cans of cookies.  My guests love those cookies.  They eat ’em up.

I am not rich.  I am not trying to show off how much money I spend on candy. $80.00 for candy sounds extreme, but they will last long time.  If you look at the entire year, I definitely spend less money on candy than most people.  I don’t even drink soda too often (to save money). 

I would like to stress that I am not trying to show off.  Mm… I guess I am showing off my self control.  Because, I can look at the mountain of candies and not go crazy.

* The chocolates will last 12 months – I guarantee you that.

Please excuse my bad photography, I took the short cut (the easy way)

This is what I did last year.  I bought 4 jugs of Chocolates of the World and put "opening dates" on them.  I still haven’t finished the last jug.

Chocolates of the World