Christmas 2012 Approaching Fast – At Costco


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It’s 3am, Tueday May 29, 2012.

Yesterday was Memorial Day.

Memorial Day marks unofficial beginning of Summer.   It also means we are approaching the peak of the year (The hump month, so to speak).

To me, Memorial Day also means Christmas is coming to Costco in about 2 months.  They usually bring out ribbons with holiday design around July.  And we shall see snow man and rudolph by August.  That’s roughly 2 months from now.


So, to celebrate, I am listening to Christmas music right now at 3am.  I also watched Polar Express earlier.

I should start practicing Christmas music with my guitar.  It takes 3-4 months to practice one song.  I am not talented, so I need many months of practice.

I won $100 last year for playing a Christmas tune for my family.  (Anyone participated won $100.  It was not fair, because some of them performed more than one act, and won $200+ Yell).  Haha…  It’s OK.

I am going to give it about 10 more weeks.  Then we are going to start seeing Christmas at Costco.  I better be good for goodness sake, because I have a list for Santa this year.