This is a personal blog. I am not affiliated with Costco in any way.
But, we needed a place for Costco shoppers to say hi.
I hope you enjoy the stay. Have a nice day.

Greetings, About Me

If you want to email me directly my email address is: info at ilovecostco dot com

This website is just for fun. 
No hate emails please.  My stories may be completely fictional. 
So, there is no reason to get angry about anything.

I started this website for my mother.  My mother worries about me for living alone and not eating well.  (FYI: I used to be very poor.  Now I'm regular poor.).  So, I started to take pictures of what I eat, what I shop, and etc.  I wanted to show my mother "Look, I'm doing good".

Then I realized that my place is cleaner because I share pictures with strangers.  Also, I eat better and save more money because I try to set standard to my visitors.  I now talk about physical fitness, so I would force myself into better health.

Sometimes I worry about giving out too much of my personal information.

  • I live in California, USA.
  • I am a single, straight male. I live alone.
  • I am not rich.
  • I have an executive membership at Costco.
    • I have the black card.  I pay $110.00 a year for Costco membership.
  • I am not young.  I work with co-workers 15-20 yrs younger than I am.
  • I am handy with my cameras.  Most pictures on this website are taken with a cheap point and shoot camera and iPhone.
  • I love Costco.  But, I also enjoy Bed Bath and Beyond, ROSS, Pier 1 Import, Michaels, and Tuesday Morning.
  • I made this website.

* Fair Warning: In most part, what I write on this website is true.  But, do not believe everything you read.  Maybe "John" doesn't even exist.

But, when it comes to Costco, I try to be fair and accurate.

I'm just a normal guy who makes a fair amount of mistakes. Please don't take things personally.  Feel free to correct me when I make mistake.

God bless everyone.


Hi! I visit your website everynight. I live in MD. I am originally came from Japan.

By guest (not verified)

Every night?
I should write stories more often..

Thank you.
Nice hearing from you.

By john

I visit my favorite websites at night. Your's one of those. Looking forward to seeing your new installments!
I am Japanese so I buy a green tea teabag (Itoen; I hope the store still carries it) at Costco, that taste pretty good.

By guest (not verified)

I look at your blog every day or every other day. I do enjoy your blog.

I see you buy a lot of carrots and apples and eggs almost every time.

By guest (not verified)

Thank you, thank you...
I drink juice twice a day.
You see, every morning I make juice for breakfast & lunch.
So, I go through fruits and vegetables pretty fast.

Last 7 days, I've been to San Diego, Oxnard, & Valencia Costco. I am having hard time catching up with those stories.
I have a very busy schedule next 7 days.

I'll be back around July 12th.

God bless~!!

By john

Do you have the Executive Costco card or the regular Gold Star card?

By guest (not verified)

I have a regular one ($50/yr).
I have Costco American Express card.
But, I am very likely to switch to Executive card - they told me a few times that I will be better off with Executive card. I really need to look into that.

Thank you for reminding me.

A funny story here. I had a date at Costco a few months ago. I kept low key and we shopped. When we were checking out, one guy with a hand-held computer came to me and said "You spent $4,700.00 at Costco last year. You should switch to executive membership, blah blah..."

My date gasped, "$4,700.00 !?" she screamed.
I was little embarrassed, but it was funny.
By now she knows I am addicted to Costco, but she doesn't know I have this website.

By john

step onto your website accidentally...

wow, a costco blog exists online!? i'm surprised!

i love costco! i need my costco fix at least once a week.

i shop there so much that my annual amex-costco rebate is in the 400~500 range!

By guest (not verified)

My AmEx rebate was $170.00

If you get $400 - $500, you are a master shopper.
I am nothing compared to you (I shop for only one person, so..)
I hope you are having fun doing all that shopping.
Some people don't enjoy shopping, you know.

God bless.

By john

I love your site! I have a couple of questions for you. 1st off, how do you eat all of those eggs?? How do you prepare them normally. Also, are the chocolates from around the world mostly milk or dark? Are they filled with something?


By guest (not verified)

Hi, thank you very much.
It's fun to manage this website.

I eat 2 eggs a day as a breakfast. I soft boil them.
Sometimes I eat eggs for lunch or dinner (usually fried, Sunny side up).

When I eat more than 2 eggs a day, I usually eat 2 yolks and trash rest of the yolks (only eat whites).

Chocolate of the world contains several different chocolates such as dark chocolate, milk chocolate, coffee, peanut butter, caramel, & more...

They all have some kind of fillings.

By john

I love your website too. I read it several times a week if you have posts. I wish you would write more often. I'm always disappointed when you've not written for awhile.
I live almost three hours to my nearest Costco, but I love the place. If I had one I'd go every week.
Happy Costco-ing!

By guest (not verified)

Hi, thank you for your message.

I often skip writing blog here.
Then some visitors remind me to update this website.
Thank you, thank you.

I just came back from Costco.
I went to look for Costco Shopping Bags? They didn't have them. So I just picked up some apples and eggs.


Tonight, I am going to grill a big steak.
I plan to stay up all night tonight and work on my web project (and update this website as well).

I feel like iced coffee from McDonald's...

Thank you very much.
Have a nice weekend.

I will talk to you soon.


By john

BTW, do you use Groupons?

By guest (not verified)

I have no idea what Groupons are.
I have heard of the term.
I will look up.

PS. I do not own smart phone. (if Groupons have something to do with smart phone...).

By john

I don't own a smartphone either. I've always wanted one. I just use a cheap cell phone.

Groupons are deals you get online.

Sometimes you get up to maybe half off, 80% off or around some amazing deal. ie. restaurants,etc

By guest (not verified)

Thank you, I will check it out.

I use cellular phone maybe 10 minutes a month.
I pay $5/month on cell phone bills.

By john

You and me both! John's blog makes my day! :)

By guest (not verified)

Thank you, thank you..


By john

Cool site. Believe it or not, I followed a link from to your little site:

Anyhow, good to see you are putting my hometown on the map. Although no longer in the 805, I still try to visit my friendly neighborhood Costco here in the LBC. I'm also loving how you keep this site a secret from the friends and I totally hear ya on having to keep mom in the loop coz we grew up "poor"—Ahhhhhh yea, fond memories running home from school trying to avoid another beat down from the local colonia thugs.

Keep on Costcoing

By guest (not verified)

This explains exploding number of visitors today.

That Gizmodo article is interesting.
I am creating a link back to them as well.

Thank you for visiting.
God bless

By john

Happy New Year, fellow Costco-lover! I think I'm in love with you too!

By guest (not verified)

Happy new year!

By john

U have a funny wish list ^_^
I like your blog~
Please keep writing.

By guest (not verified)

Hehe.. thank you very much.

By john

you're so humorous john. keep it up.:)

By BonnieL (not verified)

Great Blog! I hope you have stock in Costco or are a VP for Costco. Could it be that your blog is written by the execs at Costco?

By guest (not verified)

No, no... I'm not executive. I am not rich.
If you keep reading my blog, you will see that I am struggling (I am not starving on the cold floor, but I am definitely below "middle class").

By john

Do you think if one is an extreme coupon clipper, then being a Costco member wouldn't be good?

By guest (not verified)

I clip coupons.
That doesn't mean I enjoy cheap stuff.

I don't shop at Costco because I'm cheap.
I shop at Costco because I want good stuff at one easy location.

By john

I need to save money, and I've seen these previews for the show, I see blogs about saving with coupons... I like Costco but it seems to be that I am paying more at Costco than when I was at a regular grocery store even w/o coupons. But seeing all this couponing, it looks I could save more money at the grocery store than at Costco! Being a member of Costco is sweet, but I don't know. Help!!

It is in one easy location.

Things w.o coupons are great at Costco are: milk, gas, expensive cheese...

By guest (not verified)

There is no set formula on how to save money (you know already).
We'll have to do what we have to do, case by case.

In many cases, using coupons at grocery stores can save more than shopping at Costco. Double coupons are great. But, again, it's case by case. Also, we all have different tastes, priorities, & situations.

If you look at it as a game, then it's fun. (I hope)

By john

How much was your Executive Members check?

By guest (not verified)

Have you spotted any reusable Costco bags yet?

By guest (not verified)

No, I gave up on those.
I guess I'm getting IKEA bags.

By john

They aren't as nice as the Costco bags. :(
I still wonder why they don't carry them.

By guest (not verified)

Just found a pic of the reusable bags could be under the cooler bags.

I've seen those cooler bags by the milk (which is still expensive!!!!!). must go there sometime to see if there is really a bag underneath the cooler bags.

By guest (not verified)

I will look for them. But I will not cross my fingers :(
Thank you for writing. Good info.

By john

I keep forgetting to look for the bags. Last week, I was in that aisle that I thought I saw those insulated bags, but there was a guy blocking the area where they are supposed to be, but I forgot to look literally.

By guest (not verified)

I keep forgetting also.
I'm going to Costco this Sunday. I will definitely check it out. I wrote down on my shopping list.

By john

I got two in the trunk of my car

By guest (not verified)

Hi John,

I just found your blog today. What caught my eye was that you mention 805 and many stores in my area. If I'm right, Pier 1 is now closed, but there's a new Marshalls. Maybe I've seen you at Costco... ;)

- M

By guest (not verified)


There are three Pier 1 stores remaining in our area. I hope they don't close. It was sad to see Linens and Things closing down.

Maybe you saw me. Good chance...

By john

Hi John,

I am a fan of the blog.

Consider how much joy your blog brings -- no, seriously, I want to ask you about your favorite items and we can chat about similarities/differences between US and Cdn. Costcos -- I would like to ask you to join me for a meal at a Costco food court. It's my treat!

I shall be in the 805 area code (Santa Barbara and Thousand Oaks) for a conference in late April to early May 2013. I would like to invite you for a Costco visit. I shall pay for a delicious meal at the food court. I'm harmless female who has a complex relationship with Costco.


p.s. One of the differences is that Canadian Costcos do not sell alcohol.

By guest (not verified)

Hi, thank you very much.
Nice talking to you.

I sent you an email.
I deleted your email address for your safety (privacy).


By john

Hi John ~ I have lived my entire life in the Pacific Northwest where sunny days are few but we do enjoy them when they come. My husband has a job moving us to Southern CA and I was wondering if you had any input on what it's like near there. His work will be in Seal Beach but we will look for a rental somewhere near there with the commute to work being a huge factor on how far out we go. I have a garden that has been described as "park like"--people love the landscaping I've done here and I do too, so I am very sad to have to leave it and looking online SO CAL rentals do not have much yard space and that bums me out. I don't think we will buy a home at firs--if at all. I have a dog who likes to run and I know I could walk him or take him to a park but it won't be the same as letting him run free in his own yard. There is so much uncertainty as to what it will be like there, I wondered if you could give me an idea and any good neighborhoods that you would recommend. Send an email if you would like:

By guest (not verified)

Sorry, I don't know much about Orange County (OC) except for the fact that Disney Land is there. I believe Orange County is much better than Los Angeles County (No offense to LA people. I'm just reporting the fact.). If you live anywhere in OC, you will be living in style (I think).

Generally, it is little difficult to rent a place if you are a dog owner.

Sorry, I don't know much to tell you.

By john

Thanks ~ there is a positive I should embrace . . . living in style. I guess I'd better up my self then because I'm really just a simple person that doesn't have a need to be recognized for my appearance or material wealth. No worries, I understand what you were saying. I did some research and that is the general idea for so cal: work, earn, spend, look good. I am generalizing a bit here--no offense to those living there that don't embrace that outlook.
Thanks for responding, I do appreciate that.

By guest (not verified)

Hi John ~ whoa! time has passed and change has occurred. It turns out I did not move to Southern CA after all so all that fretting about home and how to adapt were for naught. No worries though, I am tucked away in the home I love, my dog at my side and my children in college only a short drive away (instead of over a thousand miles). Just as you have, I too have a simple life filled with enjoyment of whatever good comes my way be it in a super great deal, family nearby or just a beautiful sunrise. My soon to be ex has what he wanted for quite some time, going out to bars and restaurants immersing in the "scene", ogling at the beach, pumping up (or at least he thinks) himself at a gym and frankly no longer being a part of a family. As you can read I'm a bit miffed still, but in the end it is better this way as I'm finding there is so much more joy in the good things in life and not so much in the bar/social life he wanted. It would have been cool to have met you at Costco in CA though. =-( Keep up the good work here!

By sherry (not verified)

Hi Sherry, I remember you. I know, time flies.

Perhaps not moving so OC California was the best thing.   If I have my way, I will live in the Country, away from California.  I want my life to be as simple as possible.  I am happy here for now.

I hope you are going OK - not depressed like I was two years ago.

Nice hearing from you.

Yes, meeting you at Costco sounds fun.  :)

By john


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